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Nissan Recalls 870,000 Vehicles


Nissan Motor Co. has issued a statement to recall about 870,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada. The issue has been identified as a potentially faulty hood latch. This isn’t the first time Nissan has recalled their vehicles for such an issue. More specifically, this is the third time the manufacturer has had to issue a recall of this nature since 2014.

The impacted vehicle is the Nissan Altima which were built between 2013-2015. The hood latch, specifically the secondary hood latch, may not close properly and leave the hood unlatched due to production issues with a rust coating. When the hatch is not closed properly, this could lead to the hood opening while driving which restricts drivers view of the road and may cause an accident.

Of the 870,000 vehicles identified in North America, 24,895 vehicles are located in Canada with the same problem. Starting in February, owners can schedule their vehicles into a local dealer where the hood latch will be replaced with a new unit.
For additional information, we encourage owners to get into contact with their local dealers.

McLaren P1 Recalled


Even the most premiere performance auto house isn’t immune to recalls. McLaren has issued a recall on 122 of their P1 cars in the US with a build date between March 1, 2013 to October 31, 2015.

The problem has been identified as a faulty secondary front hood latch which may not properly engage. Basically, if the primary hood latch is accidently released, the secondary latch may not operate correctly and potentially release the hood while the vehicle is in motion. Vehicles that were produced after October 31, 2015 have all been fitted with a revised version of the secondary hood latch.

Owners should contact me immediately for an inspection and road test. In all seriousness, owners will hear from McLaren shortly to take their cars into the dealer for a full inspection and replacement of the secondary hood latch.