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Jeep Brings Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and Summit to NY

Jeep came out in full force today at the New York Auto Show bringing two new variants of their Grand Cherokee. The off road trail ready Trailhawk took a four year break but is finally back, and the comfort and luxury focused Summit were both debuted.

The Trailhawk name means Jeep has done some significant upgrades to the Grand Cherokee to make it more trail ready than ever. Suspension has been beefed up using a fully custom air suspension system giving ample lift and clearance for those unpredictable trails. Ground clearance improves 0.4 inches to 10.8 inches total. The bottom of the Grand Cherokee is now protected with a heavy duty skid plate under the engine compartment to ensure all the vitals like the oil pan doesn’t get damaged by large rocks.

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2015 Kamloops Hot Nite in the City

For the 21st year, Kamloops hosts their annual Hot Nite in the City, where BC car enthusiasts drive in and the city closes 13 blocks for one of British Columbia’s biggest car shows. Featuring everything from hot rods to sport compacts to big rigs, HNIC is a massive gathering of cars and trucks representing nearly every generation and manufacturer you can imagine.

We had an opportunity to stop by this year to check out the action, and shoot some of the awesome cars at this event. It was tough to choose any favorites, as the range of vehicles at the show was immensely broad. Check out our coverage after the jump.

Click through for the full gallery.

2015 Calgary ECCM & Das Volks


Every year, we look forward to the Stanley Park European Classic Car Meet and Das Volks show, which showcases the best of the local European vintage cars as well as the biggest VW gathering in Alberta. This year, the event was threatened by the week long rain that preceded it, but with the weather gods cooperating, the show went on as scheduled without a hitch. Check out some of our favorites from the show this year.

First on the list is Herbie the Love Bug. Herbie was a generational icon for many of us old timers. It sucks that Lindsay Lohan ruined it for the current generation.

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illmotion Sunday School 2014 Show Coverage Part 2


If you missed the original post, illmotion hosted the 4th annual Sunday School Show and Shine this weekend at the Max Bell Arena. We posted a big set of pictures in Part 1 and as promised we have included the rest of the pictures in this set.

As I mentioned in Part 1, there were a ton of amazing cars that made it out to the show for everyone to see and it is no different for Part 2. I’ve included some of my favorites, but there are many more in the gallery at the end of this post. Apologies to anyone that had a car entered in the show that was missed.

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illmotion Sunday School 2014 Show Coverage Part 1


This past sunday, illmotion hosted the 4th annual Sunday School Show and Shine at the Max Bell Arena. As with every year, hundreds of cars descended on the parking lot where owners showcased their rides. One thing different this year however was the weather. Each year, it is normally scorching during the Sunday School Show and Shine, but this year it was a much more comfortable affair allowing people to get out from under their tents to talk cars. Roaming the parking lot it was great to see proud owners talk about their builds with each other and those that came down to check them out.

There were a ton of amazing work, and hopefully we captured a good cross section of the vehicles that were there. With limited time and the number of people checking out the cars in person, it was difficult to get everyone. We’ve broken up the post into two parts due to the sheer number, so check back tomorrow for the rest of the pictures.

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The Models of Importfest 2014 Toronto


If you missed our Importfest 2014 Toronto post yesterday, we finally got around to posting our coverage of the show from a couple weeks ago. Today, we’ve got some eye-candy of the other sort, the models.

Aside from the official models, Mila G and Maya T (Maya pictured above), there were scores of models in exhibitor booths, on stage and roaming the show floor. Model photographer Steve Bitanga was on hand doing live shoots with some of the models throughout the day which kept many cameras clicking away. Kitty Kayja, Karli Sal, Maya T and Mila G were on hand at the Vossen booth while Jenn Q was repping for wheelsco. Cindy Phan drew a constant crowd over at the Nextmod booth (great booth btw!) and Kaystar was signing posters at The Vapor Movement’s booth.

More Importfest 2014 Toronto Models

Importfest 2014 Toronto Pictures


As Importfest 2014 Vancouver draws closer, we’re just getting around to publishing some pictures that we shot in Toronto when Importfest 2014 rolled through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Billing itself as “Canada’s Biggest and Baddest” show, Importfest exhibits everything from scooters to classic muscle cars to exotics and of course, imports. Importfest Toronto showcased a great variety of vehicles (minus bikes) ranging from the usual Civics, S2000s, GTRs, the Deadmau5 Purrari and even a hamster powered Scion xB (I think?). Sadly my shot of that engine bay did not turn out.

The line up to get into Importfest started well before the scheduled noon opening time as exhibitors did last minute touch ups on their vehicles. The lineup snaked through the main floor of the MTCC and went on much further than I wanted to explore. I’m guessing there were probably about 500+ people in line when I showed up. Based on the speed of the line, it was probably going to take me an hour or more just to get in and that wouldn’t fly as I had a late afternoon flight to catch to get out of there (I’m too old for the after parties!). Luckily as I approached the front of the line, some vendors were arriving with some equipment for their booth. As all asians look alike, security assumed I was with them and in I went.

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Calgary Airport Trail Tunnel Grand Opening

The City of Calgary unveiled the Airport Tunnel, the first true tunnel in the city, to the public today by hosting a show and shine with car clubs around the city. Thousands made their way to the festivities, with huge lineups at the Westwinds C-Train station where anxious citizens waited to be packed into busses to shuttle them to the tunnel’s east entrance. Many of the local clubs were present, including ZR Auto and the Ferrari Club of Alberta. The cars lined the westbound lanes, giving a chance for Calgarians to get up close and personal with some amazing machinery.

Several of our very own members had their cars out at the show today, including the awesome Ferrari F50, powered by an engine derived from a 90’s era Formula One motor. With only 349 examples manufactured, it’s a rare sight to see on Calgary roads.

Much more exotics after the click.

3rd Annual illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine

In a little less than two weeks illmotion will be throwing their third annual Sunday School Show & Shine at the Max Bell Arena. If you haven’t registered yet there may still be some space left but it is filling up fast so hop on over to the registration page to see if you can still get a spot. As always, the $5 registration fee will go to charity. This year funds will be directed to the Lupus Society of Alberta!

If you’re not looking to enter your car into the show you are of course still welcome to check out the show. The show will run from 11am until 4pm and admission is completely free. There will be activities for the whole family and some prize draws throughout the day. Be sure to share this with friends, co-workers, and neighbors to get everyone out to support this great event.

LA Auto Show Design Challenge Entries – CHP 2025

Every year at the Los Angeles Auto Show there is a Design Challenge with a different theme chosen by the Design Los Angeles Board of Directors. Automotive design studios from around the world are invited to participate and this year studios from Germany, Japan and the USA will compete to design the Highway Patrol Vehicle of 2025.

This year’s Design Challenge asks automotive design studios to create a highway patrol vehicle that meets the challenges of a specific region’s transportation and societal conditions in 2025. The vehicle should empower highway patrol officers to meet new demands and effectively both “protect and serve” the public while considering not just enforcement needs but emission concerns, population growth and transportation infrastructure, among other trends.

See each of the entries for the 2012 Design Challenge at the LA Auto Show

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