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Tesla Model X Recalled for Faulty Seat


Tesla Motors Inc. will be issuing a recall on the Model X when the company identified an issue with the third row seat latch during internal crash testing. The issue is that during a frontal crash test using stricter European Union standards, a latch meant to hold the seat upright collapsed during testing.

According to Jon McNeil, Tesla’s head of global sales and service, “We’ve had no issues with failures in the field. But consistent with Tesla’s approach, we’re erring on the side of putting our customers’ safety first.” The recall will impact approximately 2,700 Model Xs which were all destined for the US.

Tesla plans to first contact all of the affected owners and provide them with details of the recall and instruction on how to get their vehicles repaired.

Autopilot Showdown: Tesla P85D vs Mercedes E63S Wagon


Tesla’s Autopilot function dropped over the air last week to all who have a car built in October 2014 and later. Cars built September 2014 and earlier don’t seem to have all the equipment necessary for Autopilot to function. At least, that is what I am gathering from some quick research I did. Tesla isn’t a company that has my attention at the moment as I feel you are paying a premium for an unfinished car. Updates come out sporadically and they have been slow to bring their new products, like the Model X, to market. In my head, electric cars are for the future, when we humans have figured out how to get electricity into batteries faster, or when we have battery change stations, or have batteries that last longer. Tesla is building the infrastructure to compete with the fossil fuel burning internal combustion engines, but you still really can’t match the convenience of gas stations or the range (1000 km from a dirty VW diesel) of oil burning vehicles. But enough about how I feel about the Model S, this is about the new Autopilot update.

Over the last few months, we have heard more and more about the Autopilot capabilities that Tesla was to release. It really sounded a lot like what Mercedes has had on the E-class for a couple of years now in feature they call (Distronic Plus with Steer Assist). I ordered that option on my car after seeing reviews where the car basically drove itself. It uses short, medium, and long range radar as well as stereoscopic cameras (fancy way of saying 2 cameras) to keep you in your lane and keep you from hitting the car in front of you. Early reports made the Tesla system sound very similar. The difference being that Tesla uses a single camera, 12 ultrasonic sensors as well as the GPS to guide the car.

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Disrupt: The Tesla Model S P85D Reviewed


I can’t think of any car manufacturer that has been able to create such polarizing opinions on our forums as much as Tesla Motors. From users (including myself) analyzing the stock price, to die hard car enthusiasts debunking the cars, to owners praising the Model S, Elon Musk has created a product that has been able to strike up huge volumes of discussions of the future of our automotive landscape.

Regardless of various opinions on the company or the product, if we ignore all the noise associated with the marketing, the promises, and future Tesla Motor products, the Tesla Model S, shown here in P85D trim, is a solid piece of engineering. A bleeding edge product that doesn’t come attached with the typical pitfalls of bleeding edge products, a vehicle that has successfully converted everyday drivers to electric motoring. It is human nature not to embrace change, and Tesla has done an excellent job of creating an electric car that mostly drives and feels like your everyday high performance gas guzzling sedan. This is what separates the Tesla Model S from the EVs that have previously failed to strike a chord with buyers.

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Tesla Model S P85D makes old women swear like sailors

We’ve Got Both SFW And NSFW Videos For You

The Tesla Model S P85D, in its explosive insane mode, affects different people in different ways. Some will react to its shock-and-awe acceleration in exhilerated-yet-PG astonishment, while others express their amazement with slightly less couth. Toda…

REAL TALK: Elon Musk raises the stakes for Tesla Motors

Falling gas prices, production delays and weakened demand in a key market would send shudders through the CEOs of most automakers. None of those problems could dent the enthusiasm Tesla Motors CEO and co-founder Elon Musk has for a vision of an electric-car future… READ MORE…

Forget hotels, sleep in a Tesla Model S for just $85 per night [w/video]

The Tesla Model S has received near universal praise for its ability to combine the efficiency the electric power and the performance expected from a luxury sedan. However, rarely has the Tesla been complimented for its capability as a camper capable of sleeping two people; in fact that has neve…

Elon Musk wants to build an Internet in space

The next James Bond film is called Spectre; if the villainous mastermind driving that Jaguar C-X75 isn’t named Elon Musk, we’ll want to know why not. The real-life Musk isn’t evil so far as we can tell, but we gotta say he’s just as ambitious as Ernst Blofeld ever was. While opening a SpaceX off…

Tesla Model S P85D Arrives in Detroit for NAIAS


While many people were expecting the Model X to makes its debut during this year’s North American International Auto Show, it is nowhere to be found. However, what they did bring to the show is the 691 horsepower Model S P85D that we are looking at in the flesh for the first time. Turns out, since the P85D looks just like the old P85, I have basically seen one before.

One new feature on the Model S is the new Rear Executive Seating option available for $2,000, although technically it’s $5,500 since it requires the $3,500 Premium Interior Package. This option removes the 5th seat and provides two roomier heavily bolstered rear seats essentially converting the Model S into a 2+2. The middle seat is replaced with an armrest and a pair of cupholders. There were rumblings of a longer wheelbase model to be built for the Chinese market, but for now it looks like this new executive seating option will have to do for those that get driven around. We’ve included lots of pictures of the seats in our gallery so check them out later.

Detail wise, the P85D gets its power from a pair of electric motors. There is a 221 horsepower motor up front and a bigger 470 horsepower driving the rear wheels. Together they rocket the Model S from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds compared to 5.2 seconds on the 85D which uses two identical motors front and back that each deliver 188 horsepower.

While we were hoping to see the new Model X, or even some news on the upcoming Model 3 which is already getting some competition with the announcement of the Chevy Bolt Concept which is promising similar range at a slightly lower price point. Will the Tesla brand be enough to convince buyers to go with the Model 3? Will consumers even want budget EVs with gas prices so low?

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Tesla Model S P85D is a ruby beauty at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The Tesla Model S P85D is the current star in the Tesla lineup by offering massive performance potential in an electric package. With 691 horsepower spinning all four wheels (470 hp of that just in the rear), the sport sedan can hit 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) in 3.2 seconds in the fantastically…

How does Tesla Model S P85D acceleration compare in Sport vs. Insane mode?

Drag Times has gone and measured the Tesla Model S P85D against… itself. The electric, all-wheel-drive sedan has two modes, Sport and Insane, so Drag Times found a lonely stretch of road, lashed up a Vbox and compared the acceleration in each mode.

The results were everything we’ve been pro…

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