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Big Updates For 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


I’ve been looking forward to this reveal for a while. Even though my car has only reached its second birthday, I have been wondering what Mercedes had in store for the next generation E-Class. The W213 is the next generation of Mercedes’s most profitable car.

For the 10th generation, Mercedes is coming out with a technological tour-de-force. Many new systems and features bring it up to date with the competition, most especially Tesla in the auto pilot department. Drive Pilot is the new system that I hope will address all the issues I had with Distrionic Plus when I did the comparison of the Model S and the E63. Autopilot showdown. I’m looking forward to my first test drive with the new E-Class this summer.

The new E-class has taken a page out of the 4-door coupe design book. If you have read any of my articles in the past, you will know how much of a fan I am of that. Well, I am not. It isn’t the new CLS, but head room feels a bit tighter in the back. I guess sedan styling is a little to old man for everyone? The car is a few inches longer, wider and they have lengthened the wheelbase. This makes rear legroom better and also leaves more room for the C-Class to breath (it got bigger with the W205 generation).

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Tesla Model S P85D Arrives in Detroit for NAIAS


While many people were expecting the Model X to makes its debut during this year’s North American International Auto Show, it is nowhere to be found. However, what they did bring to the show is the 691 horsepower Model S P85D that we are looking at in the flesh for the first time. Turns out, since the P85D looks just like the old P85, I have basically seen one before.

One new feature on the Model S is the new Rear Executive Seating option available for $2,000, although technically it’s $5,500 since it requires the $3,500 Premium Interior Package. This option removes the 5th seat and provides two roomier heavily bolstered rear seats essentially converting the Model S into a 2+2. The middle seat is replaced with an armrest and a pair of cupholders. There were rumblings of a longer wheelbase model to be built for the Chinese market, but for now it looks like this new executive seating option will have to do for those that get driven around. We’ve included lots of pictures of the seats in our gallery so check them out later.

Detail wise, the P85D gets its power from a pair of electric motors. There is a 221 horsepower motor up front and a bigger 470 horsepower driving the rear wheels. Together they rocket the Model S from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds compared to 5.2 seconds on the 85D which uses two identical motors front and back that each deliver 188 horsepower.

While we were hoping to see the new Model X, or even some news on the upcoming Model 3 which is already getting some competition with the announcement of the Chevy Bolt Concept which is promising similar range at a slightly lower price point. Will the Tesla brand be enough to convince buyers to go with the Model 3? Will consumers even want budget EVs with gas prices so low?

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