Suzuki Shamed Amidst Fuel Scandal

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onJune 10th, 2016


Suzuki Motor Company, often associated with compact fuel efficient cars is now knee deep in the fall out from admitting to publishing false fuel economy data on some of their cars. And as with the many other companies before them this last year, the executive team is going in for a shuffle. The decisions for not promoting Osamu Suzuki to CEO and a demotion of Osamu Honda will be announced at an upcoming company stakeholder meeting.

Part of the problem is that companies are allowed to submit results from their own testing to Japan’s transport ministry. Manipulations in the testing process which don’t align up to regulators testing happens, and the data is still accepted. Due to these discrepancies, Japan’s transport ministry is now cracking down on test data submitted by automakers to ensure they fully comply to regulations and standards.

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