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Hyundai SEMA 2013 Booth Tour

In a booth packed with a bunch of brightly painted vehicles like the highlighter Hylighter yellow Veloster turbo or the mint green Fox Marketing turbo Veloster in the booth, you’d think it be hard to have a single vehicle stand out as the star but of course you’d be wrong.

Hyundai was showing off a turbo Genesis built by Bisimoto Engineering that had one stand out feature on the spec sheet, 1029 horsepower. I think I have used the word “beast” to describe many cars at SEMA but I think this one truly earns it! While typically the turbo 2.0L is the powerplant of choice for tuners, Bisimoto opted to go start with the 3.8L N/A motor. Throw in some Arias forged pistons, Golden Eagle sleeves, a beefier Magnafuel fuel pump, ARP studs, a custom built air-to-air intercooler based on spearco cores and a ton of other parts and I guess what comes out is over 1000 horsepower! :)

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Hyundai Shows Off Veloster C3 Roll Top Concept

A car that Hyundai says was inspired by the Californian lifestyle is the Veloster C3 Roll Top Concept that they revealed at the 2012 LA Auto Show. The soft top roof can be opened forwards as seen in the pictures to accommodate larger cargo items like a bicycle or it can be opened the way we’re all used to, backwards, to let in that sunshine. The hatchback has been replaced with a tailgate upon which a bike carrier has been attached.

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Hyundai Booth Tour – SEMA 2012

So we’ve all packed our bags and have headed home from Vegas after another successful SEMA show so it’s time to take a closer look at some of manufacturers booths. Our first SEMA booth tour will be the Hyundai booth mainly because well there were no BRZ or FRS to be found! Seriously, we could probably do a super gallery of those alone ;)

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