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20 reasons to step up to the Lexus IS F Sport over the base lineup

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As far as proper, RWD sport sedans go, the Lexus IS has been a front-runner for two decades now. But it’s the 2021 IS 350 F Sport you should care about.

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Lexus GXOR Concept SUV

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Lexus GX enthusiasts who value off-road capabilities with ultimate SUV luxury will hit the floor upon laying eyes on the GXOR Concept. Produce more, we say.

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2020 Lexus GX 460 Gets Minor Updates But Ramps Up Off-Road Game

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Lexus’s luxury three-row GX 460 changes for 2020 include LED headlights & spindle grille update. More major: Off-Road package and safetey features as standard.

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LF-1 Limitless Concept Makes NYC debut at newly opened INTERSECT BY LEXUS

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Designed to bring the Lexus brand message and ethos to the masses in a contemporary setting, INTERSECT BY LEXUS opens doors in New York with concept debut.

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Join the Luxury Yacht Club with the Lexus LY 650

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Need a new boat? Take a look at this new 65-foot luxury sailer by Lexus — the LY 650 — the 3rd flagship boat from the Japanese automaker, on sale late 2019.

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First Look: Lexus Unveils First-Ever 2019 UX Crossover Arriving this December

2019 lexus ux 200h f sport

The first-ever Lexus UX is the latest addition to the sport utility lineup, featuring the company’s first Direct Shift-CVT and a completely new platform.

We got a 2019 Lexus UX teaser last week, with a proper look now during the official unveil at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The muscular little UX is the company’s first-ever compact luxury crossover, joining the family of GX, LX, NX, and three-row RX sport utilities.

…if you’re looking at the Lexus NX 300, check out our full 2018 model review here.

2019 Lexus UX Release Date Set for December

Production begins this fall then expect the UX 200 and UX 250h to arrive at dealerships this December 2018. Pricing isn’t announced yet but we’ll have that closer to sale date later this year.

New UX Crossover Features

New platform

It’s all about smaller crossovers these days, targeting urbanites with active lifestyles. The UX crossover is no exception but plays in the luxury segment for those willing to spend a bit more.

The UX will sit on a completely new platform with a focus on better handling via a more rigid design sporting a lower centre of gravity. Lexus calls it the GA-C platform (Global Architecture – Compact), and the UX is the first in the family to be using it.

2019 lexus ux 200

Exterior Design

Despite its compact size, this smaller utility flosses a more muscular look from the bold haunches and high beltline to that oversized, in-your-face grill we’re familiar with across the Lexus lineup.

Rolling on new 17-inch and 18-inch aluminum wheel designs exclusive to the UX, the five-spoke 17-inch wheels feature a world-first aerodynamic design, according to Lexus.

A new Lexus signature feature includes the full-width taillights with a distinctive nighttime signature formed by a sequence of 120 LEDs and tapering toward the center, measuring 3mm thick at its narrowest point.

Making parking duties in those tight spaces a little easier, the UX finds a best-in-segment 34-foot turning circle paired to the  103.9-in. wheelbase and 177-inch length.

UX Interior

Inside, the cabin combines a highly focused driver’s cockpit with a wide and inviting passenger space; the instrument panel and cabin trim offer a choice of two different grain patterns and four colours.

The idea here is to blur the boundary between a home’s exterior and interior. We’re not entirely sure what that means but if you like the spacey Lexus look, you’ll be a fan of the UX’s interior focusing on a more seamless feel.

2019 lexus ux 200 f sport

Sitting in the drivers seat, the upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend out beyond the windshield, giving the driver a decent field of vision and a clear sense of the vehicle’s dimensions. Viewed from outside the vehicle, the hood appears to connect directly to the instrument panel through the windshield.

Lexus UX Models: 2 Available

UX 200: New CVT transmission

The 168-hp UX 200 finds a 2.0L inline four-cylinder powerplant focused on providing ultra-efficiency paired to a new CVT. This new transmission, dubbed Direct Shift-CVT, is a Lexus-first.

Not everyone is a fan of this type of tranny but it’s making its way into the majority of vehicles these days. Why? Because it focuses on adding more efficiency by combining the smooth, fuel-efficient performance of a conventional continuously variable transmission with a more direct driving feel.

Because the gears reduce the need for the CVT’s pulleys and belt mechanism to be used in the low range, more of the CVT’s ratio spread can be dedicated to the higher range, maximizing efficiency.

UX 250H: All-wheel drive hybrid crossover

You can’t have a new Lexus without a hybrid in the mix – the Japanese automaker was the first brand to introduce a luxury hybrid 15 years ago.

The 2019 UX 200H sports a new-generation hybrid powertrain with a projected output of 176 total system horsepower. This model also benefits from an all-wheel drive setup by using an additional electric motor on the rear axle.

2019 Lexus 200H F SPORT Photos – check out these shots from Geneva of the hybrid version UX with some F SPORT love at Lexus Enthusiast.

2019 Lexus UX F SPORT: Available for both models

For good measure, Lexus throws in the F SPORT treatment for both the UX 200 and the hybrid 200H, opening up the new crossover to better driving dynamics.

Expect exclusive F SPORT suspension tuning with specific springs and stabilizer bars, plus rear performance dampers to sharpen handling agility, with an optional UX-tailored version of the high-response Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system that brings with it the Sport S+ mode in the vehicle’s Drive Mode Select system.

Of course, you get some cosmetic updates with the UX F SPORT including a mesh version of the spindle grille, 18-inch alloy wheels, jet-black trim on the front and rear moldings, an instrument meter with a moving outer ring, an F SPORT steering wheel with a dimpled leather covering, and an 8-inch TFT colour display, plus sports aluminum pedals and footrest.

Learn more: Lexus UX USA | Lexus UX Canada

2019 UX 200 F Sport Photos:

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Lexus LC500 Powers Up


Lexus’ LC 500 has been a highly anticipated car since it was unveiled at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Although Lexus has their “F” line of performance oriented cars, the LC500 was designed from the ground up to be a performance car. So much so that the head honchos at Lexus hired in a group of outside engineers during the road and track development phase.

Now that performance equation has been one upped again with Lexus stating that the car will make it to production with more power than originally planned. That’s always good news! The LC500 will be powered by a tuned 5.0L V8 which will pump out 471 hp and 398 lb/ft of torque. This is all thanks to a fully reworked intake and exhaust system. All of that power will be channeled through Lexus’ 10-speed automatic transmission.

New Toyota Supra

toyota supra

Those of us who grew up in the 90’s remember the infiltration of Japanese supercars which contended with the likes of those coming out of Italy and Germany. This included the Acura NSX, Mazda RX7 and the Toyota Supra. All of these vehicles have long been discontinued, but some have moved on to newer iterations. Acura recently released their all new NSX. Mazda made the RX8 which never lived up to the car that was the RX7. But only Toyota remains in producing a car as a successor to their dominating Supra.

The rumor mill surrounding an all new Supra has been circulating for a while and Toyota has not denied that they are working on something. When Toyota put out the FT-1 concept a few years back, it was beginning to pave the way ahead for a design concept for the new Supra. Now there are rumors that Lexus’ new engine might find it’s way into the heart of a new Supra. Again, all of this is speculation until we see something a bit more official. That powerplant will be a twin turbocharged six-cylinder engine which recently has proven to be a potent powerplant across many automakers.

2018 Lexus LC500


The amazingly beautiful and all new Lexus LC 500 is about to go into production and we’ve been ogling over it’s beauty since the first time we saw it as a concept car. With the reality production coming soon, Lexus released a video showcasing all the tech features of the vehicles as well as treated our ears with a full on belching from the 5.0L V8.

The 2018 Lexus LC 500 really doesn’t need a huge sales pitch. On the outside, it’s an absolutely beautifully sculpted pieces of machinery. Lexus went ahead and threw it’s best designers and engineers at it. They then went outside the company and hired external consultants to come in and do some more testing and tweaking to ensure that their final product will dismiss the talks about the brand’s cars being boring driving cars. And then there’s the sound coming out of that V8….that oh so glorious sound!

The LC500 will be going into production shortly so it will be a reality on the streets before we know it. We certainly can’t wait to see it on the road. Oh and did I mention that sound?

Refreshed Lexus IS Debuts at Beijing Auto Show


Lexus’ current generation lineup of cars has taken on a very aggressive and angular design philosophy which strikes a great balance between performance and luxury. The current generation IS has been in production since 2013 and was due for a face lift.

The new IS debuted at the Beijing Auto Show and the face lift brings in an even more aggressive profile The front facia has a much larger center grille and vents. Lexus redesigned the headlights of the new IS incorporating LED daytime running light bars.

Engine choices remain the same with base four-cylinder turbo which generates 241hp and a top of the line 3.5L V6 that pumps out 306hp.

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