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Mercedes Benz All Terrain Wagon

2017-mercedes-benz-all terrain

Its great to see that Mercedes is continuing to produce a wagon for the North American market to continuing giving consumer’s options for more capacity than going down the SUV route. Similar to its competition like Audi in the wagon space, Mercedes is now planning on producing an All Terrain E Class wagon which will compete directly with the A6 Allroad from Audi. You might be thinking that we don’t get the A6 Allroad in North America, and you would be right. That also means that the Mercedes E Class All Terrain is also not slated for North American consumers which is a bummer.

The All Terrain Mercedes E Class Wagon will have a raised ride height to allow the vehicle more road clearance should you decide to take the luxury wagon off the paved road. To continue with the All Terrain look, plastic body cladding and underbody protection will offer the wagon with more protection and also give off that rugged look.

Shanghai: China Gets a Longer E-Class

Mercedes-Benz is set to introduce a long wheelbase version of the E-Class specifically targetted at the Chinese market at the Shanghai Auto Show. This is in contrast to the long wheelbase Panameras that Porsche also recently announced in Shanghai that will be available for order worldwide. The E-Class Long, measuring 501.9cm in length with a wheelbase of 301.4cm, will offer an additional 14cm of legroom for the rear passengers. Built exclusively in China, the Long features the revised interior and exterior updates of the facelifted E-Class. Engine choices include the 204hp 4-cylinder (E260 L), the 245hp V6 (E300 L), and the 333hp V6 (E400L). Sadly, there is no AMG version available for the E-Class Long.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils 2014 E Class Facelift

Mercedes-Benz brought out some celebrities to help unveil the new E Class Facelift today at the Detroit North American International Auto Show. The new E class, which honestly looks more like a redesign, was unveiled one after another by Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, as well as Mercedes Benz Head and Chairman Dieter Zetsche. First up was the E400 Hybrid, a combination 3.5L V6 with electrical drive that puts out 275hp.

Next up was the E Class Wagon, which was then followed by the stunning E Cabriolet and E Coupe. If you get a chance this fall, head to the dealer to check these 2 cars out, as it’s one of the sexiest cars to see in person.

Once the gawking stopped from the crowd, Dieter Zetsche rolled out the all new E63 AMG, which should take the crown for the quickest production sedan and wagon as soon as the car magazines gets their hands on this bad boy. With 585hp and AWD, and the most aggressive looks that’s borderline Black Series aggressive, the E63 AMG will turn heads once it hits the road in late summer of this year.

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