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Ford Ranger Adventure-Seekers Can Buy Yakima Outdoor Accessories Come Early 2019

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Some 150 accessories to made available with 3-year or 60,000-kilometre Ford warranty when 2019 Ranger hits dealers early next year.

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2019 GT Carbon Series: Ford’s Lightweight Supercar for Daily Drivers?

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Ford’s GT supercar sheds some serious weight. The new 2019 GT Carbon Series drops close to 40 pounds while keeping air conditioning & SYNC3. Nice.

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All-new Ford Ranger Just Made Towing Easier with Radar Technology


Ford Ranger’s Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage employs radar helping drivers monitor those blind spots.

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2018 EcoSport Review | Ford’s Compact SUV Finally Makes it to North America

2018 Ford EcoSport Review front orange


Ford’s EcoSport compact SUV has been selling globally since 2003 but finally makes it to North America for 2018 entering its new second-generation.

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The Chicken Tax


Politics and sound reasoning has time and again over history proven itself to be quite the oxymoron when used in the same sentence. No more so than now with Trump being elected in as the next US President. However, this story isn’t about Trump, rather, it is a retrospect on politics and its downstream impacts on society which brings us to the Chicken tax.

Fifty-three years ago, with political tensions rising at the height of the Cold War, United States imposed a 25 per cent tariff on imported brandy, dextrin, potato starch and small pickups in retaliation to tariffs on imported American chicken imposed by countries like France and Germany. Well, the Cold War is over, and 53 years after the tariff was imposed brandy, dextrin and potato starch no longer have a 25% tariff. However, light trucks did not didn’t get off easy. The tariff remains in place today to protect U.S. domestic automakers from foreign competition.

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Hennessey Produces HPE400 Kit for Ford RS Focus


Ford…Chevy….Dodge…these three companies have been at it head to head since the beginning trying to out do one another by producing cars that are better, faster, and stronger than the other. These companies are fueled off of that competition to try and design and put out the best American sports car. Whether it be the Mustang, the Camaro, or the Charger, the pursuit for performance has never stopped. Take the Mustang. Ford is now currently on their sixth generation which has spanned development from 1964 to current day. Each generation uses the best technology available at the time and tries to develop a vehicle that pushes past the standard boundary. Throughout the generations, aftermarket tuning shops have taken the automaker’s mass produced vehicles, and put their own touch to squeeze out even more performance.

Jump forward to 1991 and the name John Hennessey comes to mind. Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) and their team of gear heads took the automakers competition against each other out of the equation and united all three of them by designing performance packages that can be added on to the stock vehicles to make them go faster. Based out of Texas, HPE designs and manufactures go fast parts out of their 36,000 square foot workshop and showroom facility. Today, consumer brand loyalty still exists. Ford buyers stick with their Mustangs and Dodge buyers stick with their Chargers. But both customer bases have a common ground of wanting high power modifications and spending wads of money at Hennessey to get there.

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Ford Recalls 88,000 Vehicles


Ford is issuing a recall that impacts approximately 88,000 of their vehicles in North America. These vehicles include the Flex, Taurus, the Police Interceptor sedans, and also Lincoln’s MKS and MKT all produced between 2013-2015. The issue has been identified as a faulty fuel pump control module which could result in the vehicle not starting, or worse, stalling during operation.

At this point, no accidents have been linked to the recall. If you do own one of these vehicles, contact your local dealership for more information about the recall. The dealership will inspect the vehicle and replace the fuel pump control module at no cost to vehicle owners.

Mountune Upgrades for Ford Focus RS


Mountune isn’t a name that might be familiar to North Americans. However, to our European counterparts, Mountune is synonymous with performance tuning Fords. While we get the big powered V8 Fords over here, Europeans get their pickings at many small displace high horse power blue ovals which we’ve never seen on our soil until the current generation Ford Focus RS. Now the tuning powerhouse Mountune has created a new power package for the 2016 Ford Focus RS which gives the already potent hatchback a little more oomph.

The Mountune package increased performance by turning up the boost to generate to 370 hp and 376 lb/ft of torque. Its actually a bit more than just turning up the boost. Mountune’s performance package includes a reprogrammed ECU, high-performance air filter, upgraded air recirculation valve, and an alloy crossover duct with silicone hoses.

According to Mountune president Ken Anderson a similar performance package will be made available to North American cars. “There are plans to introduce a Ford Performance upgrade for the Focus RS in the USA. Final details and launch date have yet to be determined pending various legislative and regional test requirements.”

Ford Recalls 830,000 Vehicles


Ford has issued a recall on approximately 830,000 vehicles in their lineup. The problem has been identified as impacting the pawl spring tab in the side door latch which could possibly break and prevent the door from latching.

The impacted 830,000 vehicles include the 2012-2015 Focus, 2015 Mustang, 2014-2016 Transit Connect, 2013-2015 C-Max, and the 2015 Lincoln MKC. So far, there have been no injuries linked to this recall, however, there has been one accident associated to the recall. Should you own one of these vehicles, we encourage you to contact your local dealership. They will inspect and replace the door latch of all affected vehicles.

Ford GT500 Spied


The latest iteration of Ford’s GT350 with it’s flat plane V8 is one of the, if not, the best Mustang to be developed. The car hunkers down like no other on the track, and the never ending revving V8 is to die for. But before we’ve even gotten a full taste of the GT350, here comes Ford again developing what looks like a GT350 on steroids. Even under heavy camo, we can tell that this monster Mustang is likely a GT500 in the making and it looks like it will make a spectacular splash.

What we see here is an aggressively styled front end with an aggressive hood, intakes, wider arches, and a huge rear wing. Peeking from behind the wheels are a set of performance Brembo brakes hinting at the car’s performance orientation. Although no official specs have been released on the GT500, guesses have been putting the horsepower number somewhere in the 750 to 800 range which puts it right in the battle grounds with the Hellcats and Camaro LT1.

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