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Lexus LFA Becoming More Affordable


When it comes to the ultra exclusive club, the LFA by Lexus definitely fits the bill. Lexus produced only 500 LFAs and an even smaller 200 of them made it to the US. At a time when the Lexus brand was catching a lot of flack for producing mundane and boring cars, they throw everyone’s perception of the brand on its head by making the LFA which is what super cars desire to be. With a 4.8-liter V10 packing 552hp screaming its way up to a 9,000-rpm redline.

Lexus produced these cars for a very brief period in time and stopped manufacturing them by 2012. Since then, the LFA has soared in value. But recently, there seems to be a shift in the pricing with them commanding a more appropriate pricing for around the $375,000 that they originally sold for. Amazingly, there are some examples selling in Florida for less than the original asking price, and buyers might even get a deal for examples being sold at auction.

If this pricing trend continues for the LFA, it might find itself in the mid to high 200 range, which puts it in an interesting pricing point with a few other supercars. This might make deciding between super cars an interesting predicament amongst those with deep wallets.