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Buick’s 2017 Enclave Sport Touring, Encore Facelift


Buick took to the New York Auto Show to show off their all new Enclave Sport Touring. Following with he tradition of their Sport Touring models, the 2017 Enclave will receive primarily cosmetic improvements.

The Enclave Sport Touring will have a Satin Black Ice grille and 20-inch wheels, also finished in Satin Black Ice. The Enclave will be powered by a 3.6L V6 which pumps out 288hp. Power is sent through a six speed transmission and customers have a choice between a front wheel drive or all wheel drive model.

Also on the show floor is the facelifted 2017 Encore, featuring updated bumper, hood, fenders and headlights. Inside, an updated 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system hosts Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving drivers seamless integration to their smartphone.

The 2017 Enclave Sport Touring will likely live on one more year in its current form. Plans are already in the works for a completely refreshed and redesigned Enclave for the 2018 season.

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BMW’s all New Alpina B7 xDrive


BMW debuts their all new Alpina B7 at the New York Auto Show today. The B7 is uses a new 4.4L V8 with twin-turbos an cranks out an impressive 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. What’s even more impressive is the B7 can sprint to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds. That’s a lot of mass moved in a very short amount of time, and the car will top out at 193 mph. The Alpina B7 uses a re-engineered and reprogrammed eight speed automatic transmission with close gear ratios allowing for quick and seamless shift creating a smooth run all the way to that 193mph.

On the outside, the B7 wears a set of 20 inch Alpina classic wheels which perfectly suit this luxury performance sedan. Alternatively, Alpina offers a set of forged aluminum 21 inch classic wheels as well. In traditional Alpina fashion, the car features custom Alpina aero, a sport tuned exhaust, and can wear Alpina’s exclusive blue metallic or green metallic paint.

The B7 is another beautiful from tuning house Alpina and we can’t wait to see it on the road.

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Koenigsegg’s Hybrid Regera


Company owner Christian Von Koenigsegg has said it before, he refuses to use electric technology to achieve the hyper levels of horsepower in todays hypercars. So that made the announcement that the Regera will be using a hybrid power source very conflicting. But Koenigsegg himself will be the first one to correct you and say don’t call it a hybrid. And in Koenigsegg fashion, this isn’t your typical hybrid. It has no transmission, but we’ll get back to that later.

Onboard the Koenigsegg is a 5.0L turbo V8 “conventional” gas motor but there’s also three electric motors. The electric motors are powered by a 9kWh, 620-volt water cooled batter. There is one electric motors are assigned to move the drive shaft producing 215hp, and two separate electric motors powering each rear wheel making 241hp each totally nearly 700hp on just electric power. On full electric mode, the Regera has a range of about 22 miles. Once the gas motor kicks in, the combined power output bumps to approximately 1,500hp and 1,475lb/ft of torque. All of that power delivers a 0-100km/h sprint in a mere 2.8 seconds

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Koenigsegg One:1 at the Heart of New York Auto Show

The Koenigsegg one:1 made its way to the New York Auto Show and made a huge splash infront of an American audience. When the company produced six vehicles for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, all units were spoken for before it even made its appearance before the public. Fortunately, Koenigsegg continued to build more of these super cars.

One thing the Koenigsegg does is blur the lines between what follows the other, form or function. Naturally, all Koenigsegg vehicles are build with function and purpose in mind, but you can’t deny that sometimes form creeps its way to the forefront. Regardless which follows the other, one can’t deny the beauty of a one off machined and cnc’d part made from aerospace grade aluminum like the paddle shifters which are engineered to give a specific clicking feel to convey gear engagement. With performance in mind, Koenigsegg managed to achieve the “dream” equation of 1:1 hp-to-kg curb weight ratio, hence the name One:1.

As the One:1 sits peacefully inside the New York Auto Show flanked on the right by a Spyker C8 Preliator, and snuggled up to Koenigsegg’s own Regera on its left, one can only stand back and embrace what it is they are seeing before their eyes. The One:1 is an engineering marvel. It exudes beauty across every inch of its body, and it expels performance out of every pore.

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Mercedes All New GLC Coupe and GLC43 on Stage in New York

Mercedes has come out big at this year’s New York Auto Show. Among all the new vehicles they’ve debuted was the all new 2017 GLC Coupe. This particular SUV coupe has found its home in the silver arrows North American lineup. With coupe SUVs becoming commonplace, as well as the SUV market in North America continuing to strengthen, Mercedes will capitalize on this opportunity with their coupe SUV.

The proportions of the GLC coupe is essentially a regular GLC that has been stretched out and lowered giving it that unique shape. The rear end utilizes a hatch style back to gain access to the large cargo space. The profile of the coupe makes it stand apart from its counterpart. The front end changes are subtle with a single barred grille. With the hunkered down profile of the coupe, rear passengers will lose some headroom, although not as much loss as one might think.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Gets a New Face and Electric Power

The New York Auto Show marks a major milestone for Mitsubishi. This is the first time they will be unveiling their all new 2016 Outlander and it is with this SUV that they will be showcasing the company’s new design philosophy.

On the outside, the Outlander gets a makeover utilizing more sophisticated design elements which helps boast refined look. The front facia now features a double barred chrome grille which prominently extends to the lower portions of the front bumper. Streamlined headlights housing dual projectors cap off the front end changes. Black textured body trim follows along the wheel arches and connects on the lower door sills to create a rugged yet refined look. The rear received a textured lower diffuser and redesigned tail lights.

The changes are more than just what you see on the surface. The Outlander’s chassis incorporates over 100 new design and engineering changes which all aid to create a stronger and dynamic platform. The suspension has been redesigned to offer better dampening, reduction in vibrations, and an overall better driving experience. This is all thanks to the use of dynamic dampers in the front and rear of the vehicle which helps to smooth out the ride.

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2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab Debuts In New York

Nissan pulled the wraps off of the upcoming Titan Crew Cab half-ton today here at the New York International Auto Show.

“The 2017 TITAN half-ton has the same aggressive style of the TITAN XD, but is about a foot shorter in wheelbase,” said Fred Diaz, division vice president and general manager, North America Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan North America, Inc., revealing the new truck during a press conference at the auto show. “They share the same cabs, but while it offers similar ruggedness and durability, the TITAN half-ton’s chassis is completely different than XD.”

The new Titan half-ton will initially launch as a crew cab model shown here, with the Single and King Cab models coming later in the model year. Under the hood of the new half-ton will be Nissan’s 5.6L V8 which is good for 390 horsepower. The engine will be mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission. For those that don’t need all that grunt, a V6 engine is coming. Nissan expects the new half-ton will be the highest volume Titan.

Nissan also announced the starting price of the 2016 Titan XD Crew Cab will be $35,290 here in the US for the 4×2 model. Check out our gallery below of the Crew Cab half-ton.

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Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype

For the 10th generation Civic, us North Americans will finally get the Civic Hatchback that the European market has had. It’s been over a decade since Honda last sold a Civic Hatchback this side of the pond. The Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype was shown off earlier this month in Geneva but it has finally arrived here in New York to make it’s North American debut. The prototype moniker is a bit of a misnomer as this looks pretty like a production ready Civic Si hatchback.

When the Civic Hatchback launches later this year in North America, we’ll probably see a much more mundane base model as Honda slowly releases the other models culminating eventually with the Type R. The next generation Civic will feature a longer wheelbase and a wider stance compared to the model currently sold in Europe. Under the hood will be the turbo 1.5L 174 horsepower engine. The new Civic Hatchback, and the Coupe and Sedan for that matter, will also be available with a 6-speed manual transmission this fall. Details such as pricing are not available now but Honda says it will start to share more information as we draw closer to the fall launch.

Honda also announced that they will be competing in the 2016 Red Bull Rallycross series with the Civic Coupe. We’ve included a couple shots of it as well in our gallery. They also brought the first us-spec Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle to the show.

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Chevy Sonic Gets Refreshed and Updated

Chevrolet brought out their all new 2017 Chevrolet Sonic today at the New York Auto Show and it got some new goodies.

The entire front end of the Sonic got a redesign bringing in new elements on the hood, bumper and headlights. Headlight technology has been updated to bring in projectors and LEDs as standard fare for the Sonic. New color options will also be available for the Sonic which will feature an Orange Burst Metallic, Brimstone, Cajun Red, and Arctic Blue Metallic.

The Sonic will get two engine choices for the upcoming generation. The base 1.8L four cylinder producing 138hp and 125lb/ft of torque. A new 1.4L turbo four cylinder will also be available which produces 138hp and 148lb/ft of torque. Both engines are designed for fuel economy but will offer some pep given the small size of the Sonic.

Look for the Chevy Sonic to be at dealerships very soon.

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GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition Hits New York Auto Show

Nightfall, sounds like a Marvel character, but that might not be a bad thing since GMC is going for a more sinister look with their small crossover and all new 2017 Terrain. The all black crossover was brought to New York for its debut at the New York Auto show.

The main feature of the Nightfall Edition Terrain, as the name suggest, is using black as the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors for all physical components of the Terrain. From the color of the car, to the front grille, to the mirrors and all ancillary body trim, everything is as dark as the night. The Terrain rides on 18-inch wheels that features black painted spokes. But being all black actually isn’t 100% true as GMC will give customers four color choices starting with Onyx Black, Summit White, Graphite Gray Metallic and Crimson Red Metallic.

GMC is offering two motor choices for the Terrain Nightfall. A smaller displacement 2.4L four cylinder will pump out 182hp and is focused on solid power delivery while balancing fuel economy which is said to be able to reach 32mpg. Alternatively, the 3.6L V6 will pack 301hp and in return gets 17mpg city and 24mgp highway.

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