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BBC Made a Mistake Firing Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson is a ratings god. His journalistic approach which is combines a great level of wit and the temperament of an adolescent which strangely charms viewers by the masses. This hold true so much so that ex-BBC boss Mark Thompson has even said that “it was a huge mistake for the BBC to let Clarkson go”.

Thompson goes on to say that “Clarkson can be a deeply objectionable individual, and I say that as a friend. I don’t think people should punch their colleagues. It’s hard to keep them if they do. But I would say his pungent, transgressive, slightly out-of-control talent was something the BBC could ill afford to lose.”

Lucky for us, and unlucky for the BBC, Clarkson found himself a new job along side his equally rating drawing team of Richard Hammond and James May and will be back on the air this fall with their new show The Grand Tour.

Top Gear Burnout at UK War Memorial Investigation Dropped by BBC


With the first season of the rebooted show wound down, so has the investigation against the show for doing a burnout at UK’s 96 year old war memorial. The trust that oversees the BBC stated that their appeals to the matter were at this point done and closed. The scene where Ken Block and Matt LeBlanc did the burnout never made it on the air.

Maybe that’s a good sign to come for the show? Even though it has no bearings on where the directon of Top Gear will go next season, any good news is something in the right direction for the newly rebooted TV show. Another piece of good news, it is expected that Matt LeBlanc will take over the lead host role for season two.

Jeremy Clarkson settles Lawsuit


Ex-Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson is never one to back down or create constroversy. Last year Clarkson struck Oisin Tymons, BBC producer, while he was shouting at Tymons at a hotel in North Yorkshire. Since the incident, Clarkson has apologized to Tymons stating “I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath.”

Since the aftermath of the incident, Clarkson has been fired from the Top Gear franchise and has agreed to settle with the produce to the tune of $140,000. Clarkson’s co-host, James May and Richard Hammond both refused to continue the show without Clarkson. Since their departures, Top Gear has been on a hunt to find replacement hosts which was officially announced earlier this month.

The rebooted TV series will air again in May.

DIY: How To Film Your Very Own Top Gear Episode


Don’t have a big bank account like the BBC to film some outlandish Top Gear Video? Well, Richard Hammond helpfully explains in this DIY guide how to film your own episode of Top Gear. No need to rent out any race tracks or travel to exotic locations either. All you need is for your parents to be gone on vacation, some quick course planning and some timing gear. Oh and a stunt biker who can guide his motorcycle carefully and delicately around the house to set a good lap time. We wouldn’t want to cause any damage right?

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Is Jeremy Clarkson a Racist? Said the “N word” on Top Gear?


A British newspaper (tabloid?) alleges that Jeremy Clarkson said the “N word” in an unaired clip shot for Top Gear where he was deciding which car to test. He used the old “eenie-meenie-miney-moe” decision making chant and it is in the middle parts where he is mumbling that he allegedly utters the big bad N-word. It definitely is not cut and dry racism like the now infamous Donald Sterling audio tape but Clarkson also has a history of sorts of saying offensive things.

For what it’s worth, Clarkson is denying he said it and his buddy James May has also come to his defence in a series of tweets:

I’m not convinced he said it. He was likely just mumbling to the tune of the chant as if he doesn’t know what the actual words are. I always thought it was “tiger” myself. What do you think? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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