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Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation

Red Bull RB6 at Hyatt Infiniti

Red Bull’s RB6 was a dominate force in the 2010 Formula 1 season, wrapping up both the Constructors title for Red Bull as well as the driver’s title for Sebatian Vettel. Vettel’s first chassis, nicknamed “Luscious Liz”, is making its rounds at Infiniti dealers around Canada, and has arrived in Calgary this week.

Checking the car up close, it looks to be an early season car, closely resembling Bahrain spec with the shark fin engine cover. Looking in the cockpit, there were no signs of the hand operated F-Duct from later on in the season. Tires were the current Pirellis (most likely demo tires), and not the proper Bridgestone from the 2010 season. The livery has been updated to 2012 spec to please current sponsors.

The car is on display in at Hyatt Infiniti’s showroom until August 10th. If you’re an Infiniti customer, you should have received your invite for the Red Bull Formula 1 VIP Gust Night on Friday. Make sure you stop by and check it out before it’s gone!

Click to check out the RB6 gallery

History of the Formula 1 Racecar in 60 Seconds

Evolution of the F1 Car from Ruf Blacklock on Vimeo.

For the casual Formula 1 fan it may be difficult to keep up with all the changes to the F1 car design including some the subtle and not so subtle changes to the wings, engines, tyres, etc but this animation will summarize it in a mere 60 seconds.

Sauber F1 full sized cutaway

Members of the Sauber F1 team spent 2 years cutting one of their F1 contenders in half right down the middle, along with all the components including the engine and gearbox. It gives a great view of the intricate details of a modern Formula 1 car. It’s a very impressive look at the detailed packaging, and technology that’s packed in such a small vehicle.

As chief designer Matt Morris puts it, “We’ve all seen countless pictures of racing cars, but wouldn’t it be great to really explore inside it – as if peering into the core of an apple?”

Red Bull F1 Car + Beach = FUN!

Not something you expect to see when you’re at the beach in the Dominican Republic, but Red Bull is not known to put on stuff we all expect! If you recall, this is from the same guys that brought us the F1 car on ice to celebrate the return of the Canadian Grand Prix.

via Jalopnik

Formula One to return to U.S. in 2012 at Austin

The Texas state capital Austin will host Formula One’s return to the United States in 2012, the sport’s commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone announced on Tuesday.

F1 Australia’s Webber joins illustrious company with Monte Carlo victory

The 33-year-old Australian went wire-to-wire for the second
straight race to capture the 68th Monaco Grand Prix and cap Red Bull
Racing’s impressive 1-2 finish on the city streets of the
Mediterranean principality yesterday.

Webber becomes just second Aussie to win Monaco GP

Mark Webber continues to soar on Red Bull wings.

Alonso puts Ferrari on top in Monaco

Formula One celebrated its 60th birthday on Thursday with Fernando Alonso’s red Ferrari fittingly fastest in practice for the showcase Monaco Grand Prix.

Past controversy dogs Schumacher on Monaco return

Michael Schumacher’s checkered past came back to needle, if not haunt, him at the Monaco Grand Prix on Wednesday.

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