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ZR1 vs GT2 vs 599 vs GT-R in Drag Race

Motor Trend tested the Corvette ZR1 against three of its biggest rivals (no, unfortunately it wasn’t at the Nurburgring) in a horsepower friendly straight line race. They pitted the ZR1 against a Porsche GT2, a Ferrari 599 GTB and of course, the Nissan GT-R. As the only car with four-wheel-drive the Nissan unsurprisingly catapulted out in front of the group right off the line.

Check out the video to see the results.

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Measure Vehicle Performance With iPhone App, Dynolicious

Dynolicious for iPhoneThe iPhone buzz has increased alot since Apple released the 3G version earlier this month in markets all around the world including here in Canada. Everyone has a different reason for wanting an iPhone, but today there is a new reason for car lovers like you!

Dynolicious from BunsenTech turns your iPhone into a “g-tech” like performance meter. Utilizing the built in accelerometers, Dynolicious allows you to measure performance figures such as 0-60 times, quarter mile and trap speed, lateral Gs, horsepower and more. It works just like other accelerometer devices on the market but with a much better looking interface.

You can also configure the tool with updates to your car, weight, before and after performance measurements, and keep a complete history of all your runs.

The application can apparently measure 0-60 times with accuracy up to 0.08 seconds and quarter mile trap speeds to within 1.5 mph. Owners of the iPod Touch should also be able to download and use this application.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, go check out Dynolicious and share your results in the comments!

The cost of Dynolicious is just $12.99 on iTunes.

Source: Autoblog

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