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AC Schnitzer Debuts All New M3 and M4


Renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has worked their magic on the new M3 and M4 and they seriously didn’t disappoint! True to ACS tradition, they’ve taken a stock car and massaged every inch of it to create a masterpiece.

Starting from the ground up, customers can order up their car with three wheel size options from 19-21 inches. ACS has taken the route of making a forged wheel option to keep the rolling mass down. Moving up, I mean down, the car sits of a sport tuned suspension that lowers the car by 1.6 inches in the front and 1.2 inches in the rear to give it a more aggressive stance and handling characteristics. If that ride height is too low, not to worry as ACS installed adjustable coilovers to allow you to control your suspension the way you want.

Next up are the body modifications. ACS gives customers the option of a full aero kit that includes front, side, and rear treatment as well as a new spoiler. The kit can be ordered complete, or piece meal depending on the customer’s desires. Getting into its guts, ACS has gone through the engine and given it a bit of a power bump via a tuned software and a sport tuned exhaust. Those two modifications might not sound like a lot, but software tuning alone on BMW’s 3.0L twin turbo power plant yields a nearly 75hp bump from stock.

BMW is offering up the AC Schnitzer option now so order while its hot.

BMW M Car Differential Problems


BMWs are designed for driving pleasure, but when production issues get in the way of that motto BMW does the right thing and issues a stop-delivery order on 202 cars that have been affected. The issue is with their M2, M3, M4, M5, and 5 and 6 Series models that were produced between May 12 and July 4, 2016, and has been identified as a rear differential problem.

No official statement has been released on what the exact issue is, but it is a big enough problem that BMW is stopping sales and ensuring a proper fix is in place before returning to normal production schedule. Customers who have one of these vehicles on order are encouraged to contact their local dealership to determine if their vehicle is part of the stop-delivery.

BMW Recalls M3 and M4 for Driveshaft Issues


The Bavarian automaker has issued a recall which impacts 42 examples of their M3 (build date May 30, 2015, to September 2, 2015) and the 2016 M4 Coupe (build date July 3, 2015, to September 11, 2015), and the 2015-2016 M4 Convertible (build date May 29, 2015, to August 4, 2015).

The issues has been identified as an improperly manufactured drive shaft; specifically, the drive shaft slip joint was not properly greased during assembly which could cause the part to fail with continued use and result in the loss of power to the rear wheels.

As of today, no deaths or injuries have been reported and linked to this recall. Owners should contact their local BMW dealer for additional information. BMW will begin their recall campaign starting January 8, 2016.

The Track Rat: ESS Supercharged BMW M3


Magazine featured project cars always look amazing on paper. Flipping through the pages of your favorite tuner magazine you’ll find an assortment of project cars that have the best parts and the best specs yet, when it comes down to it, they’re garage queens. Sure they might look like they are ready for a weekend of club racing but, most of the time, they’re destined for a life of car shows, meets, and magazine shoots. I’m not saying all project cars end up this way, but a large proportion of them do.

There’s a perfectly good reason why this is the case. Most of these projects aim to impress a reader, not a driver. Decked out with the most expensive pieces available on the market, there’s rarely a thought given to how they benefit the car. Readers drool over the Blitz intercooler without considering that the car is running 4 psi. Or maybe Zeal coilovers which have gone untuned, negatively affecting the handling compared to stock.

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BMW M3 GTS Teaser

Calgary BMW Staff Joyride In Customer M3

It’s well-documented that dealing with any BMW dealership in Calgary is like spinning the big Roulette Prize Wheel Of Terrible Customer Service. Will you get charged hidden fees or added repairs without your consent? Will they attempt to weasel their way out of warranty work? Will your car actually be fixed? You may not find out until it’s too late. Some owners have gone as far as to create a website about the terrible service they’ve received from Calgary BMW dealerships.

However, BMW service is always expanding their horizons, and there’s always room on that Wheel Of Customer Service for another imaginative way to screw over you and your vehicle.

Today we have a report that there is a new diagnostic procedure in the BMW Service Manual:

Section 76(b)

When a customer brings in a heavily modified high-performance BMW to have basic electrical work done, bag the shit out of it in the parking lot.

rage2's HPF Stage 3 M3

Nice car, time for a joyride!

That’s right. Our own rage2 owns not only, he also has an HPF BMW M3 that puts out over 750HP with methanol injection. This is not a car you let your mother drive, much less random hoons from the service department. Rage2’s car was damaged earlier this year by an inattentive driver, and after some repair work was done at an independent shop it needed the foglight wiring harness replaced. A simple enough job that one would expect the Calgary BMW service facility could handle it without incident, but the level of brutal customer service at Calgary BMW just keeps on surprising us.

Rage2 had the car flatbedded to Calgary BMW so as to avoid marring the fresh, unprotected paint job. A few days after he left the car in the capable(?) hands of the dealership, a fellow Beyond member called him and let him know that he had seen the car being joyridden around the dealership at approx. 4:00PM on October 17th with no front bumper. While this is outrageous to begin with, it should also be pointed out that a car of this performance level needs to be driven properly, and that does not include being flogged around by some numptys in a parking lot. The car’s owner is suitably pissed, and hopefully we’ll hear some updates when he gets ahold of the service manager. Will the joyriding punks get nailed to the wall? I damn well hope so.

Update 1

Not only did the morons take it for a spin in the parking lot, a report from another Beyond member indicates that the car was seen being driven erratically (thrown through corners, launched from stoplights, etc.) in SE Calgary near the dealership. The green line in the image below represents the path they were seen taking.

Calgary BMW Staff Take Customer Car For Joyride

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HPF Turbo M3 vs 700 HP 300ZX

BMW M3 ALMS Race Car

Mileage Shootout: M3 vs Prius

Looking through the car photo and video galleries today, I stumbled onto this video of the M3 vs Prius battle on Top Gear. They had the Prius in front going for the fastest lap with the M3 trailing behind it. They then measured the average mileage over 10 laps.

The result is not surprising at all, but the video does spark some interesting discussions over hybrid cars such as the Prius. Join in on the discussion: M3 more efficient than a Prius

Sibling Rivalry: Dinan 335i vs. M3

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