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Jaguar Adds Manual Rowing And AWD Options to F-TYPE


When Jaguar first unveiled the F-TYPE, it was generally very well accepted. A great looking little coupe that had some pretty respectable performance. The only complaint from a vocal minority was that it was lacking a manual shift option. Apparently that minority is not so minor as Jaguar has just announced it is adding a manual shifting option for the 2016 model year. It will be paired exclusively to the 3.0L supercharged V6. It won’t however be available with another option Jaguar is adding for the new F-TYPE: An all-wheel-drive option. This shouldn’t be a problem since those that prefer to shift manually are likely going to stick with the rear-wheel drive versions. Jaguar also announced the addition of a F-TYPE R Convertible model, extending the range to 14 derivatives up from 6.

Phil Popham, Group Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover said: “The F-TYPE Coupé and Convertible already represent everything you’d expect from a Jaguar sports car – seductive design, stunning performance and amazing agility. The addition of all-wheel drive and manual transmission options to the range will further enhance the F-TYPE’s dynamic capability and offer even greater driver reward – broadening its appeal to sports car enthusiasts worldwide.”

The addition of AWD coupled with the 542 horsepower from the 5.0L supercharged V8 enable both the F-TYPE R coupe and convertible to rocket from 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds up to a governed top speed of 186mph. AWD is also available on the F-TYPE S models. I was quite surprised when Jaguar first announced the new AWD option for the F-TYPE

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Jaguar 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Have you ever wondered why in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits? Jaguar wants to introduce you to the latest British villian with their 2014 Super Bowl Commercial. It’s #GoodToBeBad

Watch Jaguar’s F-Type Coupe 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Jaguar Unveils C-X17 Concept, Preview of Future Q-Type?

Automakers have always lined up their model productions to what consumers want; they are in the money making game afterall. Increasingly this has meant SUVs and crossovers. If you recall, Porsche was in dire financial times before they launched the Cayenne. Porsche fans cried foul that their beloved automaker would ruin the brand by launching the SUV, but without the Cayenne, Porsche may not even be around today. Jaguar may be the latest automaker who will introduce a crossover into their lineup if the C-X17 Concept is any indication. The automaker unveiled the concept at this years Frankfurt Motor Show.

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2014 Jaguar XJR and XKR-S GT

When you think of premium luxury, the same names usually come to mind. Mercedes S-class, BMW 7-series, Audi A8. The Jaguar XJ seems to be lesser known in America, but it fits right in. Long wheelbases, lavish interiors and giant, smooth engines are all common factors in the segment but only the S-class offered what could be called a “sporty” version. Even then, the S63 and S65 were always more about straight-line speed than a mountain run, nothing you’d ever call “nimble”.

Jaguar hopes to change that. Today at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the NY Auto Show they revealed the 2014 XJR, the first iteration in 5 years, and they aim to make the luxury cruiser as comfortable on the track as it is on the highway. Well, maybe just MORE comfortable on the track. Jaguar calls it “the most focused, agile and responsive XJ ever made”. Sure, that’s not saying much when you’re talking about a boat, and there’s still the possibility that their words are hollow, but they assure us that the new XJR will surprise everyone with its balance of comfort and performance.

More Pictures of the XJR and News on the all-new XKR-S GT

2014 Jaguar XJR Coming To New York

There hasn’t been a Jaguar XJR since the major facelift in 2009 that brought the car into the 21st century and cemented itself as one of the best looking luxury sedans in the world. For 5 years we’ve been without a nimble but powerful sedan which garnered nods from teenagers to geriatrics. Sure, we’ve had the Supersport version with the wonderful supercharged V8, but the engine was the only thing separating it from the rest of the line-up. You were slapping a rocket on a cruiseship. Nothing terribly wrong with that, it just wasn’t very sporty, let alone SUPERsporty. Jaguar emphasised this comfort-centric attitude when the XJ received a mild refresh in 2012 that gave it the brand new 8 speed ZF transmission which is all the rage these days, along with some fuel economy and comfort tweaks.

Clearly that was the last straw for Jaguar’s R-team, because in 2014 we’re going to get a brand new XJR. The supercharged 5.0L V8 gets a bump up to 542 horsepower but, more importantly, Jag is calling it “the most focused, agile and responsive XJ ever made”. Oh my!

We don’t have any details on what they’ve done to achieve this, but we’ll be on location for the New York International Auto Show to get details and as many pictures as possible. Stay tuned!

Jaguar Handing Out Free iPhone 4/4S Cases at LA Auto Show

Fancy a cool new case for your iPhone 4 or 4S? How about a free one from Jaguar? Well, if you’re in the Los Angeles area it might be worth it to make your way down to the LA Convention Center for the LA Auto Show to pick one of these cool cases up. While you’re there you can check out the Firesand Jaguar F-Type at the Jaguar Land Rover booth or the all-new Jaguar XFR-S!

Jaguar XFR-S Ripping it up on Mountain Roads

When Jaguar unveiled the 550hp Jaguar XFR-S, the latest member of its R-S family at the LA Auto Show last week they also threw up a short video of it ripping up some mountain roads entitled “The hills are Alive with the sound of the XFR-S”. I didn’t notice this until just now when a friend just posted it (thx Prashant!). The sound they refer to in the title is just intoxicating and anyone that loves cars will definitely appreciate it–especially when the throttle is blipped during the downshifts on the corners.

Jaguar Unveils the XFR-S at LA Auto Show

As we learned from the teaser image that Jaguar released last week the latest model to wear the R-S badge is the XFR-S. This is Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful sedan and we already know only a couple hundred will be making its way to the U.S. which makes it extra special that Jaguar chose to unveil this super sedan here at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

“In developing the XFR-S the engineering challenge was to extend the considerable dynamic abilities common to the entire XF range. The bespoke chassis, powertrain and body enhancements meet that challenge and give the XFR-S its focused performance edge.”

Jaguar has taken the R&D and engineering features from the XKR-S and the all-new F-Type two-seater sports car to create one of the most driver-focused, agile and responsive iterations of the XF model line. Inside the car we find carbon leather on the seat bolsters and arm rests, an exclusive feature to the R-S lineup.

Aside from the new carbon fiber trim in the bumper we see a slightly redesigned air inlet that provides more air to cool the brakes hiding under the 20″ forged “Varuna” wheels. That will come in handy to help stop the XFR-S after the supercharged V8 hurtles it forward with 550hp and 502 ft/lb of torque. New deeper sills and aero-blades channel the air around the side of the car and onto the deeper rear bumper sides. A carbon fiber diffuser and trunk mounted spoiler work together to reduce lift by up to 68%

Jaguar did not release any pricing information.

Jaguar Shows Off F-Type in Black Pack Trim

Unveiled in Paris earlier this year the two door roadster Jaguar F-Type makes its first appearance on North American soil here at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show with both interior an exterior “Black” Packs. From when I first laid eyes on pictures of the leaked F-Type images up to the official unveiling I was never a fan of the rear end with its squinty looking taillights. In person with its hot Firesand paint it does look a bit better but theres just something about the design that makes it look incomplete to me like this is some sort of prototype. The Ferrari-California-esque front end on the other hand, I am a big fan of.

Continue for more Jaguar F-Type Pictures

Jaguar Previews XFR-S, E63/M5 Challenger Before LA Debut

Today, Jaguar Land Rover released a sneak peek at their upcoming super sedan, the XFR-S. Making it’s world debut at the LA Auto Show later this month the XFR-S will be the fastest and most powerful sedan that Jaguar has ever produced. It will also be one of the most limited Jaguar models produced with only 200 of these monster cats making its way to the U.S.

With no announcements on any new powerplants, the XFR-S will likely be powered by the same 550hp / 502 ft/lb of torque producing supercharged V8 found in the XKR-S. The XFR line is a bit porkier than the XKR line but when we’re talking about sedans with this kind of power under the hood the difference is negligible.

In addition to the XFR-S, Jaguar will be showcasing the new two-seater F-TYPE in Black Pack performance trim for the first time in North America. On the SUV front, the world’s first all-aluminum SUV will also make its North American auto show debut. The U.S. spec 2013 Range Rover with the 5.0L V8 sheds over 800 pounds compared to previous models!

I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing more of the XFR-S. We’ll provide some more details and pictures as soon as we get them.

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