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Ottawa will probe Toyota safety recalls

Ottawa plans to launch a formal investigation into the safety
recalls at Toyota Canada Inc. when Parliament resumes next week.

Drivers Beware: Canada’s Worst Driver Crowned

Canadas Worst Driver 2008

Canada's Worst Driver 2008

Canada’s Worst Driver 4, a tv show on the Discover Channel just aired the final episode for this season and the winner (or is it loser?) of this season is Ashley Van Ham of Medicine Hat. In the interests of public safety we are going to be posting her picture so everyone can stay out of her way. Pedestrians, if you didn’t catch the latest episode you may want to be on the lookout for Ashley as she cruises the streets of Medicine Hat on the lookout for people in crosswalks to mow down.

Immediately after being declared Canada’s Worst Driver, Ashley and her husband (and probably most people watching the show) were in complete shock. Everyone, including myself yelled out “WHAT?” as in What The Fuck? How did Ashley get the title and not Emily, who did so bad I swear she was intentionally doing bad and being paid behind the scenes based on how many obstacles she could mow over while announcing to the world that she can’t see.

I Cannot Ahh See!!

I Cannota See!! Whatever!

Emily Wang from Calgary was clearly the worst driver this year but because Ashley could not control her emotions she was spared from winning the trophy nobody wants to take home. I’m not entirely sure I agree with the judges this year, because somebody that has trouble looking for traffic lights when they don’t exist need some serious help. Emily would also turn from non-turning lanes, drive into intersections on a red light, yet stops on green lights, and ignores stop signs (because she cannota see them). Is an overly-cautious bad driver better than a driver that loses control of her emotions in umcomfortable situations?

I’m certainly on the fence and would have trouble choosing one over the other. They are both clearly terrible drivers but at the end of the day, I am glad that Ashley was chosen. I’m glad because Canada’s Worst Driver for 2008 is NOT a chinese woman. ;)

Forum Weekly Review November 1

In this weekly segment, we cover the top discussions going on in the automotive forums. These threads may be the most recent hot topics, or epic threads that we just wanted to dig up and feature.

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Do You Recline Your Seat on Flights?
There were clearly two distinct sides to this debate. I never really thought much about reclining my seat when I fly. As soon as the wheels are up, my seat is always reclined as far as it will go. I’m all about maximizing comfort when flying and apparently many people find my actions extremely rude. Whats your take? Do you recline your seat? I’ll be honest though, if I was asked to move my seat back up a bit I would raise it back up a bit.

Is Canada Bending Over Backwards For Immigrants?
Everytime I read about another holiday being renamed in order to “not offend minorities” I feel that a little bit of Canadian culture is being washed away. We’re told that we should be saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and more recently Happy Orange and Black Day instead of Happy Halloween. This is absurd! If new immigrants do not celebrate our holidays or do not understand our traditions, we should be teaching them about Canadian culture not pussifying our culture so they aren’t offended when we celebrate Christmas and Halloween.

Halloween 2008 Pumpkin Thread
Hey, if Halloween offends you please don’t check this thread out! Members have posted some of their pumpkins that they have carved. If you haven’t already done so, post a picture of your jack-o-lantern and share with the community your work of art.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Coming To Calgary

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Chief Operating Officer Sheryn Posen has announced that the hall, after bouncing around from various temporary locations is moving to Calgary, permanently. When the hall lost its home on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition–which was torn down to make way for the new BMO Field soccer stadium–it put out a call for a new home. Eight cities submitted bids to host the Hall, but the choice was narrowed down to two cities: Calgary and Toronto.

“If you were looking for a city that fit with this move like a glove, Calgary was it,” said Posen. “A national treasure is moving to Calgary and we hope its future has not only been secured for the long term but that it will become a tourist attraction of its own.”

The hall will be a part of Canada Olympic Park’s 500,000 square foot expansion that is currently underway and will join the Olympic and Paralympic Halls of Fame. While Calgary’s bid was a strong one with a desirable location at Canada Olympic Park it was still a battle to convince the board of directors that something like this belongs in Alberta.

CRTC To Add More Exemptions to National Do Not Call List

Canada’s National Do Not Call List was considered by many to be a complete waste of time when it launched last month because there were too many exemptions for the list. For example, newspapers, pollsters and political parties can continue to conduct telemarketing. Add to this the companies that you do business with (and their affiliates) and we’ve got about 80% of the existing telemarketers covered.

Yesterday, the CRTC announced in a news release that they are considering adding another exemption to the list, electoral candidates that are not yet affiliated with a political party. I’m not sure why there are so many exceptions to a National “DO NOT CALL” List, but if I were to hazard a guess it would be the fact that during the last Federal Election we had the lowest voter turn out in recent history.

If thats the case, we may as well add a few more exceptions to the list. Lets add financial institutions on to the list! With the financial crisis and slowing economy, we may need to give banks the ability to cold call people and convince them to open up some new savings accounts so they can raise more money to lend out. In fact, lets allow all retailers to use telemarketing because if consumers spend more money that will help the economy too!

The only good news is that the CRTC is thinking of scrapping the three year limit for phone numbers on the list. Currently after three years you’ll have to re-register your phone number onto the list but a proposal is out there that will make registrations permanent. To make this possible, phone numbers that are disconnected or reassigned will automatically be removed from the list.

Wait Is Over For Canadians; iPhone 3G Has Landed

iPhone 3G
The long awaited iPhone 3G has finally arrived and goes on sale today beginning at 7:00am (9AM ET). Despite some rather terrible iPhone plans from Canada’s only GSM carrier, large crowds are expected at Rogers’ and Fido retail locations. We’re still a few hours away from finding out if the rumors of Apple reducing Canadian iPhone inventory has any truth to it, but I don’t think that will stop any iPhone fanboys from lining up bright and early for their new toy.

Rogers’ and Fido have done some damage control by announcing a $30 for 6GB of data plan (which, in their defense is pretty much unlimited for normal users). The plan is available for both new customers as well as existing customers that are willing to upgrade to the new iPhone and lock in to a 3 year contract. Owners of other smart phones are waiting eagerly to see if the wireless carriers will allow the new promotional data plan to be added to existing plans without purchase of the iPhone.

So, are you heading out there early to pick up the new iPhone 3G?

Update: Looks like if you want an iPhone, you’re better off going to a Fido store. Chinook Center Fido store has only 2 people in line whereas the Rogers store has a lineup of about 10-15 people as of 9:20am also, Wireless Wave at Eaton Center only has 5 people in line and in the same mall, the Rogers store has about 25 people.

Our sources out in the field report that scores of people are being turned away at the retail locations. Just to save everyone time, you CANNOT purchase the iPhone without the 3 year contract. If you are already on a contract with Rogers or Fido, call ahead to check your eligibility for an upgrade. If your contract is relatively new, chances are you will not be able to upgrade to the iPhone, but call customer service and find out before heading out to the stores.

Apple Lays Smackdown On Rogers; Canadians Lose

It looks as though the online petition slamming Rogers pricing on the iPhone 3G has not fallen on deaf ears, or blind eyes I guess. It is rumored that Apple and Rogers has had a falling out due to the overwhelming negative publicity since the Canadian iPhone price plans were announced by the wireless carrier. Those that wanted the iPhone argued that the plans, which required a 3-year contract, had no unlimited data option, and offer minimal calling time and text messages, were simply too expensive and a result of a lack of competition for Rogers which operates the only GSM cellular network in Canada.

In response to the negative publicity, Apple is diverting shipments of the new iPhone from Canada to Europe which means each Rogers store may only get 10-20 iPhones. Some Rogers stores apparently have also let go the temporary staff that were brought on to help with the expected influx of new customers. The iPhone launch is only 4 days away, so we will see shortly if this rumor has any truth to it.

First, an employee of Apple Canada sends a text message to my source that says something to the effect of: “You guys are screwed for iPhone,” but will not respond to multiple replies asking for clarification.

Next, an employee at competing handset manufacturer RIM (Blackberry’s parent) (RIMM) sends my source a text soon after saying there are rumours of an Apple-Rogers fallout.

Then, my source receives a call notifying him that all the part-time staff who had been hired for next week’s launch have been fired without notice.

And finally, a senior Rogers rep confirms to my source that Apple has decided to divert a large percentage of their planned Canadian shipment to Europe and that each Rogers store may now be getting as few as 10-20 units. This is possibly due to Apple’s displeasure over Rogers’ high data and voice rates.”

Another possibility that has been raised is simple production problems resulting in delayed shipments for Canada. Apple may have seen that demand in Canada would naturally be lower with the long contract terms required, and sent early allocations to Europe instead while production catches up. Either way, we’ll find out by this weekend if Rogers’ grip on the market has resulted in Apple making some plays of its own.

Happy 141st Birthday Canada

Hot Girl wearing Canadian Flag BikiniIt may have been just another weekend of camping, drinking and BBQing for you but today, Canada celebrates the 141st anniversary of Confederation. I guess its not entirely accurate to wish Canada a Happy 141st since technically it is 400 years old as Quebec City was founded on July 3rd, 1608. Quebec doesn’t get much love (especially from us out here in the West) but today marks a special day for them. Let’s hold off the Quebec jokes for today to celebrate the history of Quebec City :)

If you’re looking for something to do, or someplace to celebrate there are quite a few major events going on for Canada Day. At Princes Island Park there will be three stages setup with live entertainment. Fort Calgary has a free pancake breakfast for the first 1,000 people beginning at 8:00am and will also have live entertainment, face painting and a petting zoo. Heritage Park will be serving up a pancake breakfast as well to all those with paid admission before 10:00am. Live entertainment including a magic show will be offered as well.

Today is also the last day that Police will be powerless to pull suspected drug intoxicated drivers off the road as new legistlation targetting drivers under the influence of drugs.

Celebrate Canada’s birthday safely everyone!

Godzilla Arrives in Canada

Godzilla Arrives in Canada; Havoc to Follow

The first shipment of GT-Rs arrived in Canada last week at the port of Vancouver. They should be off to the Vancouver dealerships sometime this week and probably next week for the other dealerships in Canada. Nissan has certified only 20 dealerships to sell the GT-R, all of them located in major cities. Dealerships were required to purchase new equipment to be able to service the car. The GT-R is scheduled to arrive in Calgary sometime in July.

The Nissan GT-R MSRP is $81,900 but it is unknown what the final out the door price will be. Sources say that the GT-R (at least here in Calgary) will be sold at MSRP but owners will be encouraged (forced?) to purchase a service package totaling around $5,000. I also wonder how many GT-Rs will be sold in Canada since the car is so unpractical ;)

Bonus Internet Points for whoever spots the first wrecked GT-R on Canadian soil!

Canadian Bumper Standards To Be Lowered

In a move that car enthusiasts have been waiting forever for, the Government of Canada has proposed an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to harmonize the Canadian bumper standard for passenger cars with those in the United States and Europe.

Canada currently has a more stringent bumper safety standard requiring bumpers to withstand front and rear collisions at speeds of up to 8 kph (5 mph). These safety standards were actually developed with the United States and were harmonized until 1982 when the US lowered their speed requirements to 4kph (2.5 mph) for front and rear impacts.

“This proposed amendment would offer more choice to Canadians who wish to import vehicles,” said the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “At the same time, it would help to maintain the safety of Canadian roads.”

I’m not exactly sure how lowering the bumper standards is supposed to “maintain” the safety of Canadian roads. This move is obviously an attempt to increase trade between Canada and the US and has nothing to do with safety, so why spin it that way?

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