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Ferrari GTC4Lusso to Debut in Geneva


Ferrari will be debuting a face lifted FF at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show and the car will be dubbed the GTC4Lusso. That’s quite a long name and unconventional sounding, but the name does find inspiration from Ferrari history.

The GTC4Lusso will be powered by a 6.3L V12 engine that produces 680hp and 514lb/ft of torque. This motor is similar to the one that was found under the hood of the FF, but with slight tuning to up the power delivery. The GTC4Lusso will send power to all four wheels and handling is further improved by utilizing Ferrari’s rear wheel steering, and an improved electronic differential.

The facelift for the GTC4Lusso includes a wider front facia with built in air channels to feed more cold air to the engine, fender vents to help dissipate hot air from the engine bay, and a more sloping roof line to give the GTC4Lusso a look of slicing through the air even while standing still.

This is certainly another beauty that the consumers will take to kindly when it debuts.

1957 Ferrari 335S Auctioned at $34.9M


Vintage Ferraris are one of the most sought after and collectable vehicles out there. These were cars that were made during a time when mass production was not available, where creating masterpieces was the only mission for the company to continue their brand legacy. These are hand built machines in extremely limited quantities with purebred race engines propelling the cars into motorsport history.

The car you see before you is chassis number 0674 which not only is a low number vehicle, it also has motorsport history racing through its veins. Race legend Sir Stirling Moss has been behinds its wheel. It took second place at Mille Miglia, and sixth at the 12 Hours of Sebring.

This 1957 335S recently went on the block at an auction in Paris and landed an amazing sale price of $34.9 million. It may not be the most expensive Ferrari to be sold at auction as the records is still held by a 1962 250 GTO sold by Bonhams for $38.1 million during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance festivities in 2014, but you still can’t dispute the immense amount of money this car did sell for.

Ultra Exclusive Ferrari F60


Ferrari is known to produce some of the world’s most exotic and sought after super cars. So how can a Ferrari owner set themselves apart from the next Ferrari owner? Well, they have to get their hands on the ultra rare models of course. Something that’s limited in production, say with single digit, or barely making it over the double digit serial numbers. For those Ferrari enthusiasts, if they spoke up early enough, they can be the lucky owner of one of ten Ferrari F60 America.

So what is a Ferrari F60 America? First lets quickly sum up what it’s not. It is not the successor to the F50 as there is already an Enzo and LaFerrari. What it is is a limited edition vehicle produced to celebrate the 60 years that Ferrari has been in the American market hence the name.

The F60 America is a Ferrari roadster following after the F12. The open roof can be closed off with a light fabric top, and to be clear, we are not referring to a power soft top. This is a hand powered fabric top. The F60 wears the classic North American Racing Team livery. Power is delivered is a 6.3L V12 which produces 730hp allowing this prancing horse to sprint to 100kph in 3.1 seconds.

By the time you read this article, all ten examples of this highly exclusive $2.5 million USD Ferrari has been spoken for by their new owners. The first of the ten was officially delivered today while the keys to the final vehicle will be handed to its new owner at the 25th annual Palm Beach Cavallino Classic.

Rebirth of an Enzo

Enzo auction

The 2004 Ferrari Enzo you see here was literally brought back from the dead. The story of its early life is a sad one to say the least. In 2006, Stefan Eriksson, a successful tech business man, lost control of this Enzo going 160mph, crashed into a pole, and split the car in half.

The remains of the Enzo made its way to the Ferrari Technical Assistance Service where it was meticulously overhauled and brought back to life. The once red Enzo is now lathered in a beautifyl Nero Daytona and has a Rosso leather interior. Some smaller touches include a navigation, a Bose stereo, reverse camera, and some carbon fiber trim pieces. The odometer reads 2,500km and has remained in Europe since its rebuild. This super car has been certified by Ferrari confirming its authenticity and quality standards of the rebuild.

RM Sotheby’s will be bringing this Enzo under the hammer in Paris on February 3. The estimated value of this car is between $1.6 to $2.2 million. Can’t wait to see the hammer drop on this Enzo.

A is for Aperta, Introducing The Ferrari 458 Speciale A

This is the Ferrari 458 Speciale A. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Ferrari released the coupe version, the 458 Speciale last year. Aside from losing the fixed roof, not much has changed. The extra “A” on the end of the model name stands for Aperta, Italian for Open. The 458 Speciale A is a limited production model, you’re looking at 1 out of only 499 that Ferrari will be producing.

Powering the 458 Speciale A is the same 597 horsepower, 398 lb-ft torque 4.5L V8 connected to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Not surprisingly, performance figures are pretty much the same and any differences can be attributed to the slightly bulkier A version with it’s retractable aluminum top which adds about 110 pounds. The 458 Speciale A rockets from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat just like it’s fixed roof sibling, but is about half a second slower to reach 200 km/h. However with no added power over the coupe, by simply removing the roof, the 458 Speciale A gets the distinction of being the most powerful open top that Ferrari has ever made.

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Lamborghini Spearheads Calgary’s First Luxury Auto Mall


At a customer appreciation event on Friday on the future site of Calgary’s first Luxury Auto Mall, it was announced that the Development Permit for Meadows Mile has received approval from the City of Calgary Planning Department. The arrival of Lamborghini to the Calgary market was first announced back in March, and Asgar Virji of Lamborghini Vancouver confirmed they are the first to break ground at Meadows Mile on the new Lamborghini Calgary dealership. Porsche Centre Calgary, Ferrari Maserati of Alberta, Rolls Royce Motorcars and MINI Crowfoot will be moving to the new Meadows Mile site which is expected to be completed in Spring of 2016. The Meadows Mile concept was developed two years ago and when completed will see not only luxury car dealerships, but gas stations, auto detailing services, hotels along with retail and office space.

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F1 For the Road – The Ferrari F50

It’s not often one gets handed the keys to a million dollar car. Well in this case, about 1.6 million, but who’s counting? It’s ironic that I’m the one that gets to write about this supercar. You see, I’m not exactly a fan of Ferrari. Don’t get me wrong, Ferrari makes some great sports cars, but I’m a diehard McLaren fan in the sport of Formula 1 and Ferrari has been our biggest rival over the checkered history of the two teams.

For me, driving a Ferrari is akin to a Red Sox fan wearing a Yankees jersey or, something closer to home, a Flames fan sporting Oilers gear. It’s obvious that the owner of this car has a good sense of humor, as he suggested that I close off our Summer Series by taking his F50 for a day. I promised to be open minded about the experience. Hell, I even wore a red shirt to pick up the car.

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Up Close and Personal with THE Fer… I Mean LaFerrari


Since our invitation to the Fiarano Circuit to test drive the LaFerrari was lost in the mail, our next best thing to do is to check out all the video reviews that are starting to come out. We saw Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe review of the LaFerrari yesterday but here is another cool video by Car & Driver showcasing the active aero on the LaFerrari as it dives into corners under braking and the driver gets back on the accelerator to wring out that 950 horsepower 6.2L V12 engine.

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Review: 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari


Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe was not only lucky enough to be invited by Ferrari to wring out the LaFerrari at Ferrari’s Fiarano test track but he was the first driver in the first session to hit the track and as he sat in the car before leaving the garage to hit the track he was literally shaking with excitement. I suppose I would be the same if I were given the chance to pilot the nearly 1000 horsepower machinery around the track. In fact, my video review would probably consist of me just screaming “THIS IS AMAZING!” over and over again–likely laced with some profanity. Perhaps this is why I am not on Ferrari’s list?

I suppose I could demonstrate my car review prowess by writing an imaginary LaFerrari review to earn my stripes but I think I’ll just stick to reading reviews (imaginary and real world) as well as catching video reviews of the LaFerrari like this one.

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Red Light Runner Smashes Into Ferrari F40 in Toronto


As these pictures from The Garage Blog show, running a red light and smashing into another vehicle can have some pretty devastating consequences. What makes it even worse is the fact that a rare Ferrari F40 was the victim here. Nobody was hurt in the accident collision but I can assure you the owner. Apparently a mechanic at Ferrari of Ontario was taking the F40 out for a test drive when a driver in a Dodge Dart ran a red light and smashed into him.

There are only about a dozen F40s in Ontario, and at least for the next little while there will be one less on the road. We’re hearing that the F40 does indeed belong to a customer (word travels fast on something like this!)

via: Jalopnik

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