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Volkswagen Budd-e Defines Going Green


Volkswagen’s concept transport vehicle dubbed the Budd-e gives us a peak into the automaker’s mindset on green design production vehicles. The Budd-e concept was debuted at the 2016 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

What the Budd-e has going for it is a spacious interior cabin with configurable seating positions all thanks to a flat cabin floor. Below the floors hides the vehicles batteries which are used to power electric motors which power the front and rear axels. The batteries span the entire length of the floor which gives the Budd-e an estimated 233 mile range. Having no gas tank, the Budd-e offers an extensive amount of storage space both inside the cabin, and also in a stowaway compartment that extends from the back bumper and into the belly of the vehicle.

The Budd-e is a nicely package vehicle that offers a lot of unique features. The only thing it doesn’t offer is soul. Volkswagen enthusiasts have been longing for the manufacturer to debut a replacement for the much beloved Microbus. Volkswagen created the concept Bulli which echoed much of the classic design and tied bus lovers over for a little while. Then finally this year they released the Budd-e and have stated that much of the concept design elements will likely make its way into the production vehicle. Unfortunately, for many bus enthusiasts, this is like taking a punch to the gut.

Here’s to hoping that when the Budd-e does go into production, which is estimated to be around 2020, that Volkswagen will adapt some more of the classic designs into the new car to continue the Microbus’ legacy.

Kia GT to Debut at Paris Motor Show


Initially debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011, the Kia GT Stinger Concept car provided a glimpse into what the Korean auto manufacturer may bring to the marketplace. Now words are abuzz again around the concept coupe with a possible confirmation announcement to come at the Paris Motor Show later this year.

Coupes are a risky part of the business portfolio for automakers in the North American market. They generally don’t do well here with an initial 18 months of strong sales which quickly tapers off. This type of sales trends definitely is on the mind for the Kia as well as other manufacturers who produce coupes.

The GT Concept will likely utilize a front engine rear wheel drive configuration. Motor choice could be Kia’s 3.3L turbo V6 which produces 389hpand 394lb/ft of torque. Only time will tell if this vehicle will actually get produced, but hopefully that wait won’t be too much longer.

Spyker EV Concept at Geneva Show


The Spyker name has been around for a while, but as a company, their decisions and investment ventures leave much to be desired. After some reorganizing post bankruptcy, the Spyker brand is now aligned with an American aviation company and packing some new found energy around producing electric performance vehicles.

Rumors is that Spyker is going to unveil a new concept car at the Geneva Motor Show at it will be an electric vehicle. This is quite a departure from Spyker’s choice of powerplants in past concept and production vehicles which were mainly big V8s or V6s. But what will very much likely remain is Spyker’s history of producing some of the finest looking and amazingly detailed finished vehicles.

Buick Avista Convertible Concept


Buick unveiled their Avista coupe concept car recently at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show but no additional news has been shared by the company about its production.

The concept coupe is rumored to potentially utilize a 3.0L V6 with twin turbos capable of pushing out 400hp to the rear wheels. The concept coupe could be the first rear wheel drive vehicle produced by Buick since the mid-90’s. Along with images of the coupe flooding the digital world, renderings of a convertible concept are starting to make headlines (photo credit:

If either the coupe or convertible goes into production, these vehicles will be taking Buick to a whole new level of design.

Kia Debuts the 400hp Hybrid Telluride Concept

Last week Kia leaked a single image of a new SUV concept they are planning to bring to market. This week at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, speculations were put to rest as Kia officially debuted the Telluride Concept which is indeed a full sized SUV.

The Telluride Concept is a platform to which Kia is using to showcase the direction the company plans to take with their future car designs. The technology built into this concept vehicle is all based around the health, ergonomics and vitality of its occupants. The idea behind the interior seating layout is to take what you know about a traditional SUV and throw it out the window. The Telluride Concept can fit seven passengers. The seating at the front of the vehicle consists of four large seats and the rear of the SUV holds a third row bench. By being able to lay all flat, the interior seating quickly changes and opens up the interior for a huge cabin of storage space.

The Telluride’s focus on its passenger health and vitality is clearly shown through the Smart Sensors designed into the seats which monitors the health of each of its occupants. Interior lights adapt to the passenger health data to help maintain or improve occupants’ health and travelling experience. The four seats also include “Smart Sensors” that can take and then measure occupants’ vital health information.

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Audi H-Tron Quattro Shows Off Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Study

Battery powered electric vehicles are dominating the topic of conversation when it comes to green vehicle technologies, but several manufacturers are still toying with the idea of a hydrogen fuel cell based power source to solve some of the complex problems with battery EVs. Chemical batteries have a lot of drawbacks, such as large weight and long recharge times, which hydrogen fuel cells solve quite easily.

Audi revealed their version of the fuel cell vehicle here at the Detroit NAIAS with the H-Tron Quattro Concept, which is a hydrogen fuel cell version of their E-Tron Quattro concept. By using a fuel cell coupled to an electric drivetrain, it completely eliminates range anxiety by delivering 600km of range in a 4-minute hydrogen refill. The fuel cell is rated at 110kW, and a smaller battery provides short boosts of 100kW, essentially doubling the available power of the H-Tron Quattro.

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VW Shows Off the Tiguan GTE Active Concept in Detroit


Although a little late to the game, Volkwagen’s concept Tiguan GTE Active is packing quite the punch as it debuts at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The concept SUV is Volkswagens vision on how their brand will be reinventing their SUV lineup which currently only consists of the Tiguan and the Toureag. The Tiguan GTE Active borrows its underpinnings from the all new Tiguan which is set to arrive in the US in 2017.

The Tiguan GTE Active Concept aims at amping up the traditional SUV platform by taking a road worthy and somewhat offroad capable vehicle to full on offroad status. Volkswagen plans to offer the vehicle as a plug-in hybrid, with two electric motors (one for each axle) and a gasoline engine. I’m sure VW’s aim to enter another of their clean technology lineup will be a breath of fresh air for consumers. The Tiguan GTE Vision Concept, if produced, will compliment VWs current e-Golf and Jetta Hybrid.

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Kia SUV Teaser


Kia released in image of a soon to be large sized SUV that will join their stable of cars. Judging by the image, Kia’s new SUV is designed to be bigger than their Sorrento and smaller than the no longer available Borrego which is a nice sweet spot for those who are looking for more room without having to sacrifice on road driving quality. An official debut will be made at next week’s Detroit Auto Show.

There is very limited information to offer on this concept vehicle at this time. But looking at the teaser image, Kia’s new design will be based on a boxier profile with large wheel wells and a slightly sloped roofline to keep things a bit more streamlined. The design direction seems to echo the body profile of a Ford Escape and the roofline of a Range Rover Evoque.

Look for the full reveal of Kia’s large SUV at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

Return of the Bus


As an owner of a 71’ VW Bus myself, I have gone through an emotional roller coaster these past few years since rumors of a new Volkswagen Microbus started circulating on the internet. It seems now there’s some hope that it may one day reach showroom floors. The VW Microbus will be debuting at the Consumers Electronic Show and may find itself being powered by an electrical heart.

The concept car that will be showcased at CES will carry many design features that will likely make it into the production version starting in 2017, citing Autocar. At the heart of the new bus is rumored to be the electric powertrain from the Audi Q6 and R8 E-Tron which can give owners between 250 to 310 miles of driving on a full charge.

The exterior of the bus will carry over many of the design elements from the concept bus albeit with a slightly extended nose to meet crash safety regulations. In trying to keep with the overall feel of the original bus, Volkswagen will push the A-pillars as forward as possible. The production car will be a larger vehicle than the original Microbus, but all attempts will be to keep design elements as true to the vintage boxy design as possible.

Fear not for those who don’t want to plug their cars into a wall to fuel up, VW will likely offer the bus with a gas and diesel powertrain options as well.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the production model hit the market. Just tell me where to sign!

BMW i8 Spyder Concept to Debut at CES


The year was 2012 when BMW unveiled an open top variant of their i8 coupe at the New York Auto Show. Well, the industry has been set into a frenzy with rumors circulating of a production model being developed over at BMW.

In its concept car form, the i8 Spyder featured a two-piece folding top, and a pair of scissor doors that lacked any visible sign of windows. Fast forward to 2016, a new i8 Spyder concept is set to grace the floors at the Consumers Electronics Show next month, citing Auto Express. The new concept will showcase BMW’s vision for technology and also provide hints of potential updates that may make it to the current production i8 coupe.

Currently, the i8 coupe it packs a maximum 362 horsepower and an electric range of around 23 miles (37km).

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