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Porsche Recalls 800,000 SUV for Brake Pedal


Volkswagen and the Porsche group has issued a recall for approximately 800,000 Touaregs and Cayenne SUVs globally. The issue has been identified as a faulty component on the brake pedal assembly, specifically a circlip that could potentially come loose on the bearing bracket for the pedals. Currently, 391,000 Touaregs and 409,477 Cayennes with a build date between 2011 and 2016 are impacted by the recall.

If the circlip comes loose, the brake pedal could possibly lose its functionality. No accidents or deaths have been linked to the recall at this time. Owners of impacted vehicles are urged to contact their local dealership for more information.

F1 Finale: 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix (spoilers)

The last race of the 2012 Formula 1 season promises to be a nail biter. With the promise of rain, there are multiple stories to make this one of the most intense races of the 2012 season. The top battle is for the driver’s championship between Alonso and Vettel. Next, we have the Ferrari vs McLaren battle for 2nd place in the Constructors championship. Finally, Hamilton’s delivered a stunning pole lap in his last race with McLaren in hopes of giving the team that gave him a chance in F1 the perfect parting gift of a win.

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2012 Annual SuperMeatâ„¢

Just like last year, our resident OG forum member CivicDXR called everyone out to the 5th Annual 403 Honda/ OG/Everyone SuperMeat at Chinook Center. This year, we packed the parking lot, with an estimated 150 cars attending the event. It was great seeing the oldschool members, and meeting newer members for the first time in person.

There were tons of cars out there, and we did our best to capture the cars, the people, and the atmosphere before sunset. With our extended summer weather this year, the turnout was huge, and some members were forced to park on the ramp up to the parking lot. Impressive!

Check out our gallery after the jump, and don’t forget to visit the Official Photos Thread on our forums for pictures from our other members. See you next year!

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Habitat for Humanity 2012 Exotics Charity Drive

With our awesome extended summer weather this year, Paul Neider on the forums organized a second exotics charity drive of 2012. Some great cars made it out today, including Paul’s Audi R8 GT. The participants raised nearly $3000 for Habitat for Humanity Sothern Alberta, who helps needy Canadian families invest in affordable housing ownership. Check our our forum for more info on this cause and the charity drive. If you missed out or would like to donate, you can learn more here. are proud to support this charity, and ran the charity drive in our C63 AMG Black Series. It was quite a sight to see, 20 exotics driving together from Canada Olympic Park up to the Banff Springs Hotel. Check out our full gallery below, and don’t forget to visit the official pictures thread for photos from the other participants.

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2012 Luxury and Exotics Cruise

Today wraps up another successful charity cruise for the local luxury and exotics car. This year, our sponsor Jordan Lotoski, put the cruise’s charity efforts towards Kelm’s Kids, who all have Fragile X Syndrome. The participants raised a total of $2500 for the Kelm family. Check our our forum for more info on this cause. were one of the participants in our C63 AMG Black Series, and was able to shoot some photos inbetween enjoying the cars on the run to Banff. Enjoy, and see you all again at next year’s cruise!

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