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Big Updates For 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


I’ve been looking forward to this reveal for a while. Even though my car has only reached its second birthday, I have been wondering what Mercedes had in store for the next generation E-Class. The W213 is the next generation of Mercedes’s most profitable car.

For the 10th generation, Mercedes is coming out with a technological tour-de-force. Many new systems and features bring it up to date with the competition, most especially Tesla in the auto pilot department. Drive Pilot is the new system that I hope will address all the issues I had with Distrionic Plus when I did the comparison of the Model S and the E63. Autopilot showdown. I’m looking forward to my first test drive with the new E-Class this summer.

The new E-class has taken a page out of the 4-door coupe design book. If you have read any of my articles in the past, you will know how much of a fan I am of that. Well, I am not. It isn’t the new CLS, but head room feels a bit tighter in the back. I guess sedan styling is a little to old man for everyone? The car is a few inches longer, wider and they have lengthened the wheelbase. This makes rear legroom better and also leaves more room for the C-Class to breath (it got bigger with the W205 generation).

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The M-Class gets a facelift and a new name. 2016 GLE. NYIAS


As has become the new fashion for manufacturers lately, Mercedes released press photos and information about the M-Class facelift to the internet a week before it’s debut at the New York International Autoshow. My guess is that manufacturers are doing this to pre-empt inevitable leaks and disregarded embargoes of their new releases.

This facelift of the current M-Class allows Mercedes to rename their mid-size SUV into the recently announced change in the naming convention. It follows the latest design language that began with the refreshed E-class in 2013. Softer faces adorn most of the line.

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2015 Mercedes-AMG GTS. LA Auto Show 2014


I think that everything that needs to be said about the AMG GT has been said already. The spiritual replacement for the Mercedes-AMG SLS is a big hit on the review circuit.

I would love the opportunity to review its driving characteristics, but the opportunity has not presented itself yet. Shame. It is such a beautiful car in person. The lines are quite different from what we are used to from Merccedes-AMG. In place of the stronger lines are soft round curves.

The rear end still looks like a Porsche to me. I don’t know if that was intentional being that the GT is a “911 fighter,” or if it is just co-incidental.

You’ll notice the grey car in the gallery has a carbon roof.

The seating position of the car is fabulous with decent visibility out the rear. The seats hug you without being too tight. It is noticeably smaller inside than the outgoing SLS AMG.

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2015 Mercedes AMG GT. 2014 Paris Motor show

Being an AMG owner, new cars from AMG always get my attention. The new GT and GT S Model have my attention. Cars always look different in the flesh than do in pictures. This car is no exception to that rule.

When I first saw photos and videos of the GT, I was not impressed by the rear end. Early reports of the development of this car (not a direct replacement for the SLS) suggested that AMG was designing a 911 fighter. To me, the rear looks very Porsche. I don’t know if that was co-incidence or purposeful.

On the way to work the other day, I was behind the latest 911 and I couldn’t believe the resemblance of the GT to it.

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2015 Mercedes Benz C300 vs C400


I’m in lust again. Her name is W205. She comes from a family named Mercedes and the family crest is a 3 pointed star. She comes from a long line of well groomed sedans. It started in 1982 when Mercedes released a small saloon (sedan for us North Americans) under the 190 moniker. The W201 was the beginning of the entry level sedan for Mercedes. 2015 brings us the 5th generation, the W205.

The C-Class has remained much the same size until now. It has grown in every dimension and grown up in style. The interior has improved dramatically in the W205 and offers amenities that were only seen on E-Class or higher vehicles. The growth is evident in the longer wheelbase that allows real leg room for rear passengers when the front is adjusted for my driving position. In the W204, I either had to compromise my leg room, or only allow children to sit behind me when loading up the car.

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Mercedes-AMG GT’s new V8 will sound just like an AMG should

When it comes to sweet-sounding V8s, there are few outfits around the globe that can match the work of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division. The in-house performance group has blessed us with such masterpieces of metal as the iconic 6.2-litre V8, code-named M156, the supercharged V8 from the McLaren

Engine details for the new Mercedes AMG GT


Mercedes AMG has released a new video on their YouTube channel that gives some more insight into what is going to be under the hood of the all new Mercedes AMG GT.  The GT is intended to be a smaller SLS (not a direct replacement) and is to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911. We are also getting confirmation that the M178 engine will push out over 500 horsepower at 6250rpm and about 480 lb-ft of torque.

AMG is following the industry trend of powering all of their cars with forced induction engines.  AMG is also following other manufacturers by opting to put the turbos in the middle between the cylinder banks.  They call it a “hot inside ‘V’ ” configuration.  This puts the turbos as close as possible to the exhaust side of the cylinders and shortens the routing necessary for the cold side of the turbos.  This should allow for better throttle response.  This configuration also makes for a much more compact engine compared to the traditional mounting of turbos on the outside.

On the AMG GT (C190 model), the M178 engine comes with a dry sump.  This is unlikely to transfer over to the eagerly anticipated C63 that is rumored to be powered by the same 4.0 biturbo V8.  In the video, you can also see that the engine will be sporting twin air to water intercoolers that sit far ahead of the engine.  In fact, it looks like the engine cover is actually covering those intercoolers, rather than the engine itself.  This is because the engine in the C190 will sit behind the front axel for a mid-front engine mounting.

The video also shows what the new AMG GT might look like with a transparent outline of the forth coming sports car.

I, for one, am looking forward to hearing this engine in person.  AMG takes great care in making sure their engines sound superb even when turbo charged.

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Carplay and Mercedes Benz

It seems that Apple jumped the gun in announcing the availability of Carplay on 2015 Mercedes Benz vehicles.

It’s rather disappointing as many members were looking forward to the technology.  Sources inside Mercedes Benz have confirmed that even though the 2015 C Class has NTG 5 (the 5th generation of the Comand Infotainment system), Carplay will not be available at launch in the Fall of 2014.  It is likely that the technology is at least a year away from being a mainstream option.  This is further bolstered by the lack of any reference to Carplay in the Dealer Order Guide and the 2015 Model Preview published by Mercedes Benz Canada.

The 2015 W205 C-Class on display at the New York Autoshow had a fully functioning Carplay interface that did not look like Beta software at all. There is also a webpage dedicated to Carplay on the corporate MB website.

Mercedes C450 wagon looks ready for primetime

There was a rumour back in April that Mercedes-Benz was busy developing a C450 model that would sit in between the current top-shelf C-Class, the C400, and the coming-soon C63 AMG. It appears that is entirely the case, and our spy shooters have the photos to prove it, showing off the newest…

2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 (W205) Tire Spec Leaked

Edit: (5/1/2014) See updated notes at bottom.

Our fellow writer Shelton Kwan managed to get a hold of the new W205 C-class Dealer Order Guide today.  The C400 is of interest to me, so I was looking at all of the specs to see what will be offered.  In the course of digesting what was going to be available for the 2015 C-class, I noticed something that I am sure will disappoint many of those who currently have a C63 and are waiting to trade in for the new one.

The rear tire specs are shown to have a 255 section width in the rear (on 19×9.0 wheels). The current C63 has 255 and most people will agree that it is under shod.  The W205 is expected to come in at the same power levels as the outgoing model.  The rumour is that 4Matic is NOT in the cards and thus the rear tire spec is sure to disappoint those hoping for something more appropriate.


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