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Evolution of Nissan’s Skyline GTR


It is not very often when three letters can carry with it such a long standing legacy of motorsport greatness. Those same three letters embody the ethos of a company’s relentless vision to defy technology at the time and push beyond it’s boundaries. When the letters GTR is said, it immediately conjures up mental images of four round tail lights speeding into the distance. Nissan’s Skyline GTR is one of the automotive industry’s greats to come out of Japan from a time when Italians and Germans dominated the racing field and to this day not only rivals the best of the best in the industry, but is the bar which others compare against.

Most who know the GTR know it as the Skyline. Nissan acquired the company Prince who manufactured the Skyline back in the 60’s. Since then, Nissan created a high performance version of their standard vehicle and badged it with GTR and history began to write itself. The Skyline GTRs were built between 1969 and 1974 but took a hiatus until the late 80’s and production of GTRs started up again from 1989 to 2002. Although what we know today simply as the Nissan GTR is still manufactured to date, the Skyline name has since been dropped post 2002. Although the name no longer lives, the underlying DNA of the Skyline undoubtedly lives on.

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2018 Mercedes AMG GT R


With the official debut of Mercedes’ AMG GT R at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it’s brought out the curiosity in consumers who are now awaiting Mercedes to release the prices of the vehicle. The AMG GT lineup will now be made up of the GT, the all new GT R and the GT S. The entry into Mercedes’ AMG GT cars will set you back $112,000 US while the GT S will start at $130.925US.

It should be expected that the AMG GT R will priced above both. While the GT and the GT S will use Mercedes’ 4.0L V8 which pumps out 456hp and 443lb/ft of torque, the GT R’s engine is rated at 577hp and 516lb/ft of torque. The GT R will also utilize an upgraded suspension and will be a wider vehicle than the other two GT cars. Mercedes’ AMG GT R will officially sell as a 2018 model.

McLaren Represents at Goodwood Festival with 2 P1 GTRs


The McLaren company is putting their best foot forward this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed by showing up with two P1 GTRs. McLaren never really intended to build the P! GTR but customer demand for a track focused P1 was too strong to ignore. And are we glad the company didn’t ignore its customers.

Each will be racing up the famous hill at Goodwood, campaigned by two different teams.

The two P1 GTRs representing at Goodwood comes from different places. The first one is from Lazante Ltd, and they have taken the street version of the P1 GTR and modified it. The Lazante name is closely tied to motorsport racing and the McLaren brand as they piloted a F1 GTR to victory in 1995 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The second P1 GTR is directly from McLaren Automotive. This one will be piloted by McLaren P1 GTR driver program mentor Bruno Senna.

Nissan’s GTR Gets a Price Hike


When Nissan unveiled their updated GTR at this year’s New York Auto Show, it was received with mixed emotions. The updates overall weren’t significant. There was a slight power bump, and the exterior did get some visual updates, but overall the GTR is still pretty much the same car as when it was first released. But what’s definitely grabbing buyer’s attention now is the prices hike of the GTR which now starts at $111,585 for the Premium model which is close to a $9,000 jump from last year.

As mentioned earlier, the 2017 GTR will continue to use the 3.8L twin-turbo V6 engine but it has received some massaging to pump out 565 hp and 467 lb/ft of torque. That’s definitely a plus considering the price jump. We are hoping that Nissan is developing a next generation GTR as this current version has had quite a long run and I think we are due for something new.

Mercedes AMG GTR’s Debut


Good news is always worth the wait and the news is that Mercedes’ AMG GTR will be debuting at Michelin’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. We weren’t expecting the news to come so quickly, but we can thank Michelin who accidently leaked the news. Mercedes has now also confirmed that the car will appear at Goodwood in late June.

The AMG GT will likely be powered by a variant of Mercedes’ 4.0L twin turbo V8 that’s currently used in the GT, albeit with the power ante upped in the AMG GTR. No official numbers have been released on power output, and no official images of the car have made its way online. Only some spy shots are available to tease us of what’s to come, but even at that there’s a lot of camo going on. What you can expect is track inspired aero, and I’m not talking about some carbon fiber or vents here and there. Expect there to be large diffusers front and rear, a wide body line, and a large wing on the rear all in the name of downforce.

June 23rd can’t come soon enough for the AMG GTR to make it’s official debut to the public.

2017 NISMO Nissan GTR


Good things are to be expected when Nissan releases their new 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO. This year power numbers will be up again and the car will be more comfortable than the previous year model which makes the NISMO GTR a really well rounded car.

As will all NISMO vehicles, performance tuning happens in all aspects of the vehicle from suspension, engine, and outside all the way to the inside. All new aero adorns the GTR, and lightweight RAYS forged wheels round out the exterior changes. The suspension is beefed up all around for some track readiness. The interior gets a nice set of Recaro seats that provides ample support to keep the driver planted.

Power is produced from a tuned 3.8L twin turbo V6 which pumps out 600 hp and 481 lb/ft of torque. All of that is delivered through a six-speed dual-clutch automatic sending power to all four wheels.

Nismo GTR Breaks Drift Record at 190mph


Japanese drift champion Masata Kawabata was recently tasked to pilot a 1,380hp Nismo GTR for a record breaking attempt for highest speed drift. The GTR is a collaboration between legendary tuners Nismo and GReddy Trust. The team’s sole purpose for this build was to create a monster GTR to break the current high speed drift record of 135mph.

The car was tested in Japan on the Fuji Speedway, but shipped to United Arab Emirate’s Fujairah International Airport for the Guinness Book of World Record attempt. In true Nismo and GReddy fashion, why attempt at beating a record when you can go ahead and smash it to pieces then step on all the broken record remains. The GTR posted a 190mph drift with an entry angle of 30 degrees. This car not officially holds the record of highest speed drift and took the title away from Poland’s Jakub Przygoński.

Nissan Navara-R by Severn Valley Motorsport


Severn Valley Motorsport in Shropshire, England is probably not a shop that most are familiar with over here in Canada. I, however, have fond memories of this shop from back in the days when they were churning out some killer Ford Sierra Cosworths. Being a Euro Ford freak myself, seeing the shop’s name pop up again brought back much nostalgia, but more importantly they once again don’t disappoint with their creations.

This time, instead of sticking to a blue oval, they’ve gone Japanese. Specifically, they’ve taken to modifying out a Nissan Navara pick up truck. Yup, you read that right. What’s even more insane is the Nissan GTR motor stuffed under the hood and boosted up to a healthy 800hp. Take a deeper look and you’ll quickly realize this isn’t just an ordinary engine swap.

What SVM has done is actually taken the Navara’s body and mated it to the entire chassis of a GTR. So essentially, this is a GTR with Navara body panels. The conversion isn’t cheap at $251,000USD. But for those who are longing for the ultimate sleeper, I’m pretty sure this one will fit the bill.

The Real Godzilla: 2000hp Nissan GT-R


The Nissan GT-R has always been known to be a potent performance beast. Now the team at T1 Race Development has yet again pushed the boundaries of capabilities of the GT-R. Their newest creation is called the GT1R which pumps out 2,165hp and 1,302lb/ft of torque.

On paper those numbers are already impressive. Equally as impressive is how that GT1R puts that power to use. It covers the quarter-mile in just 7.38 seconds and can reach a top speed of 235 mph in just half a mile. Tony Palo, founder of T1 Race Development, displays the GT-R is even capable of being a street car.

Godzilla Gets a Facelift


Nissan brought out the big guns this year at the New York International Auto Show to debut their most current generation GTR. Walking into the Nissan exhibit, you are greeted by six generations of Skyline GTRs that have made the Nissan name synonymous with performance and motorsports. Dating back to 1969 with the first generation Nissan 2000 Skyline GTR to their latest GTR, Nissan wanted to showcase their racing pedigree and tell the world where they came from and where they are now going with the latest unveil.

The newest iteration of the GTR proves that you really shouldn’t mess too much with something that’s working. Nissan gave their GTR a small facelift which brings it up to current industry specs with certain technologies and visual enhancements. The front facia of the GTR gets some small tweaks. The single bar LED fog is now integrated into a larger side vent opening in the front bumper. The GTR also receives Nissan’s V-motion front grille which helps divert more air into the engine bay. The headlights have received minor massaging now utilizing multi-projectors. New aero in the form of carbon fiber lower body trim has been added to the GTR. The change is subtle, but the most notable addition are lower vents on the rear bumper aero.

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