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Kia Debuts All New Cadenza in New York


Kia Motors Corp. released a completely redesigned Cadenza, also known as the K7 in Korea, to an American audience at the New York Auto Show today. This is the second generation for the Cadenza and is updated in many ways to offer a much better vehicle than the first generation.

A prominent visual enhancement is to the nose of the vehicle which features sharper and more angular lines lending to a much sportier appearance for this luxury sedan. Depending on trim levels, Kia will package the Cadenza with different grills. Lower trim will receive their “diamond butterfly” mesh insert while higher level trim Cadenzas will get a grille with vertical bars.

The chassis of the second generation Cadenza has been completely redesigned to offer up a 35% improvement in structural rigidity. This translates into a more dynamic and responsive chassis overall for the Cadenza. Kia was able to accomplish this feat by utilizing more advanced high-strength steel in building the chassis and further increasing the number of chassis and body reinforcement points.

The all new Cadenza is powered by a revised 3.3L V6 motor that pumps out 290hp and offers improved fuel economy. The engine will be mated to Kia’s all new eight-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the old six-speed unit.

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Kia Debuts the 400hp Hybrid Telluride Concept

Last week Kia leaked a single image of a new SUV concept they are planning to bring to market. This week at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, speculations were put to rest as Kia officially debuted the Telluride Concept which is indeed a full sized SUV.

The Telluride Concept is a platform to which Kia is using to showcase the direction the company plans to take with their future car designs. The technology built into this concept vehicle is all based around the health, ergonomics and vitality of its occupants. The idea behind the interior seating layout is to take what you know about a traditional SUV and throw it out the window. The Telluride Concept can fit seven passengers. The seating at the front of the vehicle consists of four large seats and the rear of the SUV holds a third row bench. By being able to lay all flat, the interior seating quickly changes and opens up the interior for a huge cabin of storage space.

The Telluride’s focus on its passenger health and vitality is clearly shown through the Smart Sensors designed into the seats which monitors the health of each of its occupants. Interior lights adapt to the passenger health data to help maintain or improve occupants’ health and travelling experience. The four seats also include “Smart Sensors” that can take and then measure occupants’ vital health information.

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2017 Kia Forte and Forte5 Unveiled in Detroit


Kia unveiled their all new Forte sedan and Forte5 hatchback at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.
Starting with the sedan, visually the vehicle looks all grown up and in a good way. The Kia Forte sedan has soft and refined body lines and a set of sweeping headlights that help lengthen the overall shape of the car. Kia will be offering the higher trimmed level Forte sedan with LED daytime running lights. The Forte5, arguably, is an even better profiled car. The hatchback has a more performance oriented front and rear facia and the shortened trunk really lends to the overall physical appearance of the new Forte5

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Kia Redesigns the Cadenza for 2017


Kia Motors Corp. released a completely redesigned Cadenza, also known as the K7 in Korea, to add to their 2017 lineup.

A prominent visual enhancement is to the nose of the vehicle which features sharper and more angular lines lending to a much sportier appearance for this luxury sedan. The Korean car manufacturer states the 2017 Cadenza was “inspired by European luxury sedan styling.” The Cadenza features thin angular wraparound LED headlights that compliments the cars overall sporty design. Design enhancements continue to flow towards the rear of the vehicle which features sleek taillights and a “more assertive” bumper, as Kia calls its new styling.

As stated by Kia Motors Corp, “The next-generation Cadenza maintains the progressive, contemporary image of the current model, and the sharper more defined lines and wider, lower stance give the new model a modern and thoroughly distinctive new look while key design elements are kept to ensure the new Cadenza remains recognizable as a Kia.“

Dear Kia, Please Stop Making Me Sound Biased


It seems like I leave every auto show thinking that the Koreans are killing it. For a while I thought it was just Kia and Hyundai exceeding expectations, but it’s been happening for so long that expectations are higher than ever. They just won’t quit being the underdog in my mind, and maybe that’s what they’re going for.

I sat down at Kia’s booth knowing that I didn’t give two shits about the CUV segment. I’ll never buy one and I automatically assume they’re driven by people who bought their driver’s license from a cousin who knows a guy. That didn’t stop me from smiling when the new Sportage was revealed, and spending more time than was strictly necessary inside it. Yet again, I left feeling like Kia just needs to release a RWD coupe (Kinda like the GT4 Stinger concept from a couple years ago) and they’ll be poised to have the ear of everybody under 35.

The new Sportage has a new look compared to the outgoing model but is instantly recognizable as it follows Kia’s current design language quite closely. The top trim enjoys luxurious bits like LED fog and taillights, as well as HID headlights and 19″ wheels. None of which are things you see often in the segment. The interior is packed with leather, soft-touch materials and/or piano finish bits which all give it the feeling of a more expensive vehicle.

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Time to get optimistic. 2016 Kia Optima.


Kia has updated the Optima. It was shown here in New York today. Dimensionally bigger in every direction, it brings a challenge to the hotly contested mid-size market.

3 Engine choices. A 1.6L Turbo 4 that makes 178hp. A 2.4 GDI that makes 185hp and a 2.0L Turbo that pushes 247. The first engine comes mated to a 7-speed DCT (a first for Kia). The others come with a 6-speed auto. Luxury features abound and Kia gave the Optima better seats. A First for Kia is a large panoramic sunroof support structure made with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, which helps reduce weight and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

No pricing information. Should go on sale in the last quarter of the year.

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Kia Sorento and Pierce Brosnan make The Perfect Getaway for the Super Bowl

Automakers keep rolling out their Super Bowl ads online days ahead of the actual game, but the extended cut of Kia’s commercial for the 2016 Sorento is probably the best of the batch released so far. The spot does a great job of combining action and humor into a tight package, while showing off …

2016 Kia Sorento

A Little Turbo Spice, A Lot More Nice

Teenagers are awkward, predictably provocative and generally horrible to be around – at least unless you, yourself are one. There’s just something about those angst-ridden years spent trying on identities, none fitting quite right. Luckily for Kia, the…

Kia Sorento bares its claws for X-Men special edition

We all know what Batman drives. Chrysler even postulated at what Superman would drive with its special Ram Power Wagon. But what would the X-Men drive? According to Kia, the Sorento you see here.

Unveiled to promote the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD,…

Kia Sorento Facelift Is More Than Skin Deep


There’s a significant discussion going on in our forums about whether Acura is a luxury brand. Well let me drop this bomb. If Acura is a luxury brand, then so is Kia. The Sorento, Kia’s CUV, was recently refreshed for model year 2016 and revealed in Paris, but we were short-staffed and it got cut from our coverage. With no such issues at the 2014 LA Auto Show we were ready to tackle the Sorento’s North American debut, and boy am I glad we did.

For only being a facelift, the Sorento underwent quite a few significant changes. So let’s start from the bottom. The wheelbase has been extended 3.1 inches and overall track widened 0.2 inches to increase cabin space without enlarging the vehicle. The chassis has been redesigned and rebuilt to increase torsional rigidity by 14 percent. The previous 2.4L I4 and 3.3L V6 engines have been improved to 185 and 290 horsepower respectively, and a new 240 horsepower 2.4L turbo I4 has been added to the mix. All three engines send power through Kia’s 6-speed auto down to all 4 wheels through an AWD system which features 4WD locking and torque vectoring.

On the outside the refresh is highlighted by an all-new front end featuring narrower headlights as well as bigger air dams and fog light pockets. LED fog lights and rear taillights are now optional and look great. New wheel options range from 17-19″ based on trim. The longer wheelbase provides a more aggressive stance and the entire package looks sportier than the outgoing model.

The interior is where the biggest improvements are seen. There are soft touch materials throughout, optional heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, 14-way power driver and 8-way power passenger seats, driver’s seat thigh extension, a 4-way headrest with one-button adjustment, dual-zone HVAC and a panoramic sunroof. Premium Nappa leather is available on all seating surfaces and the optional stereo is a 630 watt, 12-speaker Infinity system. A lot of these options aren’t available on German cars but, here you are, getting them on a Kia. Not even the flagship, but their CUV.

It’s no secret that the Koreans are building cars head and shoulders above their products from as recently as 10 years ago. It wasn’t long ago that people were complaining of Kia and Hyundai copying existing luxury brands. These days I wish Honda and Nissan would take a page from the Koreans because they’re doing a lot of things right.

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