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Review: Michelin Premier A/S All Season

I’m considered a minority when it comes to tires. I use winter tires in the winter, and performance summer tires in the summer. While people like myself make up of a very small percentage of drivers, most of our readers will agree that my summer tire choice is overkill for the average driver, and can be much better served by using all-season tires. Granted, performance summer tires will give you an edge at high lateral loads in dry weather, but realistically, those kind of tire performances are really not possible (or legal) in everyday driving.

With that being said, the number of people that rely on all-season tires are staggering. In the US, most passenger cars are fitted from the factory with all-seasons, and 97.5% of replacement tires are all seasons. While the numbers in Canada are lower due to drivers choosing to use winter tires in the winter (not to mention mandating winter tires in some provinces), the fact remains that all-season tires are the de facto standard in North America.

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