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Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Debuted


Another huge release in the automotive world this weekend was from Lamborghini who debuted their Centenario supercar in a roadster form. The roadster will be produced in limited quantities, 20 to be exact. The one which debuted at Monterey Car Week was painted in a color called Argento Centenario which is only found on the Centenario roadster.

The Centenario roadsters will utilize the same 6.2L V12 which is normally found in the coupe. The highly capable V12 produces 760hpp and 510lb/ft of torque. Even more impressive is that the roadster is only 0.1 seconds slower to reach 100km/h than the coupe which does it in 2.8 seconds.

Similar to the coupe, the price tag of the Centenario keeps it in exclusive status. The coupe is priced at $2 million USD while the roadster tops the bill at $2.3 million USD. For that kind of money, buyers can customize their Centenario with any color they wish to choose, or just leave the car in a bare carbon fiber finish.

Balboni Custom Lamborghini Exhaust

VB Exhaust

The name Balboni by itself might not ring a bell to many people out there. But linking it with the brand Lamborghini and immediately you are met with the great Valentino Balboni who has been test driver at Lamborghini for the past 40 years helping the brand create some of the most highly sought after supercars in automotive history. Baboni has since retired from the brand, but that hasn’t stopped him from being connected to all things Lamborghini. With his wealth of experience of everything Lamborghini, Balboni is now creating his own company specializing in the development of aftermarket components for Lamborghini.

His company, named VB, will be creating limited production pieces for modern day Lamborghinis. First up was a set of titanium exhaust for the Lamborghini Aventador LP-750 SV which was debuted at the Concours d’Elegance. The masterpieces are hand designed and created and weighs in at a mere 13.8 pounds. VB will be making a limited run of 30 units and prices have not yet been announced. But judging by the 350 labor hour it takes to create these works of art, expect the to put a nice dent in your wallet.

Lamborghini Offers Aftermarket Kits for Huracan


When owning a Lamborghini Huracan is too typical, now owners have the option to purchase add on pieces to make their car a little more unique. Lamborghini has created a new add on aero trip package for the Huracan which bolts right on to the standard body panels. The aero kit consists of a new front diffuser, side skirt, rear diffuser and a rear wing all made from carbon fiber.

A nice touch to the exterior modification kit is the option to upgrade your Huracan’s wheels to a centerlocking racing wheel. Lamborghini developed a centerlock conversion kit that converts the standard hub to accept a racing style centerlocking wheel. The wheel of choice will be a Super Trofeo style 20 inch wheel.

Lamborghini Back to the Farm


For a company that began its roots in tractors it isn’t really surprising to see a Lamborghini Murcielago going back to its origins. Well, actually it is. Its actually very strange since the only thing that’s remotely similar between this Lamborghini and it’s great great grand father tractor is the company’s name. But then again, cars are made for being used, and this Murcielago is definitely doing that well.

The owner of this Lamborghini Murcielago was caught on camera in Australia hooked up to a trailer and carrying around a couple of goats. The trailer itself looked like a slapped together add on made up of parts lying around the farm. As amusing as it is for us to see these pictures, it must have been quite the sight for onlookers to hear the rumble of the 6.2L V12 followed by the shrieks of its furry passengers.

Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera Spied Testing


Superlegerras in the Lamborghini stable are a rare breed of cars that showcase the brand’s constant pursuit of performance. The most recent news around a Superleggera coming from Lamborghini surrounds the Huracan. We heard the rumors flowing last year, and now there’s spy photos of one doing some actual testing laps. Although the car is still in its camo gear, there’s no denying its road presence.

What’s adding to the road presence is clearly the new aero the car will be wearing from the redesigned front facia, to the massive rear wing that will provide the car with ample amounts of downforce. But the changes aren’t skin deep. Look under the engine cover and you should be seeing a tuned 5.2L V10 that pumps out around 650hp. Given that all Superleggeras typically also go on a weight loss regiment, the upcoming Huracan should be a force to reckon with.

Lamborghini Aventador Pays Homage to the Miura


The iconic Lamborghini Miura is celebrating it’s 50th birthday this year. The Miura was much ahead of its time in terms of design and technology and clearly paved the way forward for what we call supercars today. To commemorate this special anniversary, Lamborghini is creating a limited edition Aventador which will only be produced in 50 units.

The limited edition models all take color ques from the Miura’s original color palate options. In addition to the color options, Lamborghini is making the Dione wheel in a 20 and 21 inch option. Badging will be located in similar locations as those that were found on the Miura to finish off the small details. While the outside carries the visual history of the Miura, the car is propelled by nothing short of the best of modern technology which really provides a great platform to showcase the influence of the old in the new.

The limited edition Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage will be making it’s debut at the 2016 Goodwood Fesitival of Speed. This is going to be a chance to witness a very rare and collectible Aventador which otherwise will likely sit in garages of collectors.

Lamborghini Museum Opens on 50th Miura Tour Rally

Lamborghini museum miura

The new Lamborghini Museum is located in Bologna and opened its doors to the public to coincide with the automaker’s 50th 500km Miura Tour rally on June 9. The museum went through a complete renovation and will be putting center stage some of the brand’s most celebrated vehicles in its history.

Some of the cars included are the Sant’Agata location’s first car, the 1963 350 GT, and a host of vehicles right through the brand’s timeline up to the current Lamborghini SUV concept. Some more highlight vehicles include Super Trofeo versions of a Diablo GTR, Gallardo and the Huracan.

Novitec Lamborghini Aventador


Long time exotic car tuner Novitec has put their mastery touch on the raging bull once again. This time, they’ve chosen the Aventador and the specialist have put their take on both visual and performance enhancements. One might as, how can you make a Lamborghini Aventador better? Well, one look at the images here and it’s easy to answer that one.

In today’s exotic car modifying scene where Lamborghini’s with extended bolt on fender flares and airride are getting the most play time, it is refreshing to see an Aventador that isn’t all hacked to bits. Novitec created one off carbon fiber aero package for the Aventador that accentuates every line and angle of the Aventador. Nothing visually stands out of place, rather, each component creates a perfect harmony of performance and beauty.

The tuning isn’t skin deep. Engine enhancements allows the 6.5L V12 to breathe better resulting in 785 hp. With generous use of carbon fiber on the outside, Novitec shaved another 46lbs off of the cars weight with a light weight performance exhaust. Performance enhancements continue with a fully tuned and upgraded suspension which also lets the Aventador hunker down by an extra 1.3 inches.

Lamborghini Branded with Trump


Nothing says America more than a Corvette painted or stickered up with the American flag. I guess to some, the newest way to declare their legion to America is plastering the Donald’s face all over their car, a Lamborghini Aventador no less. Is it tasteless, Yes. Is it a bad idea, Yes. So what good can I say of this Aventador? Not much, so let’s try to make some lemonade.

This Aventador is about as appealing to my visual senses as a Trump steak is to my taste buds. The saving grace is that it retains its 691 horsepower heart which still makes all the right sounds, unlieke the mug that’s plastered on the hood.

This Aventador will be making some more headlines as it will be running in the 2016 Gold Rush Rally that’s set to run between Boston to LA starting on May 13 with stops in many major US cities in between.

Porsche Shares V8 Across VW Family


Porsche took to the 2016 International Vienna Motor Symposium to debut an all new twin turbo V8 powerplant. Rumor has it that this motor will make its first production debut under the hood of the Panamera. The engine will likely see play time in Audis, Bentleys and Lamborghinis in the future as well.

Porsche’s new engine will utilize new technology such as cylinder deactivation to help drive up fuel efficiency and should yield 30% less consumption than the outgoing motor. The V8 will still generate 549 hp and 567 lb/ft of torque. Sharing engines across various companies will help manage production costs and allow scalability for each manufacturer to more efficiently bring new vehicles to the market.

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