Subaru Recalls WRX for Turbo Intake Issue

Posted by: Xavier Kwan onApril 26th, 2016


Subaru is set to recall their 2015-2016 WRX and Forester 2.0XT. In total 18,200 examples of these cars are affected by the recall. Subaru identified the issue as a defective turbocharger intake duct which can crack and result in a poorly running engine.

The problem originates from defective materials which were used in the production of the intake duct. If you own a WRX with a production date between April 10, 2015, and October 21, 2015, or a Foresters with a build date between April 10, 2015, to October 20, 2015, contact your local dealers for more information about the fix.

Dealer service includes a full inspection of the turbocharger and the intake system. If the part is deemed defective, it will be replaced at no cost to the owners.

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