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Mercedes’ AMG GT R Leaked


Mercedes’ AMG GT R has been cloaked in secrecy. Not much has been released about the vehicle, but we do know that it is a highly anticipated vehicle from the silver arrow. The latest news comes from Mercedes-Benz themselves releasing a few images onto the internet for circulation.

It is expected that the vehicle will be making it’s official debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed. If there wasn’t a slip up in the press release for the festival, no one would even have known that the car will be a reality this soon. What we can look forward to is that the AMG GT R will likey use the tree pulling 4.0L twin turbo V8 which will belt out a hefty 550hp and 579lb/ft of torque.

After the debut, we are hoping to see the AMG GT R hit the showroom floors in 2017.

Drug Fire Kills Dogs and Skylines


A few days ago, we brought you news on marijuana’s danger to drivers. Today, we bring you news on marijuana’s danger to cars.

Not too long ago we reported on a fire at International Vehicle Importers which unfortunately claimed the lives of their two shop dogs and a whole host of JDM imports which the company specializes in importing into Southern California. At the time of the fire, the cause was unknown, but now a building adjacent to IVI has been identified as the source of the fire.

That particular building was also housing a pot-growing operation which was just setting up shop. According to Sean Morris, owner of IVI, he noticed heavy traffic moving in and out all day before the fire, so he suspects that the grow-op overloaded the buildings power breakers which started the fire.

International Vehicle Importers is known for importing rare Japan only vehicles into the US. This includes several Nissan Skyline GT-Rs, Toyota Soarers, and Mazda Cosmos.

Forum Weekly Review November 22

In this weekly segment, we cover the top discussions going on in the automotive forums. These threads may be the most recent hot topics, or epic threads that we just wanted to dig up and feature.

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Cash & Cars Lottery Winner Takes Cash Instead Of Koenigsegg CCX
This years Cash & Cars lottery made headlines everywhere when they announced they were giving out a Koenigsegg CCX as the grand prize. It would be the only CCX in Canada as the car is not street legal here. However, the winner opted to take $1M cash instead of the CCX because the small town he is from, Norman Wells only has a single 12KM road. To top it off, there are no highways that lead to Norman Wells. It would totally suck to have a CCX you couldn’t drive wasting away in your garage!

Forum Post Counts Revised, Users In Uproar
This past week the forum post counts were revised to reflect only automotive based posts. Many users saw massive drops in their post counts and as a result, their “gear”. For anyone that is still curious, only posts on the car forums count towards your post total while posts under the lounge will not. Pretty simple change, but I guess some people take their post counts really seriously.

Nissan Solves the GT-R Launch Control and Weak Tranny Issue
There were widespread reports of GT-R transmissions blowing up when the proud new owners of Nissan’s brand new Porsche eater tried to repeat the numbers they read about in car magazines. The good news is that Nissan has fixed the problem on the 2010 Nissan GT-R, so no more worrying about losing half your gears when your tranny implodes racing that pesky 911. The bad news? You might lose to the 911 as Nissan has eliminated the launch control from next years GT-R.

GT-R Owner Destroys Transmission, Denied Warranty Claim

It is no secret that the transmission in the Nissan GT-R is the weakest link, but the news is much tougher to hear when you are the owner of the GT-R that is now sitting at the dealer lot with a destroyed transmission. The bad news then gets worse when you are given the cost estimate to fix the transmission because the Nissan GT-R warranty will not cover it. $20,000 to replace the transmission that is completely destroyed.

So why does a vehicle that was shown off to the world setting a nurburgring record (which we now know was done via trickery), that features a fancy dual clutch transmission–shifted by the vehicle’s computer system–not get repaired under warranty? It turns out Nissan sent out some techs straight from Japan to download data from the vehicle’s computer system. The dealer then informed the vehicles owner that they would not be able to replace the transmission under warranty because he drove with VDC off “too much”.

I was driving my gtr two weeks ago and I heard a loud noise coming from the rear. I turned immediately had my gtr towed to crown nissan st. petersburg fl. They didn’t touch my car only called some techs from tennessee to look at the car and record the noise, 4 days later two guys from japan to download some info from the car then left. Then I get a call from the dealer to tell me the news, and they told me that the car was driven without vdc too much and nissan will not warranty the transmission which they said was destroyed

Can Nissan really do that? Can simply hitting a button inside the vehicle void your warranty? Apparently, they can! The fine print in the warranty information that comes with the GT-R (you do read the warranty paperwork when you buy a new car right?) states that the manufacturers warranty is void if the vehicle is operated with VDC off. So that 3.6s 0-60 time that the salesperson at the Nissan dealership tells you about, yeah you wont be able to accomplish that unless you want to void your warranty.

I wonder what will happen to the customers that purchase the GT-Rs that were launched repeatedly on the drag strip (likely with VDC turned off) by Nissan staffers?

Porsche Accuses Nissan of Cheating on the ‘Ring

As a relatively portly sports car, the Nissan GT-R has amazed people the world over by posting blistering lap times on the Nurburgring, far faster than its specifications might allude to. It was rumoured after the initial stock GT-R lap that the car was running on non-production tires, but when a Nissan rep mentioned it was running on “cut slicks” it was brushed aside as a translation error and soon faded from the collective memory. Today, the controversy is back.

Nissan GT-R

7:29? Nien, say some men in laboratory coats.

In their clean white laboratories in Stuttgart, some Porsche engineers got together, analyzed the GT-R data and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t just fast; it was too fast. Something didn’t quite add up, so they did what any men of science would do; they got some stopwatches, some calculators, a driver, a GT-R, two 911’s, and headed for the Green Hell. Ah, Germans. Where would Internet car arguments be without you? Maybe you should have taken a Z06 along as well.

So, what did the driving deacons from Deutschland find? Pretty much what their theoretical calculations told them they should expect. Their chassis designer/Ring expert driver got the 911 Turbo and GT2 around in times of 7:38 and 7:34 respectively. The Nissan, however, couldn’t be persuaded to break the 7:54 mark, over 25 seconds off Nissan’s claimed lap record. Why? We’ll let August Achleitner, Porsche’s 911 product chief, explain.

“This wonder car with 7:29 could not have been a regular series production car. For us, it’s not clear how this time is possible. What we can imagine with this Nissan is they used other tyres.”

He went on to say that the 7:29 time only made sense if the car was running on semi-slick tires, just like it was accused of doing many months ago.

That said, Porsche’s claim is not likely to put a dent in the GT-R’s sales numbers, with the bulk of cars being purchased long before they hit the showroom floor. US $69,850 US $76,840? A pittance for a car capable of defying the laws of physics!

I wonder how Porsche will respond when the Nissan GT-R V Spec Nurburgring laptimes are released.


Discuss it on the forums

Forum Weekly Review September 27

In this weekly segment, we cover the top discussions going on in the automotive forums. These threads may be the most recent hot topics, or epic threads that we just wanted to dig up and feature.

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Nissan Dealers Drag Race Pre Delivery GT-R at the Track
Two brand new GT-Rs that still had plastic wrapped interiors showed up at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, WI on the weekend. This is one hell of a pre delivery inspection! I wonder how many miles the new owners will be able to drive before their transmissions need to be replaced.

Republican Strategy to Make Bush Look Intelligent and Qualified: Sarah Palin
If you ever needed a reason to be interested in U.S. politics, Sarah Palin is it. Every other night when I turn on the TV to watch the evening news, I see another story on Palin. This thread started out as a discussion about her proposal to increase transparency for Federal Government spending by putting the Government checkbook online as a searchable database. The bad news for Palin? Its already online thanks to a certain someone… whats his name again? Oh right, Barack Obama.

What are you going to do when the market crashes?
Many forum members calmly predict that the market crash is coming soon. The financial market is falling apart despite efforts of central banks around the world injecting cash into it. The real estate market in the U.S. has been battered, and the real estate market in Canada is beginning to slow down. In fact, some members of beyond are even looking forward to a market crash so things like homes become cheaper, and the entitlement generation will “learn a lesson”. Are we ready for a crash? Do we really know what to expect? What are you going to do if a crash comes?

Nissan Raises GT-R MSRP By $7K For USA

Amuse Nissan GT-R

Amuse Nissan GT-R at Tsukuba Circuit

There have been many price adjustments by car manufacturers this year due to rising raw material costs as well as rising energy costs. Hyundai announced price increases back in July, and Toyota announced price increases in August to its Prius lineup. Both of these increases were quite minor. For Hyundai it was a 1.8 – 2.0% hike, and for Toyota it was a $688 increase. Earlier this week, Nissan decided to jump on the price-increase wagon by announcing price increases for the GT-R.

The new MSRP for the Nissan GT-R in the US is now $76,840 for the base model and $79,090 for the premium model, an increase of nearly $7,000 from when it was launched. While Nissan may try to classify this as a simple price adjustment to deal with rising steel prices it is quite obvious that is not the entire picture here. Hyundai and Toyota both cited steel prices for their small price increases but somehow the GT-R requires a $7,000 adjustment? Interestingly, the Canadian MSRP remains unchanged at $81,900.

*Update: Nissan Canada has updated their website and the new MSRP for Canadian GT-Rs is now $89,900.

Nissan Press Release:

Nissan today announced an interim price adjustment on the 2009 Nissan GT-R due to increased raw materials costs. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)* of $76,840 for the GT-R and $79,090 for the GT-R Premium model are effective immediately. Destination & Handling (D&H) is $1,000. The adjusted prices do not apply to customer orders already in dealer hands prior to September 5. The initial GT-R pricing was established nearly a year ago.

To date, approximately 70 percent of the first year allocation of GT-Rs for the United States market have been sold as part of a pre-sale program that has been underway since February 2008. The first customer deliveries of the limited production Nissan GT-R supercar began on July 7, 2008. The GT-R is available only through officially certified Nissan dealers that have met a number of strict sales, service and facilities commitments, including dedicating a master technician to GT-R service. A searchable listing of the 663 GT-R Certified Nissan dealers is available to consumers on

All 2009 Nissan GT-Rs are equipped with a standard 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 producing 480 horsepower and 434 lb-ft of torque, backed by an all-new, paddle-shifted, dual clutch rear transmission and a world’s first independent rear transaxle ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system.

In North America, Nissan’s operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program 2010, whose key priorities are reducing CO2emissions, cutting other emissions and increasing recycling. More information on Nissan in North America and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at

Skyline GT-R vs 997 Porsche Turbo

GT-R With ECU Mod Runs [email protected]

Godzilla Arrives in Canada

Godzilla Arrives in Canada; Havoc to Follow

The first shipment of GT-Rs arrived in Canada last week at the port of Vancouver. They should be off to the Vancouver dealerships sometime this week and probably next week for the other dealerships in Canada. Nissan has certified only 20 dealerships to sell the GT-R, all of them located in major cities. Dealerships were required to purchase new equipment to be able to service the car. The GT-R is scheduled to arrive in Calgary sometime in July.

The Nissan GT-R MSRP is $81,900 but it is unknown what the final out the door price will be. Sources say that the GT-R (at least here in Calgary) will be sold at MSRP but owners will be encouraged (forced?) to purchase a service package totaling around $5,000. I also wonder how many GT-Rs will be sold in Canada since the car is so unpractical ;)

Bonus Internet Points for whoever spots the first wrecked GT-R on Canadian soil!

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