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Mercedes-AMG unveils the all new C63S Coupe


Mercedes-AMG has finally taken the wraps off the all new C63 and C63S Coupe, an evolution of the all new C63 Sedan that promises to deliver much more performance than its 4 door sibling. The biggest departure from the sedan design is the much wider front and rear fenders, 2.5 inches and 2.6 inches respectively, which allows the C63 Coupe to use wider rubber, 255 width up front and 285 width out back. In the previous generation C63 Coupe, only the Black Series was equipped with the wider fenders and rubber. The C63 coupe comes standard with 18×9″ front wheels and 18×10.5″ rear wheels, while the C63 S coupe will be equipped with 19×9″ and 19×10.5″ wheels. With the use of 10.5″ rear wheels, owners will have the option of installing even wider rear tires, something that previous generation owners struggled with.

Powered by the 4.0L BiTurbo V8, the engine pumps out 476hp in base trim, and 510hp in S trim, much like it’s sedan sibling. Power is transmitted through the tried and true AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7 speed MCT transmission, coupled with a limited slip differential (mechanical for base, electronic for S). To accommodate the wider width, the suspension has been completely redesigned, with suspension components unique to the Coupe.

Aside from these differences, the hardware is mostly identical to the C63 and C63S sedan. The additional width really brings out the aggressiveness in this generation C-Class, similar to what the Black Series did in the previous generation. The C63 and C63S Coupe is scheduled to arrive in European dealerships in March 2016, while North Americans will have to wait until September 2016, where it will be introduced as a 2017 model.

Click through for more C63S Coupe photos.

2015 Mercedes-AMG C63. LA Auto Show 2014

Seeing the 2015 C63 again here in LA has confirmed why I like the brand. Some might call me a fanboy. Haters will hate. I appreciate nice things. Especially ones with a lot of horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG (not AMG or Mercedes-Benz AMG) brought the car to LA for its North American debut. It was a sight to behold.


All of the technical details were discussed and revealed before and in Paris. Here and here and here. This time around, I wanted to pay special attention to the smaller aspects that we simply didn’t have time or access to in Paris. We had the same problems here in LA.

Things like the S-model’s exhaust flap which I couldn’t get a picture of because of how low the car is and where the flap is located. I did find a switch in the console that allows you to change the tone of the exhaust.


I wanted to get a picture of the engine, but Mercedes decided to take the hood release right off the car and only left the cable end.

The one thing we saw in Paris that is missing here in LA is the wagon variant. It’s a pity that wagons aren’t more popular in North America.

Enjoy the live shots we took of the car here in LA.

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2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon. 2014 Paris Motor show


So why don’t North Americans like Wagons? Look at this thing. Functional, like an SUV, low and fast like a sports car. This car will spank a large number of “Supercars” without breaking a sweat.

500+hp, what is not to like. Why o why won’t Mercedes bring this over the pond? Being an E63S estate owner, I would love to see this car here. I would in fact buy one. The more compact size just makes more sense for smaller families and is less grandpa like than the E63S. Also, with the weight loss of the W205, I am sure that the car is more nimble and easier to rotate.

The lines are beautiful. The taillights are awesome. Come on Mercedes, bring it over! If you can make it a Black Series, even better! (now I am really dreaming).

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Paris 2014: 2015 C63


Part of my job here is to keep my fanboy co-workers grounded. Sometimes I get lucky and they’re gushing over a car with obvious flaws and/or clearly superior competition. I can spend 5 minutes putting together some proof that the only reason they love a car is because they’ve got the rosiest of glasses on, and life goes on. After we coveredĀ the refreshed 2015 C63, I had a significantly harder time with it. Anybody who spends time on the forums knows that rage2 is a Mercedes fanboy, but can anybody actually blame him for getting excited about the new C63? Twin turbo V8, more power, less weight, less fuel, better interior, e-diff… If you don’t already know the details, click that link and check it out. Otherwise, browse through the gallery and try to find reasons to hate this thing for me.

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2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 Preview With Official Specs

After a day of leaked photos and specs, Mercedes-Benz AMG has lifted the cover off the all new 2015 C63 AMG, set to be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in a week’s time. Officially, the new name is Mercedes-AMG C63, a small change in naming convention for all new AMG models. The C63 has a lot to live up to, competing against the new M3 which has set a new benchmark for this generation of German sports sedans.

While the new M3 adopted a 6 cylinder engine, the new C63 steals the V8 from the AMG-GT to ensure that the proper exhaust bark won’t be missed. The 4.0L V8 biturbo pumps out 476hp in the base C63, while the S-Model gets 510hp. This allows the C63 to rocket to 100km/h in 4.1s, while the S drops that down a tick to 4.0s. The best party trick of all, the C63 is able to average 8.2L/100km in mixed city and highway driving, making it the most fuel efficient V8 in its class thanks to it’s huge weight loss program. The C63 now weighs in at a svelte 3600lbs. Impressive.

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C63 Black Series: Where Stimulation Trumps Stint Times


Being asked to drive a fun car should never cause you stress, but that’s exactly what I felt when my boss asked me to review his car. In a no-win situation comparable to “Does this make me look fat?”, I was being asked to give my opinion about rage2’s current pride and joy, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series.

Ah well, this gig doesn’t pay anyway.

For those that aren’t familiar with rage2’s C63 BS, here’s what you need to know. 510 hp, 457 lb-ft of torque, 3800 lbs, fender flares, matte wrap, 0-60 in 3.7s, 1/4 mile in 12 seconds flat, and a baby seat ISOFIX’d to the back seat. All for the mildly affordable starting price of $109,000. Which forces a question you’ll hear all too often on car forums and bar conversations. Why would you spend six figures on a C-class that doesn’t perform at the top of its price range? You could pick up a new GTR for the same money and literally drive circles around the C63. Ignorance and brand loyalty are the most common justifications you’ll hear but, while the latter certainly applies here (whether he’ll admit it or not), rage2 has his own reason. It’s fun.

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AMG Releases C63 AMG Edition 507 Video

Mercedes-Benz AMG just posted a video of the C63 AMG Edition 507 to their YouTube channel. There isn’t a whole lot of action in the video so its more of a 360 degree tour, until near the end of the video that is where we see a quick glimpse of the famed Nurburgring track.

Hopefully we’ll see more videos and images popup before we see it being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Watch video after the break

2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507

Mercedes-Benz AMG is continuing to refine the AMG line, and today they have announced the C63 AMG Edition 507. Packed with 507hp (the same as the C63 AMG Black Series), the Edition 507 replaces the P31 Development package, as well as the former P30 Suspension Package.

Billed as the ultimate regular production C63, the Edition 507 comes standard with the aluminum hood from the Black Series, as well as several unique Designo interior options, such as porcelain designo leather/DINAMICA, black designo leather/DINAMICA and black designo leather. As mentioned above, the P31 engine package with the SLS internals, as well as the old P30 stiffer suspension package is standard with the Edition 507. The 360mm 2 piece brakes are carried over from the existing P31 package as well.

The 2014 C63 AMG Edition 507 will be celebrating its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, with North American sales due to start this fall.

C63 AMG Edition 507 Photo Gallery and PR after the break

First Look: 2013 C63 Black Series Canadian Edition

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series is quite the rare car, with 650 cars produced worldwide for 2012, and a bonus 150 cars produced for 2013. The lucky folks in Canada got the rarest version of all, 5 cars that was originally destined to be the Ducati edition. Wait, Ducati Edition? What does Mercedes and AMG have to do with Ducati? There’s quite a bit of interesting history here for the Black Series that never was.

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Project Black Series: Satin Wrap Timelapse

The first “mod” of any of our project cars is a full wrap to protect the brand new paint. We’ve had quite a bit of success with the XPEL Stealth product in our CLK Black Series that we decided to do it all over again for the CBS. Our car was optioned with Obsidian Black metallic paint, and with the matte clear paint protection film, it creates a Satin finish due to the metallic flakes reflecting back from under the film.

Thanks to the team over at Shadow Tinting, they meticulously wrapped the entire car, 3M’d all carbon fibre pieces, and added window protection film to the huge glass roof. They allowed us to setup our cameras to capture everything, so we ended up with a timelapse video showing off the entire process. 30 hours of work, compressed down to 3 mins.

The color is not exactly easy to capture on camera, but we were able to get pretty close with our impromptu photoshoot inside the Shadow Tinting bay. Take a close look at the tail lights, our car was fitted with an experimental matte tint from Shadow Tinting, which creates a diffused glow when the brakes are applied, without affecting brightness at all.

Check out the full photoshoot after the jump.

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