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Mercedes Hints at a New Maybach Coupe


Many automakers take to the Concours d’Elegance to debut the best of what their company has in mind for future vehicles. Mercedes recently leaked an image that showed no more than a simple silhouette of a vehicle which looks to be in the shape of a coupe. What we all have to look forward to is that this is likely the beginning of a Maybach coupe coming down the production line in the future for the automaker.

Now with anything Maybach, you can expect the luxury touches will be over the top. And judging by the profile shot of the teaser picture, the coupe is going to exude class from front to back with long sweeping lines. To just give a reference to the car’s size, the coupe will measure in at a hefty 230 inches which dwarfs even the S600 Mercedes Maybach sedan at 215 inches.

At this point, we only know that the coupe is a concept car and there is no details as to when it will make it into production.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Spied


It seems like all manufacturers today are getting into the SUV game. And for those who have been in it for a while, they’ve dabbled into the cross over space. So it’s not surprising that Porsche is trying something new with their Cayenne and created a coupe version of the SUV. The vehicle does have a sleeker profile with the sloped roof line.

Testing photos have made their way onto the internet that show’s Porsche’s new car without much camo to hide away what there are designing. On the outside is where most of the changes to the Cayenne is happening. While the inside, specifically in the engine compartment, things will likely stay close to what we already know.

Development of the new car will continue to move forward and we’ll likely get more details from Porsche when the release date of the vehicle gets closer. For now, we know that a refreshed Cayenne is up and coming, so the coupe version will more than likely come with the next set of major updates for the Cayenne.

Audi A5 Coupe Spied


Audi released their A5 coupe to the world back in 2008 and the 8 years its been in production is starting to take a tool on its once good looks. Don’t get me wrong, the A5 is still a beautiful car, and its aging gracefully, but aging nonetheless. So Audi fans have been anxiously waiting for the next generation A5 to make its debut which is said to be June 2 in Ingolstadt, Germany.

The new Audi A5 will be built on the new MLB Evo platform which will be lighter and more rigid than the previous platform. With a combination of aluminum and high-strength steel, the new platform will help control weight and at the same time offer better handling characteristics for the next generation car.

The car to debut on June 2 will likely be the coupe variant but we should expect to see a convertible and sportback version of the A5 to follow not too long after.

Rare Ferrari 212 Goes into Auction

Ferrari 212 Inter Europa Vignale Coupé 1952

RM Sotheby’s Scottsdale auction is well known to host some of the worlds finest and most exclusive vehicles on their stage. Recently a Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe by Vignale was brought through for sale. This vehicle may not be familiar to most people because the 212 was made during a time when Ferrari was solely a shop building cars for racing and put out some vehicle for sale to the public to keep the racing funded.

The 212 Inter Coupe is a car that has all the guts of a Ferrari but the body work from Vignale. The one at Sotheby’s Auction is number 23 of the 26 Ferrari 212 ever made. The car itself has a rich production history as well as history of ownership. Pennsylvania State Senator Theodore Newell Wood was once the owner of this vehicle. Since the 70’s the car has gone through multiple owners and finally finding its home in California 20 years ago. This particular 212 has been meticulously maintained throughout it’s lifetime.

This particular example is likely to sell for upwards of $1.5 million.

Kia GT to Debut at Paris Motor Show


Initially debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011, the Kia GT Stinger Concept car provided a glimpse into what the Korean auto manufacturer may bring to the marketplace. Now words are abuzz again around the concept coupe with a possible confirmation announcement to come at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Coupes are a risky part of the business portfolio for automakers in the North American market. They generally don’t do well here with an initial 18 months of strong sales which quickly tapers off. This type of sales trends definitely is on the mind for the Kia as well as other manufacturers who produce coupes.

The GT Concept will likely utilize a front engine rear wheel drive configuration. Motor choice could be Kia’s 3.3L turbo V6 which produces 389hpand 394lb/ft of torque. Only time will tell if this vehicle will actually get produced, but hopefully that wait won’t be too much longer.

Buick Avista Convertible Concept


Buick unveiled their Avista coupe concept car recently at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show but no additional news has been shared by the company about its production.

The concept coupe is rumored to potentially utilize a 3.0L V6 with twin turbos capable of pushing out 400hp to the rear wheels. The concept coupe could be the first rear wheel drive vehicle produced by Buick since the mid-90’s. Along with images of the coupe flooding the digital world, renderings of a convertible concept are starting to make headlines (photo credit:

If either the coupe or convertible goes into production, these vehicles will be taking Buick to a whole new level of design.

Inifiniti Launches the Q60 Coupe at Detroit NAIAS


Infiniti unveils their new Q60 premium sport coupe today at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and what an unveil it was. Infiniti is known to produce some stunning vehicles and the Q60 coupe did not disappoint. The Q60’s design is bold, aggressive, but expressed all in an elegant package. During its unveil, Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault-Nissan, the parent company of Infiniti, proudly talked about the Q60’s “daring visual statement” and “wide, muscular stance.”

Look deeper and you’ll find the new Q60 has the muscle to back up its exterior presence. Infiniti will be offering three powerplant choices. First are two variants of a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 which produces 300hp and 400hp respectively. A third engine option is a 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine that was designed in conjunction with Mercedes Benz which produces 208hp and 258lb/ft of torque which is no slouch either. All three engines will be mated to a seven-speed automatic with Adaptive Shift Control. No manual transmission option is currently slated for the Q60.

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991 Gets the Turbo Treatment. The 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo

While Porsche has downsized the 911 line’s engines to smaller and more efficient turbocharged motors, only the top of the line model will be blessed with the Turbo name. Porsche unveiled the 2017 911 Turbo and Turbo S here at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, rounding out the 991 generation with the most powerful street models in the 911 line.

The 3.8L twin turbo boxer 6 now develops 540hp in Turbo guise, with the Turbo S putting out a whopping 580hp. Changes to attain this horsepower jump includes modified intake ports, new direct injection fuel injectors, and higher fuel pressure, while the Turbo S gets an even bigger turbocharger with larger impellers.

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Volvo’s C90 Coupe in Sight


All is not lost for Volvo’s C90 coupe which first debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept vehicle. Since Volvo released news of the new S90, you know it wouldn’t be long before they rounded out their stable with their station wagon and coupe varieties.

If the Concept Coupe is any indication of where Volvo is taking their styling, the C90 will be very design forward while echoing back to the past for inspirations of soft flowing classic lines from the 60’s.

The new coupe will be based on Volvo’s XC90 cross over platform and will set its sights directly on competition in the likes of BMW’s 6-series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. Volvo will likely feature it’s twin-charged 2.0L 4-cylinder powerplant. Packing 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, this engine is no slouch in propelling the C90.

Honda Seeks Redemption with 2016 Civic Coupe


After much criticism garnered by the public for the last iteration of the Civic couple, Honda is ready to step things up by introducing the all-new 2016 Civic coupe which very much resembles the concept Honda revealed at the New York Auto Show. Jeff Conrad, Vice President of America Honda, says, “Our customers are going to be utterly surprised by what this new coupe delivers in terms of refinement, safety, efficiency and fun-to-drive performance”.

Sharing an all-new platform with the sedan, the 2016 Civic has a longer wheelbase and wider track than the last generation giving it a much needed boost in the styling department. The coupe will be an inch lower and 5.5 inches shorter than the sedan while the cabin gains 8.4 cubic feet and rear legroom stretches five inches more than the last generation.

Powertrain will be shared between the coupe and sedan with a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an optional continuously variable transmission. Power output is expected to be 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque. Performance oriented customers can opt for the 1.5-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine optional on higher trim levels which pumps out 174 horsepower and 162 pounds-feet of torque.

One look at the 2016 Civic from the LA Auto Show and you know the goal was to amp thing up. Lead Exterior Designer, Guy Melville-Brown, says, “We took the philosophy of the sedan and cranked up the volume. Everything had to get a little louder…This car had to be more charismatic, more sporty, even more ambitious.”

We can’t wait for the next iteration of Civic to hit the showroom floor. More photos of the new Civic Coupe below.

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