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Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept


You mention station wagon, and the image it usually conjures up is a squared off family hauler packed to the ninth with camping gear heading off for a summer weekend from surburbia. Well, station wagons have come a long way, just ask the up and coming 604hp AMG E63 wagon, but nonetheless the demand is not improving. But interestingly, when you use a name like “Shooting Brake” in place of the station wagon nomenclature, there seems to be a bit more appetite.

Seen here is a concept rendition of Toyota’s 86 as a shooting brake which, to me, has huge potential. But don’t hold your breath as Toyota has no plans to put this more practical version of the 86 into production. The concept image shows a car with the same wheel base, but the roofline of the 86/BRZ has been extended to create the wagon rear section.

With some wishful thinking, one can hope that they may see a shooting brake 86 on the road some day. As a wagon fan myself, I appreciate the uniqueness of its functionality matched with the 86’s typical performance oriented character.

Toyota’s Rebranded and Facelifted 86 Hits New York


As Toyota begins to transition the Scion branded FRS to the Toyota 86, they also take this opportunity to give the car a small refresh for the 2017 model year and debuted it to the public at the New York International Auto Show today. The refresh is not a dramatic change to the 86’s already attractive exterior, rather, it incorporates minor updates to bring the car up to par with current technologies.

The front facia of the 86 receives most of the updated treatment. Previously, the 86 utilized integrated lower LED lights in the bumper for additional auxiliary lighting. The bumper lighting treatment is now gone and integrated into the headlamp fixtures as LED turn signals and auxiliary lights. The front bumper now features larger side openings with integrated winglets and a subtle lower splitter design that’s integrate into the bumper. The rear of the car received less updates, but is brought up to spec with integrated LED lighting in the tail lights. The rear diffuser and bumper is kept inline with last year’s model.

The inside cabin received a refresh to give owners more ergonomics and a create an overall better place to be when behind the wheel. The instrument cluster is updated with an integrated digital diagnostic display on the right side providing vital car information. New satin aluminum trip has been integrated into the interior cabin as well which provides better touch and wear. The steering wheel no longer has leather perforation but in return drivers get more accessibility to vehicle function via new infotainment buttons.

As the Scion brand winds down and the 86 gets a new name and company logo, this year’s refresh is very well positioned to help the FR-S along its identify change to the 86.

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Three Scions to be Rebranded as Toyota

2012 Toyota 86 GTS

Since Toyota publically announced the shutting down of their Scion brand back in February, Scion enthusiasts and general consumers alike have been waiting to see what will happen with the slated new models under the brand. Well Toyota Motor Corp. answered and said that they will use the Toyota brand for three new upcoming models which were originally slated to be branded as Scions.

One of those models is the Scion FR-S. This vehicle is known by the FRS name in North America, but will carry the Toyota 86 name moving forward. The name “86” references back to Toyota’s legendary Corolla GTS which was also known as the AE86 in Japan. I’m sure FRS enthusiast will be elated with the new name.

The 86 will be getting a refresh as well which will debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show. The car will likely have updated body work such as bumpers and headlight treatment.