Super Bowl XLVII Car Commercials Round-Up

Posted by: Kenny Chan onFebruary 2nd, 2013

We already posted a couple of Super Bowl car commercials like the Kia “Hot Bot” and Hyundai “Epic Playdate” but we rounded up the rest of the commercials that have been released by automakers for the 47th Super Bowl featuring the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Just as many people watch the big game for the epic commercials than for the game itself. Instead of hunting around for all the car commercials, you can check them all out below. Of course, there will likely be a few commercials that haven’t been released so we’ll have to wait to watch for them during the big game. Notably absent on the pre-releases is Chrysler so many people will be looking forward to what they’ll be bringing this year and of course there’s the Fast and Furious trailer we’re expecting to see.

Without further ado, here they are in no particular order. If we missed any, please let us know and we’ll add it! Which one is your favorite?

Volkswagen “Get In. Get Happy.”

Toyota “I Wish”

Toyota “Wish Granted”

Mercedes-Benz “Soul”

Mercedes-Benz “Car Wash w/ Kate Upton”

Lincoln “#SteerTheScript”

Lincoln “Phoenix”

Hyundai “Epic Playdate”

Hyundai “Team”

Hyundai “Stuck”

Audi “Prom”

Fiat “Topless”

Fiat “Test Track”

Fiat “Wedding”

Fiat “Sisters”

Kia “Space Babies”

Kia “Hot Bot”

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