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New York: Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG S-Model

The CLS63 AMG, which shares the same underpinnings as the E63 AMG, gets a small mechanical update for the 2014 model year. Much like the E63 AMG S-Model, the CLS 63 AMG will be fitted with the 33/67 split AMG 4matic AWD system. Not much else has changed with the car, other than improving all weather capabilities and launch traction with the new AWD system. Thanks to a boost to 585hp, 0-60mph sprint is expected to drop to the 3.5s mark, making the CLS63 AMG S-Model quite the all weather beast.

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Preview: 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG S-Model

With the E63 AMG getting the 4matic treatment next year, there has been many rumors that the CLS63 AMG, based on the E platform, will also be adopting the 4matic setup. Today, Mercedes-Benz unveiled details on the 2014 CLS63 which as predicted, has the same upgrades offered on the upcoming E63 AMG.

The most important model, which will be the only CLS63 AMG model in North America, is the S-Model. Packed with 585hp, 33/67 fixed split 4matic, and a rear limited slip differential, the CLS63 AMG S-Model promises a 3.6 second sprint to 0-100km/h.

Other S-Model trim includes retuned suspension to accommodate the 4matic setup, an AMG logo sporting the S in black trim, illuminated AMG door sills, and grey contrasting stitching throughout the car, from the seats to the armrest. No word on price increase yet, but we should have more details and more pictures next week from Detroit at the 2013 NAIAS.

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2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4Matic. Your move Audi.

This is an unmasked photo of the all new facelifted 2014 E63 AMG. As the current E63 AMG hits the 4 year old mark, Mercedes-Benz performed some magic on the platform for the facelift. To be honest, you wouldn’t recognize it sitting beside the current model. It’s almost a completely new car.

The biggest change is the inclusion of the 4Matic system. AMG spent 2 and a half years re-engineering the 4Matic system to ensure that it’s worthy of the AMG brand. The current 4Matic system can vary torque between 30 to 70 percent front to rear or rear to front, adds 144lbs, and isn’t exactly drift friendly (I learned that in my CLS550 4Matic on our first snowfall). So AMG completely re-engineered the system for a 33/67 fixed front to rear split. They removed all of the electronically locking clutches, reduced the size of the rear half-shafts, and cut the weight of the system by 100lbs. The result is staggering, a mere 44lb increase over the RWD E63, and with the added traction, 0-60mph times of get this, 3.4 seconds. That makes it the quickest sedan in the world.

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AMG Performance Tour stops by in Calgary

The AMG Performance Tour Road Show made a stop in Calgary this week, bringing with them 14 AMG vehicles for a lucky few to sample. AMG owners were invited by their respective dealerships and sales staff to join AMG in testing out their current line of vehicles in an enviroment they were designed for, on the race track, at Race City Motorsports Park.

Being the biggest AMG fanboy out there, and having owned 4 different AMGs in the past few years, I was given an invite to this event. Seeing as this is the final week for Race City (it’s officially closing after this weekend), what better way than to spend a few hours on the track I grew up with, hammering on some of the finest (and personal favorite) vehicles from Affalterbach.

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