Spyker Unveils C8 Preliator

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 10th, 2016


The Dutch supercar boutique rose from the dead at the Geneva International Motor Show. Spyker has been battling financial issues and is now making its return from bankruptcy in style showcasing their C8 Preliator.

Spyker’s financial woes started when they bought the suffering Saab brand hoping to revive the company. Unfortunately for Spyker, financial performance of the Saab brand was so poor that it soon became cancerous for the Spyker company and almost bankrupted both companies. With bankruptcy behind them, Spyker began to set their focus on building a new vehicle to debut at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The market space for bespoke supercars is stronger than ever, and as stated by Victor Muller, Spyker’s founder, “If you look at the propositions form Koenigsegg, Pigani Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce, my peer group, they’re all thriving.” So now is the best time to be in the market and capitalize on the company’s refocused energy.

Muller recognizes that his customers buy a Spyker because they are just so different. He stated, “Very few of my clients have a Pigani, but they all have Ferraris, Aston Martins and Bentleys. Our car is on average the seventh car in the collection of an owner.” So Spyker isn’t targeting to knock Pagani off of the podium, rather they’ve found their place in their customers’ demands and are meeting specifically that need.

Here’s to the revival of a truly unique company doing and designing things their way.

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