Stolen Skyline Story Featured In Lecture by David Price

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJuly 7th, 2008

It appears that the stolen skyline story featuring The Claw is still alive and kicking out on the interweb. David Price gave a lecture to a group of music teachers showing them how quickly the world has changed. The claw story segment was used to highlight how the internet allows a large group of people (that’d be you!) to organize a collective action so quickly, and so effectively. Apparently, the video was not supposed to be released publically, but the story was told so well I thought I’d post it onto the home page.

David felt bad for calling us a bunch of car geeks but I don’t think any one here on beyond minds, its just another way of saying “car enthusiast”, no? All we need now is for the mainstream media to learn from David how to tell a story properly and you know, focusing on the part that made it the epic story that it was.

It’s always great to see stories like this spread on the internet.

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  1. DNSRadio says:

    wow, what a video…

    i knew that the claw was famous… but this famous… damn….


  2. Jeff says:

    I am NOT a car geek.

    ok… yes I am.

  3. Alloroc says:

    Well Done Mr. Price.

  4. the Claw says:

    that was a great thread, and then he Ebayed the cap, that is just priceless!

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