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We might see the Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² in the US


Mercedes-Benz’s G-Wagen is one of the longest standing models to be produced by the brand. A very capable SUV as it is, Mercedes has upped the ante with their beefed up version of the G-wagen called the G500 4×4². The new G-Wagen was made available to the European market last year, and it looks like it will be heading to US shores soon.

With a growing demand for SUVs in North America, Mercedes is capitalizing on sales. Last year, their G—Wagen sold over 3,600 units, and they anticipate this year sales will continue to grow. Bart Herring, Mercedes Benz US’ general manager of production, said that the G500 4×4² “is close to a good decision for the U.S. It’s the ultimate statement for an SUV.”

Mercedes-AMG Quietly Facelifts the CLA45

With only 3 years of production under its belt, the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 gets a minor facelift with subtle updates to make the CLA45 even better. We test drove and reviewed the original CLA45 over in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and have grown to love the little four door coupe from Affalterbach, and it’s great to see Mercedes-AMG continue to improve on what is already an excellent car.

Starting with the exterior, the CLA45 gets upgraded aerodynamics in the form of an upgraded front bumper with the classic AMG A-Wing design, rear diffuser insert with 4 vertical fins, as well as a lip spoiler on the trunk. An optional aerodynamics package adds a larger front splitter, additional winglets, and a lip spoiler.

Performance wise, last year’s upgraded drivetrain consisting of a 25hp bump (now to 381hp) along with the shorter gear ratios installed in the AMG 7 speed DCT improves on the original CLA45’s performance. 0 to 100km/h now arrives in only 4.2 seconds using the RACE START launch control system.

The 2017 CLA45 arrives in showrooms this fall. Check out our gallery below and let us know what you think of the upgrades.

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2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC43 Live in Detroit

We asked the question last month if the all new Mercedes-AMG SLC43 was considered the real deal, or if it was AMG further diluting the brand for the sake of balance sheets. Now that Mercedes-AMG has lifted the covers off the SLC43 here in Detroit NAIAS, we were able to check it out up close in person to see what the new SLC43 brings to the table.

Sitting inside the SLC43, it felt eerily similar to the SLK55 AMG that it replaces. Even though the SLC is classified as a new chassis, the seats feel the same, the buttons feel the same, and the view feels the same. (Hint: The interior is mostly the same regardless of the chassis designation). In fact, it took a while to figure out what was actually different between the 2 cars, and all I could find was the console mounted shifter, as well as the updated steering wheel that’s required to function with the updated COMAND infotainment system.

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Mercedes-AMG SLC43, Real Deal or Brand Dillution?

Mercedes-AMG announced the arrival of the SLC43 today, and it brings up an important question, is this a real AMG or is this brand dilution moving further up the ladder? Let’s start off with what we have here. The SLC43 is the entry level in the AMG lineup for the new roadster, and is powered by a 3.0L bi-turbo engine that’s shared with the C450 AMG Sport, a model that sits between the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG lineup to introduce new buyers to the AMG brand. The AMG Sport line competes with the M Performance line of BMW’s, and the S-Line from Audi. These models differentiate between the top M and S performance models from the respective manufacturers. What AMG has done with the SLC43 is moved what should be a sport model, to it’s top AMG line.

Why does that matter? AMG has always preached one man one engine in their vehicles, and AMG is officially moving away from this long tradition, and focusing on driving performance to differentiate true AMG vehicles with the AMG SLC43. A lot of AMG owners are unhappy with the direction that AMG has moved to with the C450 AMG Sport, as it’s lowering the entry price into the AMG brand, and diluting the exclusivity offered to existing AMG owners. The decision to brand this a true AMG will only further upset these owners as it’s taking it one step further than their rivals marketing efforts.

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Mercedes-AMG unveils the all new C63S Coupe


Mercedes-AMG has finally taken the wraps off the all new C63 and C63S Coupe, an evolution of the all new C63 Sedan that promises to deliver much more performance than its 4 door sibling. The biggest departure from the sedan design is the much wider front and rear fenders, 2.5 inches and 2.6 inches respectively, which allows the C63 Coupe to use wider rubber, 255 width up front and 285 width out back. In the previous generation C63 Coupe, only the Black Series was equipped with the wider fenders and rubber. The C63 coupe comes standard with 18×9″ front wheels and 18×10.5″ rear wheels, while the C63 S coupe will be equipped with 19×9″ and 19×10.5″ wheels. With the use of 10.5″ rear wheels, owners will have the option of installing even wider rear tires, something that previous generation owners struggled with.

Powered by the 4.0L BiTurbo V8, the engine pumps out 476hp in base trim, and 510hp in S trim, much like it’s sedan sibling. Power is transmitted through the tried and true AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7 speed MCT transmission, coupled with a limited slip differential (mechanical for base, electronic for S). To accommodate the wider width, the suspension has been completely redesigned, with suspension components unique to the Coupe.

Aside from these differences, the hardware is mostly identical to the C63 and C63S sedan. The additional width really brings out the aggressiveness in this generation C-Class, similar to what the Black Series did in the previous generation. The C63 and C63S Coupe is scheduled to arrive in European dealerships in March 2016, while North Americans will have to wait until September 2016, where it will be introduced as a 2017 model.

Click through for more C63S Coupe photos.

Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate Coming to Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada is set to introduce the C Class Estate to the Canadian market in the spring of 2016. The wagon version of the newly introduced C Class, previously only available in European markets, will hit showrooms in February of 2016. The 2016 C300d 4MATIC Wagon will be powered by a 2.1L diesel 4 cylinder motor, making 190hp and 369lb-ft of torque. Power will be routed through the 7G-Tronic Plus gearbox to all 4 wheels, making it a great year round car for our Canadian winters.

Like the C Class Sedan, the C300d 4MATIC Wagon comes packed with safety features such as Collision Prevent Assist, Attention Assist, Blindspot Assist, and my favorite, Distronic Plus with Steering Assist which allows the Wagon to drive itself up to 60km/h.

There are no plans for a C63 Wagon (currently available in Europe), but that could change in the next 2 years if the C300d 4MATIC Wagon sells well.

Jay Leno listens to the people, shows off still-stock 1972 Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3

Let it be known, Jay Leno is a man of the people. Long-time viewers will recall the time he walked fans of his popular video series around the various projects going on in his eponymous garage. One such vehicle was his 1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3, which he’d planned on fitting with the powert…

2016 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Hulks out again, spotted snow testing

The last time we saw Mercedes-Benz testing its camouflaged, lime-green G63 AMG, it was on the sunny roads of Germany. Perhaps recognizing that this was a tragic waste of its talents, Mercedes has now moved testing of its new brute to the windy, snowy tarmac of Sweden.

Besides being a far more…

Mercedes Super Bowl spot harkens back to tortoise and hare

With just six automakers scheduled as advertisers during the 2015 Super Bowl, they sure aren’t trying to keep things a surprise ahead of the kick off. After already teasing its spot days ago, Mercedes-Benz is the latest to fully reveal a minute-long commercial for the game. The whimsical ad mode…

Mercedes-AMG planning hybrid hypercar?

It used to be that, a few overlapping two-door models aside, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche didn’t really compete with one another. That’s how the two ended up collaborating on projects like the Mercedes 500 E that put it on the performance sedan map without fear of stepping on each other’s toes. But…

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