SRT Back Under Dodge, Dart SRT, New Crossover Detailed

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMay 6th, 2014


While it should have been expected based on their presentation in New York, it was still a surprise when Dodge announced that the SRT brand will be consildated and will fall under Dodge again instead of being a separate entity. That’s not all though, with SRT falling back under Dodge there are a few pieces of SRT related news that was announced today. First a couple recaps from New York, the refreshed Challenger and Charger will be getting their SRT versions in August, and January respectively. Both will see new versions released in July 2018 with SRT versions showing up December 2018. It is widely expected that the new Challenger and Chargers will be powered by an all-new supercharged 6.2L V8 codenamed “Hellcat”.

A refreshed Dodge Dart will make its appearance in June 2016, with an all-wheel drive SRT version due to arrive in December 2016. At around the same timeframe, the Dodge Journey will be replaced with a new crossover in July 2016. The updated crossover will also, surprise! get an SRT version that is set to arrive in January 2017. There is no word on whether the Durango, which received an update last year in New York will get a new SRT model but we do know its next mid-cycle refresh is due in early 2017.

Finally, we learn that Dodge will be introducing a B-segment sedan and hatchback in early 2018 but details are sparse at the moment. If you noticed we didn’t mention the Avenger or Caravan. Both of those models will be killed off with the Avenger being axed in 2015, and the Caravan following soon in 2016 just in time for you to get an updated Journey crossover. Minivans suck anyway. ;)

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