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VW Vision GT Concept – LA Autoshow 2014


Volkswagen revealed a model of its Gran Turismo Vision GT here at the 2014 LA Auto Show. It packs a 3.0L twin-turbo VR6 engine, making 503HP and 491 lb-ft of torque. Not that it matters because the car only really exists in a video game. That said, it looks cool as hell, so check out the pictures after the break.

The VW Vision GT Concept joins Aston Martin, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-AMG in the digital Gran Turismo world.

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Chevrolet Reveals Two Cars That Don’t Belong on the Road


Chevrolet brought two new vehicles to the 2014 LA Auto Show, the Chaparral 2X Vision GT concept and Colorado ZR2 off-road concept.

Chevrolet’s Vision GT, like Volkswagen’s, is a purely conceptual race car designed specifically for Playstation’s Gran Turismo Vision GT project and will never see the light of production. That doesn’t stop it from being cool as hell and worthy of its own gallery.


Like the Vision GT, the Colorado ZR2 is a concept meant for off-road use., but this one might actually show up in dealerships. The ZR2 features a plethora of off-road features which make it an enticing offering for anybody with one foot in the mud. A wider track, grille with integrated winch, quick release spare tire, 2″ lift, skid plates, and front/rear e-lock differential are some of the notable enhancements over the base model. Also new in the ZR2 is Chevy’s new 2.8L Cummins turbo diesel. Making 180hp and 365ft/lb of torque, the new engine may have been revealed in a concept car, but has been confirmed in the 2016 Colorado.

Both vehicles are exciting in their own right and deserve a thorough look. Check ’em out in the gallery below.

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Aston Martin Unveils DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo


Aston Martin has joined other automakers by announcing their own entry into the Vision Gran Turismo project with their DP-100 concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. They join the Nissan Concept 2020, the AMG Vision Gran Turismo and others as DLC for Gran Turismo on Playstation later this month.

The twin-turbo mid-engined racer offers up to 800 horsepower, endowing it with blistering performance fully in keeping with the high octane nature of the game.

Created using many of the same techniques as applied in the development of Aston Martin production sports cars, such as hand sketches and 3D modelling, followed by full realisation in the virtual world, DP-100 provides an exceptional level of detail with a fully functioning suspension system and state-of-the-art electronics.

NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision GT Hints at GT-R Design


It turns out that the Nissan concept car that we were anticipating was not a GT-R concept car per se, but the NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo may still provide some hints at what we should expect from Nissan when the next generation GT-R does show up. As you can see in the new shot revealed today, the design is pretty wild and conceptual but that is because the designers were given complete free reign to design a car that they envision would cruise the streets of the future. It was created through close collaboration with the creators of Gran Turismo, Polyphony Digital Inc., and will be available as DLC for GT6 in July.

Video of the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Is This Performance Concept the 2016 Nissan GT-R?


Nissan had teased last week a new vehicle that would become the 149th Nissan vehicle to join the Gran Turismo car list and since over half of the vehicles are GT-R variants its not that far fetched to assume that this latest concept vehicle they have teased is a GT-R Concept Vehicle of some sort. Could this be a preview of the next generation Nissan GT-R? If so, Nissan has shown that their concept vehicles are not that far off from production vehicles.

Not much is known about the next generation Nissan GT-R other than the plan that Nissan has to include a hybrid powertrain and if this teaser is any indication, may borrow some design cues from their Le Mans Prototype, the GT-R LM Nismo. The waiting game continues for more information as the announcement expected today did not materialize and instead we are being told that June 16th is the next date to mark on our calendars.

From Nissan’s Press Release:

LOS ANGELES – On Monday, June 16, we will reveal the next chapter in our Nissan story to an audience that has always shared our passion for performance.

A couple more shots in our gallery after the break.

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Nissan To Unveil New Car In Gran Turismo On June 10th

Fairlady Z to GT-R: Nissan’s Gran Turismo history (and future)

Nissan USA just posted this picture on their twitter showcasing every single vehicle that is a part of Gran Turismo’s ever growing list of cars. The current tally of Nissan branded cars sits at 148 with the 149th Nissan vehicle to be unveiled June 10th according to the chart. What’s crazy is that about half of the cars are some sort of Skyline or GT-R variant. It leads me to believe that the car that is going to debut in a few days is likely another GT-R of some sort. Based on the low profile, it doesn’t appear to be the next-generation GT-R, but is more likely an updated race car, perhaps the 2015 Nissan GT-R GT500 or some sort of special edition of the existing model? Could it be just another concept vehicle that we’ll see at the next car show? Perhaps the 2014 LA Auto Show?

We have a higher resolution version after the break if you’re interested.

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Virtual Reality: Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Much like the Redbull X1/X2010/X2011 fictional prototype in Gran Turismo 5, Mercedes-Benz AMG has worked with Polyphony Digital to create this concept supercar to be featured in the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. The Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo will be unveiled on November 19, 2013 in Sunnyvale California at the opening of the new Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Center.

Packed with a 585hp engine and fitted with the SLS’s gullwing doors, the AMG Vision GT will feature a long hood reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz sports cars such as the SLS and SLR, a grille inspired by the 300SL racecars of 1952, and variable LED grille technology introduced with the new A-Class.

Click through to check out the gallery and teaser video

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Edition at SEMA

Chevrolet showed off a special edition Corvette Stingray in their booth at SEMA this year. It is a special Gran Turismo edition that will be a playable vehicle in GT6, which is slated to come out on December 6th on PS3.

The Gran Turismo Concept Vette features a large wing that isn’t mounted high above the rear of the vehicle but instead extends backwards. GT specific graphics adorn the vehicle and the headlights are tinted yellow, you know, for better visibility and all. Not entirely sure if is an exact replica as none of the 25 GT6 exclusive vehicles (all blue) that were shown on the Gran Turismo facebook page are rocking yellow headlights.

If you aren’t a big fan of the new C7 corvette and you happen to be a PS3 owner, there is some good news for you. All previous generations of the Corvette will be available in the next installment of Gran Turismo.

More photos of the C7 Stingray Gran Turismo Concept

Forum Weekly Review July 12

In this weekly segment, we cover the top discussions going on in the car forums. These threads may be the most recent hot topics, or epic threads that we just wanted to dig up and feature.

If you have a suggestion for a thread to be included on the forum weekly review, e-mail it to If you have not joined our forums, register today its free!

Beyond Identity Crisis
This topic has been brought up both on the forums as well as at the weekly meets. Some members feel the site needs to retain the “local” feel that it currently has, while other members see value in having the site grow on an international level with more members from around the world making up the membership. Our main focus is to unite automotive enthusiasts from every corner of the world while maintaining a small community feeling. Of course, trying to accomplish that is not easy and maybe even impossible, but thats the goal. Whats your take?

Founding fathers of
The question of how this website got its name pops up at least once a year. The honest truth is that this name was supposed to be a temporary “development” name which we were to use while we built the site. We launched the site about 2 hours after installing the forum software and just built it as it grew. The site grew much faster than anticipated and before we knew it, the name stuck and there was no point in finding a new site name. it was! Today, it is known by the two main parts of the site: Car Forums, and Car Blog. Try to remember all the details of this history lesson, there may be a test later!

Before there was GT5 and Forza, there was Test Drive!
A trip down memory lane! Back in the day, after walking 20km uphills both ways to and from school, we would sit ourselves in front of our blazing 386 computers and play Test Drive, a game at the time that had some decent graphics. Check out the video in this thread and compare it to Gran Turismo 5. Other racing/driving games from the late 80s and early 90s are discussed as well.

Want To Race With Lewis Hamilton?

You’re awake at 4:00am on a Sunday morning glued to your TV set watching the F1 race live because you are super hardcore. Chances are very good that your name is Shelton Kwan, a hardcore F1 fan that watches all practices, qualifying and races live. What was a dream will soon become a very real possibility for hardcore racing fans like Kwan, a chance to race with race car drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa or Kimi Raikkonen.

New technology by iOpener Media, a company from the Netherlands will allow video game players from around the world to race alongside race car drivers live. Using GPS data and vehicle telemetry data from live racing events, the system will be able to plot the race car drivers position into a Playstation3, Xbox360 (or any gaming console with online capabilities) game. With the real time GPS data, a drivers acceleration, braking and cornering information would be relayed into the game providing a virtual “opponent” to race against.

Real Time Racing Games

At the core of iOpener’s technology is an enhanced GPS system known as differential GPS (DGPS).

This uses a network of fixed base stations to correct the GPS signal, which on its own may only be accurate to within 10m. DGPS is commonly used for air navigation or shipping where precision is key.

Other tweaks include fitting cars with an inertial measurement unit (IMU), commonly used in guided missile systems, which measure acceleration, angle and yaw of the object.

“IMUs give accuracy on a short range,” Mr Lurling told BBC News.

“Combined with DGPS, we know the location of the car to within less than 30 centimetres.”

iOpener does not plan on developing racing games on its own but instead will license the technology to video game developers. It will focus on the development of the technology needed to blend the real time racing data with video game data to create a realistic racing environment. An example of the AI that would be necessary to create this racing experience was quite comical.

“If Hamilton is driving behind you he can’t see you [in the game], so he would drive right through you,” explained Mr Lurling.

“So the AI takes over at that point and you see a very realistic overtaking.”

Those of you that saw the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal would agree that even if Hamilton was driving behind you in real life, he would try to drive right through you!

It would be interesting to see what racing game franchise this technology would make it into. It would have to be in a simulator type racing title, and not an arcade-esque racing title like the Project Gotham Racing series.

There is a huge difference between what happens in the real world and what happens in video games – even the most ‘realistic’ simulator has to bend real world physics to make the game more fun,” he said.

However, even with the AI, he thinks gamers may encounter a more fundamental frustration with the system.

“I know I wouldn’t even get close to the lap times that Lewis Hamilton could run, unless my car in the virtual world had a load of extra grip and power – which might defeat the point,” he said.

Gran Turismo 6 anyone? Maybe Hamilton Senior can use it to learn how to drive like Hamilton Junior :)

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