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Don’t Forget: Meetup Tonight

Map of 403/Beyond Meet At Chinook

Just a friendly reminder that tonight a bunch of members will be meeting up at the rear parkade of Chinook Center at the top “open sky” level. We have been getting some rain the last couple nights but it looks like it is clearing up as of this afternoon.

If you have never been to a weekly meet before, come on down because everyone is welcome! It does not matter what you drive, only HOW you drive. Drive slowly while in the parkade and be careful of people who are gathered in the meeting area. If you don’t have a vehicle, steal your parents (I kid!) or get a ride down to Chinook for 7:30 and meet one of the friendliest groups of people ever!

A map has been included, so navigate to where the red marker is. Oh, and there may be some prizes given away at tonights meet! ;)

403/Beyond Weekly Meets

The weekly “403 meet” started out on a car forum ( started up by a good friend but was eventually overrun by non hondas who showed up at the meets. The forum is unfortunately no longer active but the weekly tradition of gathering in an empty parking lot has continued to this day. Beyond members meet every wednesday evening at the back parking lot of Chinook Center on P4 starting at around 7:30pm.

Members meet up to chat about cars with other car enthusiasts, get help to fix problems with their cars, and to check out what the latest mods are with other member’s rides. Vehicles come and go throughout the evening, and on occasion other local car clubs arrive in an entourage to showcase their members cars as well. However, the meets have been shrinking and weekly attendance is nowhere near where they were back in the day.

One of beyond’s long time members, CivicDXR, is calling on everyone especially the “OGs” to come down to this week’s meet on July 30th to show some of the new members what the meet was all about back in the day.

I’m calling out all the OGs that used to come to the meets to come out for one big one this coming Wednesday. I wanna see all the mods that used to come out, I wanna see all the people that used to come to them to come out. I wanna see a big meet for old times sake. All the noobs are welcome to see what the meets were all about back in the day, but remember, no stupid action will be tolerated. No burnouts, not speeding, no squealing tires. The security staff at the mall is nice enough to let us hang out there, let not abuse the privilege.

The last bit was very important. We have a great relationship with the security staff from Cadillac Fairview who run Chinook Center and we will not tolerate anything that may jeopardize that. Please do not use this venue in an attempt to impress people by doing burnouts, or by driving recklessly through the parking lot. Keep your speeds low, park your vehicle with the group and enjoy everyones company. Everybody is welcome, so if you are part of a car club please consider organizing a cruise to Chinook Center this Wednesday at 7:30pm