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Koenigsegg One:1 Destroyed at Nurburgring


When the Nurburgring removed its speed restrictions earlier this year, we were all prepared to see the Koenigsegg One:1 makes it official run at the quickest lap of the ring. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the Koenigsegg One:1 make some appearances on the track, but it was only for exhibition purposes. Recently, the company decided to have a go for the fastest lap, but unfortunately things didn’t end well. The ring claimed its one of only six One:1 in existence yesterday and it was a sad sad sight. News is that the driver did make it out of the crash alright which is the most important thing. Cars can always be replaced.

According to the automaker, the crash happened while they were working on vehicle development and preparing for a possible record run. Koenigsegg has not released any official word on what caused the crash, but just simply stated that any track testing with a high performance automobile carries with it some level of risk. However, as you view the video online of the crash site, you can tell the vehicle likely entered the corner carrying too much speed as the tire tracks go off in a straight line right off the track.

Despite the carnage shown by the pictures, Koenigsegg does plan to rebuild the vehicle and hopefully have it see track time once again.

Koenigsegg Develops All New 4 Cylinder Motor

Koenigsegg freevalve

Big power, supercars is what Koenigsegg is know to manufacturer. The underlying element that pushes this company to a level like no other is their innovation and the lack of fear they have to try and develop new technology. As the boundary pusher, Koenigsegg is now moving into the market of producing a 400hp four-cylinder motor.

But unlike any four cylinder you might have seen on the market, Koenigsegg is partnering with a company called FreeValve to produce a cam-less engine. FreeValve has designed technology which replaces the camshaft you traditionally see in internal combustion engines. Instead, the opening and closing of valves is controlled using PHEA technology which allows the computer to control valve positioning to an infinite degree.

The result, possible a 1.6L four cylinder engine that will produce 400 plus horsepower. The engine will be highly efficient in making high horsepower and also be very fuel economical. No news as of yet on when this engine will be produced, but it shows how far technology has come and how far manufacturers like Koenigsegg is willing to go to push technological boundaries.

Koenigsegg Heads to the Nurburgring


Koenigsegg is a company that delivers direct and impactful statements with each and every one of their vehicles. Following with that mantra, the company decided to get ahead of the curve and spill the beans to the public about their planned Nurburgring appearance.

The company states that they “unfortunately won’t be recording any record times any time soon. We won’t be doing a lap record in the immediate term, but we will be there and because people will see us there and expect all sorts of things, we thought we’d get out ahead of the car-spotters and tell you what we’re up to.”

Koenigsegg last year had planned to have a go at recording the fastest time around the ring. However, due to new speed limits which were put in place at certain parts of the track after a spectator death last year the record attempt run was put on hold. Koenigsegg will be focusing their time and effort on preparing the One:1 for a record attempt over the next few months, but like all other automakers, Koenigsegg will have to wait their turn and line up things like track access/availability, driver schedules, and weather in order to get the optimum conditions to produce a record lap.

Koenigsegg’s Hybrid Regera


Company owner Christian Von Koenigsegg has said it before, he refuses to use electric technology to achieve the hyper levels of horsepower in todays hypercars. So that made the announcement that the Regera will be using a hybrid power source very conflicting. But Koenigsegg himself will be the first one to correct you and say don’t call it a hybrid. And in Koenigsegg fashion, this isn’t your typical hybrid. It has no transmission, but we’ll get back to that later.

Onboard the Koenigsegg is a 5.0L turbo V8 “conventional” gas motor but there’s also three electric motors. The electric motors are powered by a 9kWh, 620-volt water cooled batter. There is one electric motors are assigned to move the drive shaft producing 215hp, and two separate electric motors powering each rear wheel making 241hp each totally nearly 700hp on just electric power. On full electric mode, the Regera has a range of about 22 miles. Once the gas motor kicks in, the combined power output bumps to approximately 1,500hp and 1,475lb/ft of torque. All of that power delivers a 0-100km/h sprint in a mere 2.8 seconds

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Koenigsegg One:1 at the Heart of New York Auto Show

The Koenigsegg one:1 made its way to the New York Auto Show and made a huge splash infront of an American audience. When the company produced six vehicles for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, all units were spoken for before it even made its appearance before the public. Fortunately, Koenigsegg continued to build more of these super cars.

One thing the Koenigsegg does is blur the lines between what follows the other, form or function. Naturally, all Koenigsegg vehicles are build with function and purpose in mind, but you can’t deny that sometimes form creeps its way to the forefront. Regardless which follows the other, one can’t deny the beauty of a one off machined and cnc’d part made from aerospace grade aluminum like the paddle shifters which are engineered to give a specific clicking feel to convey gear engagement. With performance in mind, Koenigsegg managed to achieve the “dream” equation of 1:1 hp-to-kg curb weight ratio, hence the name One:1.

As the One:1 sits peacefully inside the New York Auto Show flanked on the right by a Spyker C8 Preliator, and snuggled up to Koenigsegg’s own Regera on its left, one can only stand back and embrace what it is they are seeing before their eyes. The One:1 is an engineering marvel. It exudes beauty across every inch of its body, and it expels performance out of every pore.

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Koenigsegg One:1 for $6 Million


Koenigsegg isn’t a household name that one would typically associate with. To the general public, when they think about expensive super cars, names such as Lamborghini and Ferrari usually get mumbled. But then again, we aren’t talking about the run of the mill super car here either. Expected to tick the dollar counter at $6 million, the Koenigsegg One:1 puts it into the elite of elite group of vehicles.

When the Koenigsegg company manufactured six vehicles for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, all units were spoken for before it even made its appearance before the public. What you see before you here is the one example that Koenigsegg built as a factory prototype. This is the same car used to set a 273 mph top speed, and set lap time records at Spa and Suzuka. All of this was possible thanks to the 1,341hp being churned out from its 5.0L twin turbo V8 motor.

If you are interested in this vehicle, have your people contact SuperVetture in Sinningdale, UK, and give them your black card number.

Forum Weekly Review November 22

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Cash & Cars Lottery Winner Takes Cash Instead Of Koenigsegg CCX
This years Cash & Cars lottery made headlines everywhere when they announced they were giving out a Koenigsegg CCX as the grand prize. It would be the only CCX in Canada as the car is not street legal here. However, the winner opted to take $1M cash instead of the CCX because the small town he is from, Norman Wells only has a single 12KM road. To top it off, there are no highways that lead to Norman Wells. It would totally suck to have a CCX you couldn’t drive wasting away in your garage!

Forum Post Counts Revised, Users In Uproar
This past week the forum post counts were revised to reflect only automotive based posts. Many users saw massive drops in their post counts and as a result, their “gear”. For anyone that is still curious, only posts on the car forums count towards your post total while posts under the lounge will not. Pretty simple change, but I guess some people take their post counts really seriously.

Nissan Solves the GT-R Launch Control and Weak Tranny Issue
There were widespread reports of GT-R transmissions blowing up when the proud new owners of Nissan’s brand new Porsche eater tried to repeat the numbers they read about in car magazines. The good news is that Nissan has fixed the problem on the 2010 Nissan GT-R, so no more worrying about losing half your gears when your tranny implodes racing that pesky 911. The bad news? You might lose to the 911 as Nissan has eliminated the launch control from next years GT-R.