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Sneak Peak at Infiniti’s New Electric SUV Concept Ahead of Detroit

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With Canadian designer Karim Habib at the helm, Infiniti previews the beefy yet sleek QX Inspiration electric SUV ahead of its debut in Detroit this month.

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First Drive: 2019 QX50 Review | Infiniti’s New Premium Crossover


The highly anticipated Infiniti crossover has arrived. The 2019 QX50 is completely new with a sharp redesign inside and out. But how does the breakthrough VC-Turbo engine actually perform?

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Infiniti Recalls 60,000 Q50 for Steering Issue


Infiniti is issuing a recall on their Q50 sedan which is identified as an issue with the steering. Speciically, the car’s adaptive steering system contains a software glitch which impacts the drive by wire system resulting in a lack of steering response which may lead to an accident.

The Q50’s impacted are worldwide and impacts approximately 60,000 vehicles. Infiniti will be notifying it’s customers by early July on the issue. We recommend that customers who own these vehicles to contact their local dealership immediately for further information

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration

Infiniti has leaked out images and information about their QX Sport Inspiration Concept before it’s official debut at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. The QX Sport Concept is a forward looking view of what consumers can expect from the Infiniti brand which is an aggressive design with an undertone of performance and elegance.

According to Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, “The QX Sport Inspiration expresses power and purpose through what we describe as its ‘proportional clarity,’ with an elegance that is uniquely Infiniti. The exterior design will appeal to an artistic sensibility. It has a more flowing, natural aesthetic than that evident in traditional premium SUVs.”

Meet The All-New Infiniti QX30 Crossover


Infiniti unveiled the all-new QX30 crossover here in Los Angeles. It is essentially an Infiniti badged Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 powered by the same 2.0L four-cylinder delivering just over 200 horsepower to the front wheels. Design wise, it shares–for better or worse–the same elements from its bigger Murano brother. In fact it looks pretty much just like the concept we saw in New York sans the wheels and a more conservative looking fender.

I think this is a great addition into the Infiniti lineup as small crossovers from all the other manufacturers seem to be doing well based on how many I see on the roads. It certainly fits into their lineup much better than the GLA does for Mercedes-Benz.

We shot a few more angles and have included them in our gallery if you are interested.

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Infiniti QX30 Concept Arrives In New York


The Infiniti QX30 Concept was unveiled earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show and like other concept vehicles released lately, it is not too far from production. In fact Infiniti has said they plan to bring out the production version next year and as you can see in the photos there really isn’t much work to bring it to production specs. The body work will of course get toned down a bit but the wavy lines aren’t too aggressive as it is in my opinion. The front end on the concept is a bit busy and will likely be where we will see the most changes when the production version comes out. The over-sized air intakes on the lower front fascia will probably get smaller and be filled in with some sort of fog light.

Under the hood, the concept is packing a 2.0L turbocharged engine coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The engine is supplied by Mercedes-Benz (right out of the B250) so it’ll likely be about 220 horsepower. It rides on a set of 21″ wheels which sit under a set of plastic fender flares on all four corners. If you’re thinking this is similar to something like an Audi Allroad, you couldn’t be more correct. Like the Allroad, the QX30 Concept is essentially a Q30 Concept with a bit more road clearance and wider plastic over-fenders.

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Infiniti Q60 Concept Previews Future Coupe Design


While it seems like the Q50 Eau Rouge concept that was shown off last year here in Detroit has been axed (if there was ever any plans for it to enter production), Infiniti has something to help us forget about this whole Vettel/RedBull/SuperSedan. Meet the Infiniti Q60 Cocnept. While the Q50 Eau Rouge looked like a production-ready boy racer sedan, the Q60 is very much a concept. The lower front fascia looks very Enzo-esque, and the bulging fenders and skinny side mirrors all look like they were pulled from the concepty cars parts bin.

The light up Infiniti logo on the front grille and the blue/white LED headlights almost give this Q60 concept a lifelike appearance to it. If there ever was going to be an autonomous vehicle from Infiniti, this is it.

Stepping inside, the two-tone black and white interior gives the car a really spacious feeling to it. The large panoramic roof gives the cabin a very airy, almost convertible like vibe. Want to know another thing that is awesome on the inside of this car, even though its still an early concept? No tacked on tablet screen. Two screens are included in the center stack, but neither of them protrude above the dash, kudos to Infiniti!

Under the hood is a twin turbo 3.0L V6, the same engine that was in the Q80 Inspiration Concept we took a look at during the Paris Motor Show. While the Q60 will likely not get the exact variant of the powerplant if it enters production, that hybrid mill was said to be packing 550 horsepower!

If you didn’t think you’d be interested in the Q60, you may have changed your mind now. Definitely looking forward to see what develops here and whether these engines will make their way into the Q50. Perhaps we will see some remnants of the Eau Rouge return in the near future? Good times. Good times indeed.

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Infiniti QX70 S Design, Paris Motor Show

We’ve previewed the QX70 S Design package a couple of weeks ago, and now we get to see how the Black themed SUV from Infiniti looks in person. It’s an intimidating look, not something you would expect from an Infiniti. Replacing most of the chrome has been replaced with dark chrome, making the SUV a menacing sight in person. I can’t wait to see how it looks at night on the streets.

Click through for a full gallery live from the Paris Motor Show

Infiniti Teases Q80 Inspiration Fastback Concept

infiniti-q80-inspiration-1In just over a week Infiniti will be unveiling the Q80 Inspiration Concept, a four door fast back concept that they say will eventually lead to a new model. If it enters production, Infiniti will join other automakers in a increasingly popular segment currently filled with the likes of the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz CLS, and Porsche Panamera amongst others.

“After showing Q30 Concept and Q50 Eau Rouge, Infiniti is eager to show the upper range of our portfolio expansion,” said Infiniti Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa. “In Q80 Inspiration, we wanted to capture that unforgettable feeling when you experience something important, something beautiful, something magnetic for the first time.”

As with all concept cars, the Q80 Inspiration Concept lacks side mirrors, has oversized wheels and (overly) aggressive exterior styling. While Infiniti hasn’t released pictures of the interior, they have described the seating as “1+1+1+1” instead of the usual “2+2” seating arrangement. Perhaps we’ll see that each passenger gets their own mini cockpit or “pod”.

I look forward to seeing the Q80 Inspiration up close to see what Infiniti is bringing to what they call the redefined premium fastback segment.

2015 Infiniti Q70 Facelift Adds Long Wheel Base Model

Infiniti’s strategy over the past few years, including their new model nomenclature has always been tied back to the chinese market. Now with the refresh of their flagship sedan, the Q70 (formerly known as the M) they are adding a long wheel base model which Mercedes-Benz and BMW already do in the Chinese market but Infiniti will be offering the Q70L in all markets. Good news if you have a driver and want to relax in the back seat with your legs crossed.

The Q70L adds about 6 inches to the wheelbase most of which is used to extend rear leg room. The overall length of the car has been increased by about 7 inches. Infiniti did not bring a Q70L onto the show floor but showed one on the screen and with the lines on the car, I think it actually looks better than the regular Q70. In addition to the extra legroom, the Q70L adds rear auto-closure, rear heated seats, reading lamps for the rear passengers as well as dedicated 12V power outlets.

The facelifted Q70 adds new headlights and tailights with the usual LED treatments as well as the newer upper and lower grills already found on the Q50 as well as the just refreshed Infiniti QX80 that was also revealed today.

The new 2015 Q70 will be available in September and the Q70L will be available the following month in October. Pricing information will be announced closer to the arrival of the Q70 in showrooms.

Pictures of the 2015 Infiniti Q70 and Q70L

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