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Driven 2015 Winnipeg Show Coverage


Pictures from this past weekend’s Driven 2015 show in Winnipeg are finally being posted, I tried to get every car but if I missed anyone, my apologies. This was my first time in Winnipeg and let me tell you, I had no idea it was so humid there! Shooting the Formula Drift Canada demo on hot pavement in that humidity was no fun at all, but luckily there was also the main Driven 2015 show which was inside an air conditioned building at the Red River Exhibition grounds.

I took a few of the shots while up on a mobile lift to give a bird’s eye view of the show and you’ll notice a gentleman in the shot above taking a picture of me. He was quite upset that I was not certified (read: union) to operate the lift and that I wasn’t harnessed in. If anyone knows him, please let him know I survived the lift (and Winnipeg!).

I’m going to highlight some of my favorites at the show here in the post, but you’ll be able to find the rest of the shots in the gallery at the end of the post. First up was this “KRX” K-swapped CRX, easily one of my favorites.


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Formula Drift Canada Demo at Driven 2015 Winnipeg


As part of the Driven 2015 tour in Winnipeg, Formula Drift Canada came out to put on a spectacular drift demo for all of those in attendance. Ben Woo, VP of Formula Drift Canada put on a great demonstration of the sport by going over the basic rules, explained how drifting is judged and went over the main techniques that drivers use to drift their vehicles. Drivers put on solo, tandem as well as triple drifts burying the fans and the venue under a thick wall of tire smoke. Based on how loud the crowd got at some points, it is safe to say they loved it.

We captured a few shots of the event which you can check out in the gallery!

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Driven 2015 Winnipeg Feat. Formula D Canada Is A Wrap!


The Driven 2015 season has wrapped up with the conclusion of the most recent event this past weekend in Winnipeg. This year the show in Winnipeg was held at a new venue, the Red River Exhibition grounds on the edge of town, which had plenty of space inside and out. The big outdoor space gave rise to the opportunity for the show to feature a demo by Formula Drift Canada. We’ll post our coverage soon of the drift demo, so stay tuned. We’ll follow that up with our Driven 2015 show coverage shortly after. Presents Dannie Riel at Driven 2015


Driven 2015 will be rolling into Calgary next month and we’re excited to announce that Dannie Riel will be at our booth if you want to meet her, grab some posters and get your picture taken with her! Driven 2015 is one of the most anticipated aftermarket car shows to hit Calgary and this year it will be bigger and better than ever promising a huge showcase of exotics as part of the Pursuit 2015 car show. Your Driven 2015 ticket will get you access to both shows.

For more details on the show, hit up the official website:
Driven Show 2015:

Driven Returns For Its 10th Calgary Car Show

DRIVEN_Poster_Calgary2015Driven has announced it is returning to host the 10th Calgary show in 2015. The Driven car show will be coming to town on May 23, 2015 and the venue will once again be the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary. is excited to announce we’re once again a sponsor of the show and look forward to some big changes that are happening this year.

First off, Driven 2015 in Calgary will continue to feature the finest Show and Performance vehicles from the Calgary area, local and national automotive exhibitors as well as celebrities and entertainment on the sound stage.

RepMedia has announced that for 2015, half of the floor space at the Olumpic Oval will be dedicated to a separately branded, inaugural show dubbed “Pursuit 2015 – Exotic cars and Luxury Lifestyle”. One ticket will provide access to both shows!

Stay tuned for the latest updates and be sure to check out their official webpage launching soon. For now, if you are interested in show space please contact REPMedia at [email protected] or follow them at @DRIVENSHOW.CA – use #yycdriven or Like them on Facebook for a chance to win tickets

Visit Donnah Pham / @ Driven 2013 Calgary

At just over two weeks away, the 12th annual Driven Car Show – Calgary is just around the corner. The show this year promises to be bigger and better than ever before with appearances by former UFC middleweight Champion and Future Hall of Famer, Rich Franklin (Mr. Detail booth), models Annie Anaya (Stampede Scion booth) and Calgary’s own Hailan Q. (Cooper Tires booth), and Melyssa Grace (illmotion booth) as well as performances by Jason Chen, Clara C. and Chantelle Truong at the Stampede Scion Stage.

We’re excited to announce that Donnah Pham will be at the booth so come down and say hi and get a photo taken with her. Donnah will have posters and prints for sale and the first 10 people in line will receive a free keychain!

Show Info:
Date: Saturday May 11, 2013
Location: Olympic Oval @ University of Calgary
Show Hours: 1:00PM to 10:00PM

Adults (Age 12+):
Advance in Person: $15.00 ( representative)
Advance online: $16.00 ($15.00+$1.00 fee) –
At the Door: $17.00 CASH ONLY ($15.00+$2.00 agent fee)

Children (5-11): $10.00
Seniors (65 or better with ID): FREE
Infants (4 and under): FREE

Top Model Photo Courtesy Amped Asia, Bottom photo courtesy of Brent Woo. Presents Driven 2013 – May 11, 2013

While it may be hard to believe with all the snow outside, Spring is here and cars are starting to come out of their winter hideouts. In under a month the Driven car show will be returning to the Olympic Oval for another year of amazing rides, models, and performers. Featuring appearances by former UFC middleweight Champion and Future Hall of Famer, Rich Franklin (Mr. Detail booth), models Annie Anaya (Stampede Scion booth) and Calgary’s own Hailan Q. (Cooper Tires booth), and Melyssa Grace (illmotion booth) as well as performances by Jason Chen, Clara C. and Chantelle Truong at the Stampede Scion Stage, there is surely something for everyone to check out at this year’s Driven show!

Stay tuned for more announcements including some special guests at the booth! For now, mark your calendars for Saturday May 11, 2013 at the Olympic Oval. Check out some pictures from the show last year: Driven 2012 Calgary Car Show

Update: Donnah Pham to appear at booth!

For more info on the show, check out the official website at

Driven 2012 Wrap Up Video

Better late than never I suppose, but James Anthony Lynch Media Group has released this Driven 2012 Wrap-Up video featuring the entertainment and models at this years Driven Car Show at the Olympic Oval. Feat : / illmotion / Dannie Riel / Ahmir / Lil Crazed / Stephanie Ly / The CHENGMAN / Jennifer Nguyen / Erin Paula / Jile Cai (American Curves).

Video: The Girls of Driven 2012

So we’ve already shared a few pictures from Driven 2012 Calgary this past weekend, and now here is a short video we put of the models working the show floor. Sorry for not getting more Dannie Riel footage in here, she was busy most of the day attending to all her fans that showed up so we didn’t want to drag her away. Instead we have quite a bit of coverage for Jennifer Nguyen during her shoot with the photographers in front of the Carrera GT. Enjoy!

Still looking for more? Check the official Driven 2012 Picture Thread as more pictures are posted everyday.

Pictures from Driven 2012 Calgary

Beyond Booth at Driven 2012

Beyond Booth at Driven 2012

Was it the rainy weather during the weekend? The fact that Driven did not make a stop in Calgary for 2011? Tuners in Calgary looking for a great excuse to show off their hard work? Whatever the reason, Driven 2012 was packed with some amazing builds from all the shops, clubs and individuals. The show was buzzing all day and everyone we talked to said they had an amazing time this weekend. The line-up to see the Driven 2012 feature model Dannie Riel did not let up all day, those sharpies definitely got a workout!

Jennifer Nguyen in Calgary

A big thank you to everyone that came out to support the show especially the illmotion team for putting on such a huge collection of crazy cars and raising money for charity with merchandise sales! Congratulations to all the winners. We know you don’t put all that hard work into your rides for a car show trophy, but its always good to get some official recognition! Keep it up and I think it safe to say everyone is looking forward to what we’ll see next time these rides are shown off.

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