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2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series Unmasked

The standard (if you can call it that) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was already quite the beast that felt very black-series-esque. So when AMG announced it will be building a Black Series version of the supercar enthusiasts around the world got all giddy. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the fifth Black Series model and will be available next summer for about $450k (my SLS Black Series price guesstimate).

The SLS Black Series gets a modest bump in power to 622hp but loses a bit of torque at 468lb/ft. As usual AMG has upgraded the water and oil cooling systems so owners will be able to beat them up on the track. The Black Series also sheds a bit of weight. The exhaust system is now full titanium resulting in a drop of nearly 29lbs. A further 35lbs is saved with the ceramic brakes and a carbon-fibre reinforced polymer engine to transmission torque tube (instead of aluminum) sheds another 29.3lbs. AMG took the weight savings so seriously it even replaced the battery with one you would normally see in a hybrid vehicle. The lithium-ion battery sheds roughly 18lbs.

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C63 Black Series Gets New Shoes: ADV.1 5.1

The weather may be a bit chilly and the snow may have arrived but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for some new summer shoes for the C63 Black Series (CBS). It was a rather difficult trek to the shoot location as the melting snow from last week’s dump is still all over the streets. Limping along at well under the speed limit, the CBS did finally make it to the site without making too much of a mess of its matte coat.

I struggled a lot with wheel choice because of how good the factory matte black wheel looked. Problem is, the PSS’s did not come in the factory tire sizes in the rear, so everyone is using the 295’s out back, which require a 10″ wheel. The factory rear is 19×9.5 so the tire doesn’t fit properly. It works, but heavy transitions was terrible from the sidewalls flexing.

I ended up photoshopping every wheel imaginable onto the car and ended up with this.

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Street Legal Car Fails Calgary Noise Snare

Calgary Noise Snare and Bylaw is Flawed

The second open house for the the City of Calgary’s new weapon to combat excessively loud vehicles wrapped up yesterday evening after 469 vehicles rolled through the Noise Snare. We previously mentioned that some vehicles straight off the dealer showroom would exceed the 96 decibels threshold the City has chosen and we wanted to test it out with a brand new 2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series.

First, a little bit on how the Noise Snare works. The vehicle mounted device constantly monitors ambient noise levels using a microphone placed above the rear tire of a parked bylaw vehicle. When a pre-set level is hit the two cameras are activated and begin recording clips of the vehicle approaching as well as it driving away from the noise snare. The concept is simple, but the implementation will be a lot trickier than deploying say a photo radar van that snaps a photo of speeding vehicles. With noise, there are many other factors at play that need to be under control that a bylaw officer may or may not have control of such as: distance from vehicle being measured, sound reflections off buildings or other vehicles and of course how the dB meter readings are weighted.

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C63 Black Series Debuts in North America

We’ve covered the C63 AMG Black Series in depth over the last few months, revealing details of the car before anyone else, and covering the Nurburgring worldwide debut of the car. So what better place for a North American debut of the C63 AMG Black Series than Laguna Seca. Mercedes AMG brought 5 of the cars, optioned up with the Track Pack and Aero Pack, to flog around the legendary track for a press event a few days before the LA Auto Show opens up.

And what a car. A logical successor to the wildly successful 2008 CLK63 Black Series, Mercedes spent over a year tweaking the setup, fine tuning the aerodynamics to create a beast that can lap the Nurburgring a whopping 19 seconds faster than it’s predacessor. That’s an eternity in terms of laptimes.

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Spotted: SL65 AMG Black Series

Spotted this ridiculously insane car outside of Kulu Motorcars waiting for its lucky new owner. You are looking at a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. Only a little over 100 of these are in Canada. This particular one appears to have been modified by Renntech resulting in over 800 HP and 1000 lb. ft of twist.

The Renntech version of the SL65 BS gets an ECU upgrade, upgraded exhaust system and bigger pumps for the intercooler. A beefier tranny and LSD are also available, but not sure if this particular car has it. I’m sure the driver will get intimate with the seat once their foot is planted on the throttle.

More high-res pictures are available in the gallery after the jump.

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C63 Black Series officially unveiled

As we accurately predicted nearly a month ago, the C63 Coupe Black Series was officially announced at the German Grand Prix this weekend at the Nurburgring.

While we nailed the exact specs in our post, a few more details have emerged, specifically, options available on this beast. There are 2 optional packages available on the car, first being a track package which consists of Dunlop R compound tires, and an active differential cooler tucked in the back in front of the rear diffuser. The second is the aerodynamic package, which includes front winglets, front air splitter at the base of the bumper, and an adjustable rear wing in the back, all in carbon fiber. The aero package is said to increase overall downforce significantly.

Other options available include 2 carbon fiber trims (interior/exterior), lightweight forged wheels in matte black, fire extinguisher, intelligent light system, Keyless-Go, and tinted windows. There are rumors that suggest the panoramic sunroof will be standard on US spec cars.

I for one can not wait to see the arrival of this car. With the CLK63 Black Series being 4 years old, this is a worthy successor of the Black Series namesake. The official press release is after the jump.

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C63 AMG Black Series Confirmed for Canada in 2012

2013 C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

2013 C63 AMG Coupe Black Series

Several members on our car forums were recently contacted by their Canadian Mercedes-Benz dealers and told their 2013 C63 Coupe AMG Black Series waiting list spot had to be confirmed for a contest run by Mercedes-Benz Canada. The car has not been officially announced yet, but a few members have been digging for information from their AMG sales reps and we’ve been able to piece it all together to figure out exactly what’s going on!

Here’s what we know so far about the fourth Black Series car. It will arrive in Canada in 2012 as a 2013 model. The car will be powered by the M156 (6.2L V8) with P31 upgrade (SLS internals) producing over 500hp, 620Nm torque and will be ECU limited to 300km/h. All that power will be delivered to the 19″ AMG forged wheels via the new AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed transmission with wet startup clutch. The car with feature adjustable coilover suspension and rear locking differential, much like its CLK63 Black Series predecessor. MSRP is expected to be just over $100,000. There were rumors that the upcoming Black Series car was going to break tradition and be launched as a sedan but it looks like it will be a 2 seater coupe–for now.

The official announcement of the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series will be in July, likely at the Nurburgring track for the German Grand Prix. The C63 Black Series will only be sold through AMG Performance centers, but if you’re still on the fence it is already too late as all Canadian allocations have been spoken for. One forum member that tried to put a deposit down was told they were too late and all the allocations were taken.

To celebrate the second Black Series vehicle available in Canada, AMG will be holding a random draw for one lucky C63 AMG Coupe Black Series customer and their guest to attend the F1 GP in Germany to preview the car. The sales representative will also be joining as a Canadian ambassador. The contest closes June 30, and the winner be announced in early July.

Included in the prize package are:

  • AMG VIP Tickets to F1 Race at Nurburgring
  • Full access to AMG Lounge in the Mercedes-Benz Grandstand in the Paddock Club
  • C63 AMG Black Series preview on July 23, 2011 Night of the Stars

We’ll update as we learn more about this exciting new vehicle and if one of our forum members is the lucky winner, we’ll be sure to harass them to write about their experience from the Nurburgring! Congratulations for securing a deposit to one of the most highly anticipated vehicles from AMG in awhile!

The Black, Not a boring drink from Starbucks

About a month ago, we ran a contest on our forums where we opened up the proverbial floor to our members to guess what new vehicle one of the owners of this site had purchased. We offered up a Starbucks gift card for the first person to correctly identify the vehicle based on an obscure clue. The guesses were all over the map, but one lucky forum member did guess correctly. However, he was not awarded a gift card. Instead, his prize was the chance to be one of the first people to drive a Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series, one of Jeremy Clarkson’s favorite cars. All he had to do was write about it after.

Here it is, in his own words:

Written by: Arian Abyaneh

For everyone who participated in the new car guessing thread, you all know that rage offered up a prize to the first person to guess his new car right. Luckily, I happened to be the winner and thought I was going to win a Starbucks gift card or something. A few days later I get a message informing me that my prize is not a Starbucks card, no…he told me that I would get to drive both his C63 and CLK63 Black Series back to back and compare them as a prize. Being a huge Mercedes fan, and the CLK Black being my favorite car, I was pretty damn excited about it.

As we roll up to the arranged meeting location, the first thing I see is two flat black Mercedes. Needless to say, it was an excellent first encounter with the cars. The C63 looks amazing, but the Black is in a whole different league. The wide wheel arches, the stance, those huge wheels, brakes and meaty tires, just perfect. As was mentioned in a previous thread, the car’s flat black vinyl wrap is different than the typical wrap job. It looks much shinier and overall much better as well.

So we start with the C63. Coming from a 1991 SL500 and an S2000, I didn’t really know what to expect from a 500hp 4 door sedan. I thought it was going to feel heavy and sluggish in the corners. Turn the car on and immediately you are greeted by the incredible growl of that tuned 6.2L. As I drive the car, I start to realize more and more what these new AMG vehicles are all about. The car is fast. It corners amazingly, sounds incredible, and is all around a very tight car. The suspension is stiff but forgiving, and is pretty much bang on for what I like in a daily driven street car. When I realized that the car weighed 4000+ pounds I was shocked. It definitely felt like it was much closer to the 3000lb mark. After a quick rip in the C63, I was totally amazed, and could not even imagine how much more the black could offer.

So on to the real deal, the Black Series. The interior of this car is unreal. Unlike the European version, the North American version has comfortable leather seats which hug better than my mom. The steering position is perfect, and the car’s controls are heavy yet sensitive at the same time somehow. The first thing that immediately stands out is how loud the car is. The C63 is loud, but this car is in a whole other league. It can be heard blocks away, and when you floor it there are no words that can describe the sound. As everyone says, the back end is out of control. For me, the straight line speed is unbelievable, the owner was commenting on how it is pretty slow in a straight line, he is crazy though. You would often find yourself nearly doubling the speed limit after only seconds of lead footed action. The suspension is hard but manageable. I could easily see myself going on a long trip or daily driving the car (in good weather obviously).

However, none of these things even hold a candle to the car’s craziest weapon; the handling. Being 4200lb monster with a 500hp power plant up front and a tail like a dog’s, one would think that the car is hard to control. Well, near the limits maybe, but for everyday driving I was flabbergasted at the level of grip and the precision of the steering. Being an ex-S2000 owner, I know a little about good handling vehicles, and this car blows the S2K out of the water. If the C63 felt like a 3500lb car, the Black felt like it was 3000lb. As soon as you turn the wheel the car is facing exactly where you want to go, with no drama at all. After I finished driving the car, rage took me for a proper rip in it and my God, it was incredible. Even when the back end is stepping out the car is in control and going exactly where you want it. The gear changes are immediate, with each downshift sounding like the engine just poured a liter of gasoline into the exhaust. And the best part about it all is that you are going fast as hell and cornering amazingly, and all the while you have a nice cool breeze blowing at you from the AC, the Nav telling you where to go, and the music blaring through the sick sound system. Jeremy Clarkson said it best: This car is built just for fun.