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Ford Gas Tank Recall Impacts 452,000 Cars


Ford has issues a recall which will impact nearly 452,000 of their midsize vehicles; approximately 411,000 impacted cars are in the U.S., 34,000 in Canada and 7,000 in Mexico. Vehicles impacted in this recall include the Ford Fusion with a build date between 2010 through 2011 and the Mercury Milan sedans built in Mexico between July 21, 2008 through March 4, 2011.

Ford says the issue is with a gas tank that can possibly leak fuel. A valve on a gasoline vapour recovery canister can get stuck which causes repeated air pressure changes in the gas tank. This constant pressure change can eventually cause a crack on the top of the tank and a potentially result in a fuel leak. Ford states that there are currently no reports of fires or injuries from the problem.

Owners are encouraged to contact their local dealers for additional information. Dealers will inspect the vehicle’s fuel tank and valves for leaks and replace them if needed.

Toyota Completes Tacoma Tour 2016 in BC

Toyota Canada wrapped up the #tacomatour2016 here in BC, the final stop for the public to check out the all new 2016 Toyota Tacoma up close before it arrives in Toyota dealerships this October. Since our coverage of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma at the Detroit NAIAS, a few new details have emerged.

The new Tacoma features a strengthened chassis and frame, powered by a 160hp 2.7L 4 cylinder in 4×2 Access Cab and SR5 trim, and an all new 270hp 3.5L Atkinson cycle V6 featuring both direct and port fuel injection for improved performance and efficiency in the TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport and Limited trim. TRD options such as suspension will be available in various trims, and not limited to the TRD specific models.

The updated interior comes standard with a GoPro mount, as well as premium features such as Qi wireless charging, push button start, power moon roof, dual zone climate control, heated front seats, and a touchscreen audio system. Safety features are also new, including blind spot monitoring, as well as cross traffic alert systems. A new traction control system helps you navigate any situation with a multi terrain system, automatic limited slip and locking rear diff, hill start assist, and crawl control.

Production of the 2016 Tacoma begins in September at the Toyota plant in San Antonio, Texas. Expect the all new Tacoma to arrive in Canadian dealerships in mid October. Prices have not been announced, but we will update you as soon as it’s available.

Check out our gallery of the 2016 Toyota Tacoma below.

Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate Coming to Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada is set to introduce the C Class Estate to the Canadian market in the spring of 2016. The wagon version of the newly introduced C Class, previously only available in European markets, will hit showrooms in February of 2016. The 2016 C300d 4MATIC Wagon will be powered by a 2.1L diesel 4 cylinder motor, making 190hp and 369lb-ft of torque. Power will be routed through the 7G-Tronic Plus gearbox to all 4 wheels, making it a great year round car for our Canadian winters.

Like the C Class Sedan, the C300d 4MATIC Wagon comes packed with safety features such as Collision Prevent Assist, Attention Assist, Blindspot Assist, and my favorite, Distronic Plus with Steering Assist which allows the Wagon to drive itself up to 60km/h.

There are no plans for a C63 Wagon (currently available in Europe), but that could change in the next 2 years if the C300d 4MATIC Wagon sells well.

2013 AMG Performance Tour Hits Las Vegas

This article is contributed by Bernard W, who joined me in Las Vegas for this year’s event.

Lonestar Mercedes-Benz was kind enough to send me to the year-end preview of the 2014 AMG fleet at the AMG Performance Tour in Pahrump, Nevada. Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch was the venue of choice this year. It is touted as being the largest track facility in North America and is aiming to be the largest in the world. They have recently purchased an additional 500 acres and intend on building more and more track facilities. Pahrump is also famous for being in Nye County where prostitution is legal. There are a number of other “Ranches” that are in the area.

AMG set themselves up on the newest part of the facility. It is so new that when the car carriers showed up, the meeting facility was completely empty that the AMG performance tour team was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to run the event. Driving on a freshly paved track is an experience like no other. The eastern most track is an awesome track with some great elevation changes that you don’t normally see in “track” only facilities. SMMR does not hold any races. It is strictly a member only track facility.

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ICBC Warns Hurricane Sandy Damaged Vehicles Coming to Canada

Hundreds of thousands of families are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy after it walloped the eastern seaboard. Now, here in Canada we’re about to start feeling the effects–at least used vehicle shoppers will. ICBC issued a warning to those shopping for used vehicles to be extra cautious when purchasing or importing vehicles from the U.S. due to the likelihood of an influx in flood-damaged vehicles as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

If you’re planning on buying a new or used car from a private seller, here are some tips from ICBC that can help you detect flood damage in a vehicle and avoid being taken advantage of

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AMG Performance Tour 2012 Las Vegas

Last year, we were invited by AMG to their AMG Performance Tour at Race City, where we got to try the latest 2012 AMG’s. This year, they’re running a 2 day program for AMG owners throughout Canada in Las Vegas, where we got a chance to try out some of the new 2013 model AMG’s that are now available for sale.

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Bill 26 Passes: Is the 0.05 BAC limit fair? The Breathalyzer Challenge 2

With today’s passing of Bill 26, Albertans are soon to face much tougher penalties in regards to impaired driving, and blowing between the 0.05 BAC warn limit, and the 0.08 BAC criminal DUI limit. Under the new law, if a person is caught driving with a BAC level from 0.05 to 0.08, their license would be suspended for 3 days, and their car could also be seized for the same period. That’s an increase from the previous 24-hour suspension for blowing between the 2 levels.

There has been a lot of debate over how strict this limit is, and how many drinks will actually tip you over the limit. In our first unscientific breathalyzer challenge, we found that most of us couldn’t even register a 0.05 while drinking at a bar, even though all of us did not feel safe to drive. We concluded at that time that 0.08 is way too high of a limit, and applaude the tougher 0.05 rules that were being considered.

There were a lot of criticism over our testing methods,

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City of Calgary Launches Road Conditions iPhone App

Here’s a reason to be happy if you’re in Calgary. The City of Calgary launched a highly anticipated free app for the iPhone this morning, called YYC Roads. The app allows the user to receive notifications for snow events, current road conditions, access to traffic cameras, live locations of plow trucks and sanders, and status of roads that have been plowed.

You can download the app here, or simply search for YYC Roads in the app store. Be sure to join our forums to discuss the app with fellow motorists!

World’s Most Elite Gas Price

Here in Calgary, we get some reprieve from the higher gas prices faced by those on the West and East coasts where the average gas prices are north of $1.30/L. Gary over at posted a picture of the price at his local Petro Canada station and I thought it’d was worth sharing with everyone here. It got a chuckle out of me ;)

Photo by Gary N. of

Photo by Gary N. of

Those prices are too l33t for me. I just filled up for $1.12/L ;)

Source: on Posterous

NASCAR series coming back to Saskatoon

The potential downside was real, and slightly worrisome, as local organizers worked to bring the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series into Saskatoon last year.

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