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Honda’s Mini NSX


A little while ago, we talked about Honda putting in patents for a newly designed dashboard which carried very future forward design elements. The dash was also designed to go into a smaller vehicle which begged the question, what car are the folks at Honda or Acura designing? With the NSX in full production, this leaves the design team with some time on their hands for a new project.

We were thinking it might be the new S2000, or maybe it’s the rumored mini-NSX. The idea of a mini-NSX would also mean that the future car will use a mid-engine platform. And if this were true, the new model may be dubbed the ZSX, which was also recently trademarked by Honda. Further rumblings are saying that the ZSX will be powered by a small displacement turbo engine, likely a 2.0L four cylinder. But more than likely, it will adapt the NSX’s electric technology in conjunction to the gas power plant to deliver some impressive performance.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed. All of this is just rumors. But based on what the folks at Honda recently put out with the NSX, it isn’t surprising that consumers are waiting anxiously to see what they come up with next.

Possibility of a New Honda S2000?


Rumors of a new Honda S2000 has been circulating for years. Since the last one rolled off of the production line, the S2000 has lived a glorious life as a tuner car for the Honda enthusiast who want to satisfy a track day urge, or just have an all around fun 2 seater sports car for the streets. With the all new NSX now in full production mode, this frees up the designers and engineers over at Honda for a little more flex in their creative muscles.

Honda also isn’t one to put the rumors to rest. It was leaked last year that Honda filed a patent for a small sized sports car and recently they revealed a patent design for a new small and futuristic dashboard which will likely be used in said small sports car. Some have been calling the idea concept as a baby NSX, but truth is it might be the new S2000 in the making. And following Honda tradition of releasing big news on anniversaries, it just happens that the company is preparing something for its 70th anniversary in 2018.

Honda Calls Out Takata on False Data

Takata Honda

Takata has been front and center when it comes to the airbag crisis that has hit the automotive industry with a storm. Having produced and distributed millions of faulty airbag inflators, there are countless number of vehicles both on the road and in the production line which are all equipped with airbag inflators that are potentially lethal should there be an accident. Thinking that Takata has crested the hump of it’s problems, in comes Honda claiming that Takata engineers manipulated airbag inflator test results.

Honda began an independent audit last October and found that Takata engineers had actually removed test results which presented more positive inflator performance results. Honda and US regulators will be getting a full report on the audit results later this week. This spells much more trouble heading Takata’s way in the near future. Despite their attempt to produce new inflators for automakers to include in a recall, Takata has fallen short of producing enough supply to fix all the affected vehicles on the market today.

Death to Honda’s Hybrid CRZ


Remember that car from Honda, the CR-Z? Well we don’t blame you if it didn’t leave a lasting impression in your memory. Touted as the new CRX of the 80’s, the CR-Z was supposed to embody the sporty hot hatch ethos of what the CRX was. However, the car failed on all front and even being eclipsed by Honda’s economy focused hybrid the Insight which is a bad bad sign for the CR-Z.

So Honda’s decision to get rid of the CR-Z from their 2017 lineup is not a shock at all for consumers. Frankly, I bet some are wondering what took so long. What made matters more disappointing was that Honda didn’t seem to want to invest any time and energy into changes and updates to make the CR-Z more relevant. Maybe they knew they just had to phase it out and start from scratch rather than focusing on something that’s just not working.

For whatever it’s worth, the CR-Z has come, and it will be gone. Hopefully this will open up a space in the Honda lineup for something more exciting in the future.

Honda Civic Hatchback Spied


The latest edition of the Honda Civic hatchback has been caught doing some testing clothed in camo. What’s visible are the angular lines of the vehicle which follows closely to the Honda design elements in their current coupe models. Although at this point, there really isn’t a point to stay in camo as we already have a good sense of what the hatchback will look like in production mode.

Honda has yet to confirm motor choices for the new Civic hatchback. However, one could easily surmise that it’ll either be their naturally aspirated 2.0L four cylinder engine or their more powerful 1.5L turbo four cylinder that pumps out 174hp and 162lb/ft of torque. No word on what the new Civic Type R will be using for an engine so that will be the surprise element for the new Civic. We can also guess that the body work will be more aggressively focused than the camo hatchback you see here.

The new Civic hatchback will go on sale in 2017.

Honda Goldwing gets Airbags Recalled


It looks like not even the two wheeled vehicles can escape the wrath of Takata’s airbag crisis. Honda’s only motorcycle which has a factory installed airbag is now being recalled for its faulty airbag inflators. The recall issued by Honda will impact a total of 2,701 motorcycles which were built between 2006 to 2010.

Like its four wheeled counterparts, areas with high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations have been hit the hardest by the recall as the issue becomes much more prevalent under these weather conditions. If you own a Goldwing but unsure if this impacts you, we encourage owners to call Hondas information line at 1.866.784.1870 to get more information directly from Honda.

Honda Might Relaunch the S2000


With the recent successful relaunch of the all new Acura NSX, the Honda company has turned their attention to their smaller two seat roadster, the S2000. Since the S2000 went out of production in 2009, enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the company to bring out the next evolution of Honda’s highly capable roadster. There have been a few concepts here and there over the years to wet our appetite, but rumors are now surfacing that Honda might plan a relaunch to coincide with their 70th anniversary.

Acura’s NSX project used a large number of internal resources during it’s development through production phases. Now that the NSX project is finished, it is likely that Honda will have a lot more time to focus on other special projects like the S2000. Fittingly enough, a 70th anniversary relaunch would line up to plans that Honda had for the original S2000 which debuted for the automaker’s 50th anniversary.

No other details have been leaked to the public on the potential S2000 project. However, based on engines available in today’s Honda lineup, and staying true to the heritage of the S2000, the next evolution of the car will likely keep to a 2.0L four cylinder, but utilize turbo and electric technology, similar to the NSX.

All New Honda CRV Spied


The Honda CR-V has been spied in camouflage but it looks like the SUV is coming up with a whole new identity. Even though this CR-V is still in prototype mode, it’s showing a lot of signs that Honda is taking some design cues from their Acura division. The profile of the CR-V is more muscular, featuring an angular grille and edgy headlights.

The overall profile of the SUV looks to be a bigger vehicle than the current generation CR-V as well. If current industry trends is any indication, safety features such as front collision warning, automatic emergency brake alerts, and lane departure alert will likely be part of the safety package for the next generation SUV.

Not much else has been released about the next generation CR-V, but it will likely become a production model for the 2018 year.

Takata Airbag Issues Reaches Further Back


Takata Corp is facing mounting issues and problems linked to their airbag crisis. During Honda’s audit to determine which of their vehicles are impacted by the airbag crisis, they came across another issue. A number of their Accord models destined for the US market were incorrectly supplied with airbag inflators which were meant for the South American market. According to Honda, the airbag modules simply do not comply with US federal regulations.

Honda will begin to notify customers of the issue so they can begin scheduling their vehicles in to dealers for the recall work to be completed. The recall will begin in May, 2016.

Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype

For the 10th generation Civic, us North Americans will finally get the Civic Hatchback that the European market has had. It’s been over a decade since Honda last sold a Civic Hatchback this side of the pond. The Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype was shown off earlier this month in Geneva but it has finally arrived here in New York to make it’s North American debut. The prototype moniker is a bit of a misnomer as this looks pretty like a production ready Civic Si hatchback.

When the Civic Hatchback launches later this year in North America, we’ll probably see a much more mundane base model as Honda slowly releases the other models culminating eventually with the Type R. The next generation Civic will feature a longer wheelbase and a wider stance compared to the model currently sold in Europe. Under the hood will be the turbo 1.5L 174 horsepower engine. The new Civic Hatchback, and the Coupe and Sedan for that matter, will also be available with a 6-speed manual transmission this fall. Details such as pricing are not available now but Honda says it will start to share more information as we draw closer to the fall launch.

Honda also announced that they will be competing in the 2016 Red Bull Rallycross series with the Civic Coupe. We’ve included a couple shots of it as well in our gallery. They also brought the first us-spec Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle to the show.

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