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Honda Civic Hatchback Spied


The latest edition of the Honda Civic hatchback has been caught doing some testing clothed in camo. What’s visible are the angular lines of the vehicle which follows closely to the Honda design elements in their current coupe models. Although at this point, there really isn’t a point to stay in camo as we already have a good sense of what the hatchback will look like in production mode.

Honda has yet to confirm motor choices for the new Civic hatchback. However, one could easily surmise that it’ll either be their naturally aspirated 2.0L four cylinder engine or their more powerful 1.5L turbo four cylinder that pumps out 174hp and 162lb/ft of torque. No word on what the new Civic Type R will be using for an engine so that will be the surprise element for the new Civic. We can also guess that the body work will be more aggressively focused than the camo hatchback you see here.

The new Civic hatchback will go on sale in 2017.

All New 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

New 10th gen Civic

Honda took off the veil to their all new Civic hatchback at the Geneva International Auto Show. The Civic hatchback has not been on North American soil since the early 2000’s. But with a huge wave of hot hatches making a comeback in the likes of VW’s Golf and Ford’s Focus, it is in Honda’s best interest to bring their hot hatch to the table and appease the Honda fanboys.

Jeff Conrand, GM of Honda Division, stated, “The hatchback gives us an entree to a group of people that we haven’t been able to reach, haven’t been able to serve in the past.” Interestingly, judging by the aftermarket support to the Civic hatchback and the saturation of Civics in grassroots motorsports, I can certainly say the demand is there.

The 2017 model year Civic hatchback will be sold with a 1.5L turbo four cylinder engine that produces 174hp and 162lb/ft of torque. This is an all new engine from Honda and there will be a highly tuned variant that will later be put in the Civic Type-R.

Look for the new hatchback to make its way onto showroom floors later this year.

Civic Turbo More Power than Expected


This recent news about the better than expected performance from Honda’s four cylinder turbo engine is certain a saving grace given Honda’s recent stop sale on their non-turbo engines for piston and snap ring issues leading to total engine failure. A turbo charged motor hasn’t seen its way into a production Honda since the introduction of the 2.3L Turbo in Acura’s RDX in 2013 (although still not technically a Honda). Many Honda enthusiasts, myself included, have been waiting for the return of a turbocharged four cylinder engine by the company.

So with the return of the four cylinder turbo engine, tuners are eager to get their hands on one to see what they are really made of. This is where Honda tuner Hondata comes in. They took a stock engine and ran some baseline numbers. As advertised by Honda, the estimated power output should be 174hp and 162lb/ft of torque. But to everyone’s surprise, their fully stock 2016 Civic Touring churned out 177hp and 190lb/ft of torque at the wheels. Controlling for dyno differences, the test car still performed better than Honda advertised.

Great news for the consumers who want to get into an affordable and quick Honda. Even better news for the tuners who have a solid platform to build on for more performance.

Honda Stops Sale on 2016 Civics


Honda is stopping sales on their 2016 Civic that is sold with their 2.0L four cylinder engines due to a potential problem that may lead to early engine failures. Early reports indicate that the piston pin snap rings may have been improperly assembled and if it came loose could cause significant piston and internal damage to the 2.0L engine. This issue could potentially impact 34,000 Civics that were produced for the 2016 year.

Specific details have yet to be released, but Honda intends to notify NHTSA officially on February 5, said Chris Martin Spokesperson for Honda. Once finalized with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda will release an official statement to the general public about the recall in March. What is know at this time is that the issue is isolated to the 2.0L engine and does not affect Honda’s 1.5L turbo engine.

Honda Seeks Redemption with 2016 Civic Coupe


After much criticism garnered by the public for the last iteration of the Civic couple, Honda is ready to step things up by introducing the all-new 2016 Civic coupe which very much resembles the concept Honda revealed at the New York Auto Show. Jeff Conrad, Vice President of America Honda, says, “Our customers are going to be utterly surprised by what this new coupe delivers in terms of refinement, safety, efficiency and fun-to-drive performance”.

Sharing an all-new platform with the sedan, the 2016 Civic has a longer wheelbase and wider track than the last generation giving it a much needed boost in the styling department. The coupe will be an inch lower and 5.5 inches shorter than the sedan while the cabin gains 8.4 cubic feet and rear legroom stretches five inches more than the last generation.

Powertrain will be shared between the coupe and sedan with a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine paired with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an optional continuously variable transmission. Power output is expected to be 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet of torque. Performance oriented customers can opt for the 1.5-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine optional on higher trim levels which pumps out 174 horsepower and 162 pounds-feet of torque.

One look at the 2016 Civic from the LA Auto Show and you know the goal was to amp thing up. Lead Exterior Designer, Guy Melville-Brown, says, “We took the philosophy of the sedan and cranked up the volume. Everything had to get a little louder…This car had to be more charismatic, more sporty, even more ambitious.”

We can’t wait for the next iteration of Civic to hit the showroom floor. More photos of the new Civic Coupe below.

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Motor Monday: Honda Hype


You’ll be hard pressed to find a Canadian car maker with a more dedicated and loyal following than Honda. I don’t say that because the Civic has been the best selling passenger car in Canada for 5 years running. I say it because the Civic hasn’t been the best car in the segment for all of those 5 years, but people kept on buying them.

Prior to the global recession of 2007, Honda could boast a reputation of performance with cars like the NSX, Integra Type R and S2000. Unfortunately, once money became tight the name of game became selling as many cars as possible, and that meant putting performance and fun on the back-burner. Honda stopped making the S2000, pulled out of Formula 1 and began an era of cheap and boring vehicles for the everyman. They rode the 8th generation Civic for as long as they could before releasing arguably the worst Civic ever in the 2012 North American model. It felt cheap, it looked old and it handled worse than anything else in the class. The 2012 was so poorly received that they did a refresh the very next year. How often does that happen? During this downturn of fun (frownturn, if you will) they did their best to ride the NSX buzz trying to convince people they still knew how to go fast. Sorry guys, but droning on about a prototype for 5 years doesn’t fool anybody.

Well lucky for the Honda fanboy, and the enthusiast in general, the company has clearly had a change of heart and decided that fun is back on the menu. The new NSX was finally unveiled in production trim and it looks stunning, but looks aren’t what we care about right now. The performance they’re claiming is on par with current exotics, and that’s right where it needed to be. Its hybrid powertrain, with electric motors individually powering the front wheels, is similar to the million dollar Porsche 918, though Honda’s version only makes about 550 horsepower. Speaking of hybrids, Honda also entered the new era of Formula 1 with some of the most complex energy recovery systems in the world. The results aren’t coming to them yet, but just the fact that they’re competing again is evidence that their attitude has changed for the better. It’s more than a step in the right direction, it’s leaps and bounds.

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Honda Civic Type-R Concept, Paris Motor Show

As the new Honda Civic Type-R nears production, Honda shows off the progress of the project with the second version of the Type-R Concept. Powered by an 2L i-VTEC turbocharged engine, the new Type-R redefines Civic performance by offering a more than 280hp in the Honda hot hatch. Coupled with a slick shifting 6 speed manual transmission and the ability to rev to 7000rpm, Honda promises the new Civic Type-R to exceed performance from the previous Type-R’s, which includes the Integra, Accord, and even the NSX.

The new Civic Type-R features a +R Race mode, which intensifies throttle and engine response, a more aggressive torque map, as well as more responsive steering to give the driver the ultimate experience on a racetrack. The four-point Adaptive Damper System automatically tweaks the Civic Type-R’s suspension characteristics to match the road and track surfaces, which guarantees an exhilarating driving experience driving to the grocery store, or hot lapping at the Nurburgring.

Sadly, the new Civic Type-R looks to be destined for European showrooms, and not on our shores here in North America. Developed exclusively for European driving tastes, it will be built at the Swindon, UK Honda plant, and arrive in European markets in 2015. Let’s hope Honda changes its mind for this generation, as this beast of a hatchback will sell like hotcakes here.

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Return of the Track Car

When Race City closed down in the fall of 2011, many purpose-built track cars lost their purpose. Cars that were terrible to drive on the roads but excelled on a power track such as Race City were left sitting on backyards and driveways, waiting for the day when a new track opens, allowing them to stretch their legs once more. Beyond’s co-founder, Kenny Chan, owns one of these track cars, where the car existed solely to lap the road course as fast as possible.

This Civic had quite the journey getting to where it is today. In its original configuration, it was a bare bones 1992 Civic Hatchback shell, completely stripped down, with a B18B1 Integra LS motor. Back then several Beyonders, including myself, were at the forefront of Honda tuning. Loaded with 94 octane fuel, a cold air intake, and an open exhaust, I was able to squeeze out 175hp out of the motor with some aggressive tuning. The car was making a name for itself on the drag strip, easily beating out 200hp Hondas with the ITR engine thanks to its low weight and excellent launch control system.

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Honda Issues TSB For Faulty Transmissions

Honda has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) for faulty manual transmissions in several of its vehicles. One of the main concerns that vehicle owners were reporting were difficulty shifting into third gear sometimes resulting in a grinding noise. Other owners have reported that the transmission would occasionally pop out of third gear into neutral.

If you own one of the following vehicles, you can take it into any Honda/Acura dealership and they will fix it for free.

2006-08 Civic Si coupe
2007-08 Civic Si sedan
2003-07 Accord V6
2008 Accord V6 coupe

2003 3.2 CL
2002-06 RSX
2004-08 TL

Fatal Hit and Run Collision in Bridlewood

An apparent drunk driving accident in the southwest neighborhood of Bridlewood has claimed the life of a 42 year old female. Witnesses at the scene recalled seeing a silver SUV speeding down the residential road. The SUV lost control, hopped a curb and struck three people waiting at a bus stop, one of which was in a wheelchair.

A 30 year old female and a 15 year old male (occupant of the wheelchair) were transported to hospital in non-life threatening condition. An 8 year old was assessed and released. As a result of the injuries suffered in the collision, a 42 year old female was pronounced dead at the scene.

A suspect has since been arrested after a witness followed him fleeing the scene of the accident. Charges are pending as Calgary Police continue their investigation.