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2013 AMG Performance Tour Hits Las Vegas

This article is contributed by Bernard W, who joined me in Las Vegas for this year’s event.

Lonestar Mercedes-Benz was kind enough to send me to the year-end preview of the 2014 AMG fleet at the AMG Performance Tour in Pahrump, Nevada. Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch was the venue of choice this year. It is touted as being the largest track facility in North America and is aiming to be the largest in the world. They have recently purchased an additional 500 acres and intend on building more and more track facilities. Pahrump is also famous for being in Nye County where prostitution is legal. There are a number of other “Ranches” that are in the area.

AMG set themselves up on the newest part of the facility. It is so new that when the car carriers showed up, the meeting facility was completely empty that the AMG performance tour team was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to run the event. Driving on a freshly paved track is an experience like no other. The eastern most track is an awesome track with some great elevation changes that you don’t normally see in “track” only facilities. SMMR does not hold any races. It is strictly a member only track facility.

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AMG Performance Tour 2012 Las Vegas

Last year, we were invited by AMG to their AMG Performance Tour at Race City, where we got to try the latest 2012 AMG’s. This year, they’re running a 2 day program for AMG owners throughout Canada in Las Vegas, where we got a chance to try out some of the new 2013 model AMG’s that are now available for sale.

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AMG Performance Tour stops by in Calgary

The AMG Performance Tour Road Show made a stop in Calgary this week, bringing with them 14 AMG vehicles for a lucky few to sample. AMG owners were invited by their respective dealerships and sales staff to join AMG in testing out their current line of vehicles in an enviroment they were designed for, on the race track, at Race City Motorsports Park.

Being the biggest AMG fanboy out there, and having owned 4 different AMGs in the past few years, I was given an invite to this event. Seeing as this is the final week for Race City (it’s officially closing after this weekend), what better way than to spend a few hours on the track I grew up with, hammering on some of the finest (and personal favorite) vehicles from Affalterbach.

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