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Mercedes to Release Four EV Cars


News is starting to circulate that Mercedes-Benz is planning the release of four new electric vehicles by 2020. Which model in their lineup will get the EV treatment is yet to be determined, but the signs are pointing to two sedans and two SUVs.

Initial guess is that the new electric sedans will be based off of the C-Class and S-Class, while the SUVs will be based on the GLA and GLC small crossovers. Coming full force with four EV cars is a sign that Mercedes is beginning to build their army to compete in the same market space as Tesla.

No news yet as to whether these vehicles will make its way to North American shores. However, as both US and Canada continues to strive for green energy, EV cars will become more and more of a common place item.

Mercedes GLA Meets Super Mario Bros.

From the “WTF is this?” dept. comes this hilarious ad out of Japan for the all new Mercedes-Benz GLA class, where Mercedes-Benz and Nintendo team up to have Mario run through Level 1 of the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros. in a Mercedes-Benz GLA. The partnership goes further in that the upcoming Mario Kart 8 will feature a playable GLA to race against the other karts. No word if that will be a Japan only download, or if we’ll get to see some of this craziness in North America.

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Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) Preview – Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil several new cars and concepts at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. The AMG variant of the all new S-Class debuts as the S63 AMG. Fitted with the tried and true 5.5L V8 twin turbo powerplant, the S63 pumps out 577hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. Weighing 250lbs less than its predecessor, the S63 propels itself to 100km/h in 4 seconds flat, thanks to its 4matic drivetrain and MCT sports transmission.

Along with the S63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz is introducing the S500 Plug-in Hybrid, which averages a staggering 3L/100km of consumption. A 107hp electric motor is paired to a new 3.0L V6 Twin Turbo engine with 328hp, bringing total power output of the S500 Hybrid to 436hp, and 0-100km/h sprints of 5.5 seconds. This new V6 engine will also power next year’s C400 model, a direct competitor to BMW’s 335. The biggest difference with the S500 Plug-in Hybrid is the ability to charge by plugging in the vehicle.

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Mercedes-Benz to Unveil GLA Class in Frankfurt

North Americans got shafted when it came to the awesome A45 AMG. We’re told that we don’t like hatchbacks, and we like our SUV’s and crossovers. When we heard that we will be more than happy with the GLA class crossover, based on the same A/B/CLA platform, we were skeptical. Today, as the official pics of the GLA class was released ahead of the Frankfurt Auto Show, we’re quite happy with the decision.

The GLA250 will be the only model available at launch in the US, available in both front wheel drive, as well as all wheel drive variants. The engine will be the tried and true 2.0L 4 cylinder, making 208hp and 258 ft-lbs of torque, propelling the GLA250 to 60mph in 6.8 seconds via the 7 speed dual clutch transmission. Sized and priced to compete directly with the BMW X1, the GLA250 will be a welcome to the segment. Here’s hoping that AMG sends us a GLA45 AMG shortly.

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Shanghai Preview: Mercedes-Benz GLA Concept

Mercedes-Benz continues to churn out vehicles based on their new FWD compact platform, and up next for the German company is the GLA compact crossover. While it is set to be unveiled later this week at the Shanghai Auto Show (Auto China), some pictures have been leaked.

From the same platform that powers the A, B and the new CLA class, the GLA crossover will be bigger and taller than its relatives, measuring 172.4 inches long, 77.6 inches wide and 61.8 inches tall. The wheelbase remains unchanged. Powering the GLA250 will be the 2.0L 208hp 4-cylinder coupled to the 7 speed dual-clutch gearbox. Shortly after the arrival of the GLA250, the GLA45 AMG will be introduced, with the same drool worthy 355hp drivetrain that powers the A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG.

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