Speed On Green Cameras Tickets Start Today

Posted by: Kenny Chan onApril 1st, 2009

We first wrote about the new speed cameras in Calgary back in March but at the time Calgary Police were not issuing any tickets from the system. Instead they were sending out warning letters to the registered owners of the vehicles that were caught speeding.

That all changes today. Effective today, the registered owners of the vehicles that are caught by the “Speed on Green” system will be issued tickets for speeding. The maximum fine for a speed camera ticket will be $350, but those that are caught excessively speeding will face mandatory court appearances.

Photograph by: Mikael Kjellstrom, Calgary Herald

Photograph by: Mikael Kjellstrom, Calgary Herald

At the end of this post is a list of all intersections (courtesy of CTV News) that are existing red light camera locations. The city has been slowly rolling out the speed camera functionality on their red light cameras. To spot an intersection with the new speed camera functionality, you can look for the warning sign that is posted nearby. There are usually two signs, the top sign will be a picture of a camera taking a picture and underneath there may be a sign that says “RED LIGHT”. If the bottom sign is not there and you see a red light camera, it means it has been upgraded with the speed camera functionality.

001 – Macleod Tr / 162 Ave SE
002 – Macleod Tr /12 Ave SE
003 – Centre St/ 20 Ave N
004 – John Laurie Bv / 53 St NW
005 – 68ST /16 Ave NE
006 – Sarcee Tr / Richmond Rd SW
007 – 4 St / 6 Ave SW
008 – 61 Ave / Barlow Tr SE
009 – Crowchild Tr / 24 Ave NW
010 – 11 Ave / 4 St SW
011 – 11 Ave / 14 St SW
012 – 17 Ave / 44 St SE
013 – 14 St / Heritage Dr SW
014 – 14 St / Northmount Dr NW
015 – 64 Ave / 4 St NE
016 – Anderson Rd / Acadia Dr SE
017 – 9 Ave / 11 St SW
018 – Barlow Ttr / 32 Ave NE
019 – 52 St / 32 Ave NE
020 – Bowness Rd / Shaganappi Tr NW
021 – Canyon Meadows Dr / Bowbottom Tr SE
022 – Southland Dr / Acadia Dr SE
023 – Fairmount Dr / Southland Dr SE
024 – Elbow Dr / Southland Dr SW
025 – Beddington Tr / Centre St N
026 – Falconridge Bv / 64 Ave NE
027 – 1 Street / 17 Ave SE
028 – McKnight Bv / Barlow Tr NE
029 – Barlow Tr / Centre Ave E
030 – Shaganappi Tr / Northland Dr NW
031 – Blackfoot Tr / 42 Ave SE
032 – Memorial Dr / 52 St NE
033 – 16 Ave / 10 Street NW
034 – Edmonton Tr / McKnight Bv NE
035 – Memorial Dr / 28 St NE
036 – Macleod Tr / 7 Ave SE
037 – Bow Tr / 33 St SW
038 – 17 Ave / 33 St SW
039 – Elbow Dr / Heritage Dr SW
040 – Country Hills Bv / Beddington Tr NW
041 – Glenmore Tr / Barlow Tr SE
042 – McKnight Bv / Falconridge Bv NE
043 – Macleod Tr / 25 Ave SE
044 – Country Hills Bv / 14 St NW

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  1. flipstah says:

    Well… This is going to be interesting. Let’s see if there will be backlash once the tickets coming rushing in the mail.

  2. Thomas Gabriel says:

    So basically there are three options when the light is changing:

    1. Speed up – speed on green ticket
    2. Stay at speed limit – red light ticket
    3. Slam on breaks and hope you don’t enter intersection – Rear end collision

  3. Tomaz says:


    FML, I have this feeling that I might be getting rear-ended one of these days…

  4. Tarrant says:


    On a side note, I barely go through any of these on a daily basis so… :D

  5. EK 2.0 says:

    You people NEED to stop complaining and just start driving more responsibly. Why do you feel to have the need to blast through intersections anyway??

    At fault or not, intersections are some of the most dangerous parts of our roadways….Even on your green, there might be a moron who thinks he can run a red, or is plain not paying attention. Maybe this will wake up the masses and more people will just start paying attention…

    I am so tired of hearing the “cash cow” excuse…

  6. v2kai says:

    This will not wake up the masses it will piss them off, make them jittery and brake happy, and the city rich…you want to improve the roadways and people’s driving => improve the education system, not up the automated fining system. It’s not an excuse, it IS a cash cow. The issue is not the safety thing, everyone is pro-safety it’s attacking the problem where it’s relevant and will actually help. Read the citybeat post on the green light camera start up…


    for example:

    “In 2007-08, every 4 hours at least three people were
    admitted to a Calgary-area emergency department for a motor
    vehicle related injury”, says Nancy Staniland, Manager,
    Injury Prevention & Control Services, Alberta Health Services
    -Calgary, “Every day, at least two people were injured
    seriously enough in a motor vehicle collision to be admitted
    to hospital, and at least one person was injured so severely
    that they were designated a major trauma. There is no doubt
    that collisions impact our health services.”

    ** how is this relevant? there is no correlation in this “justification” to accidents occuring as a direct result of speeding and intersections and ALL of these were at intersections? maybe/maybe not…or MAYBE it was because people arent educated well enough to pay attention and be attentive behind the wheel and stop drinking and driving behind the wheel. There are TOO many factors to point a finger at speeding in ALL collisions. Education and proper training covers ALL of these not just your wallet. This will make people pay attention on when they are supposed to slam on their brakes to avoid a ticket and screw up more shit.

    or how bout this one.

    “This is simply not acceptable. There is a direct link
    between speed and collisions. The faster you drive, the more
    likely you are to be involved in a collision and the more
    likely you are to get seriously hurt,” says Staff Sergeant
    Brett Marklund of the CPS Traffic Section.

    **there is a direct link between speed and collisions, the same can be said for drinking and driving, not paying attention, falling asleep at the wheel, the list goes on.
    the faster you drive the more likely you are to be involved in a collision and the more likely you are to get seriously hurt. The more you drive the more likely this can happen, and all the other examples listed in my last sentence.

    the point is yes, these statements can be said to be true but they are twisting and censoring what you read and hear so dont think about the actual problem and just agree with what little facts actually apply when there are so many others ignored.
    and if you really wanted to make the roads SAFER… youre doing it the WRONG WAY. Improve education and penalties NOT generate revenue.

    my .02

  7. Eric says:

    EK 2.0 said: “I am so tired of hearing the “cash cow” excuse…”

    Well, you’re gonna hear it again. CASH COW. If they need more money, they should just tax us, instead of lying to us and saying that “this will make people think about how they drive”. You really think this is going to reduce speeding? No it’s not. go read on internet posts on the $3 parking fee at the train stations “to increase security measures” but won’t implement them until later, or how downtown parking fees went up, or how a recycling fee is implemented as of today but doesn’t start in the NW or NE for another 2-3 months.

    THESE ARE MONEY GRABBING SCAMS. We need to vote out city council, or they’ll continue to vote on stupidities like plastic bags and parking rates rather than important things, like gangs and the economy.

  8. Sarang says:

    Hey Guys, I got a speed ticket this week. The cop said I was speeding at 66 km/h in a 50km/h on Edmonton Tr NE. I think I’m gonna challenge them. There is no 50km/h sign on that street. Any advices Guys?

  9. Kenny Chan says:

    Sarang: Speed limit on all roads within the city is 50km/h unless otherwise posted.

  10. Sarang says:

    thx kenny :(

  11. pete says:

    I think that these cameras are one of the best things introduced. First its not a “cash cow”….Its volantary taxation. If you obey the LAWS of the road(and yes to some peoples suprise speed limits are laws) you do not get ticketed. If you decide to break the LAW you get your fine. Eg. speed limit is 60 and the light turns yellow, i stay doing 60 and am in the intersection when the light turns red i get a red light ticket, if i speed up to 80 to beat the light i get a speeding ticket, if i slow down and stop like i should…. no fine. these cameras are no different than having a cop at the intersection, except that now they can go out and deal with murders and child molesters and the crackheads breaking into your homes……oh wait i mean CASH COW FOR THE CITY

  12. colin says:

    Response to green light camara speeding yes I agree enforce all speeding violations at more than 10% above posted speed!!
    But how does the camera discriminate the buffoon who passes into the intersection at the same instant you do he’s speeding you are not he is exceeding the limit beyond the camera speed you receive the ticket & are forced to pay while he goes scot free?? Secondly how are the lights going to be set on Amber at 60K.hr. you are travelling at 52.8 ft.per sec reaction time from visually seeing the amber light at it’s closest point & being able to stop safely you would be in the middle of the intersection or further when stopped if the lights are not reset to accomodate the largest vehichle. A tractor & 68′ trailer at posted speed would take aprox.from visual change to amber at closest point to clearing the intersection 400 + feet aprox. 8 seconds or more & if he slammed on the brakes say at 50 k.per.hr with a 50,000 lb load + the added vehichle weight how long do you think it would take for him to come to a safe stop?? Or the person behind?? Give us a break reset the Amber lights to compensate Before the camera takes action.
    Most people who are perpetual speeders exceed the limit above & beyond the 10% range. If I am doing 60km. per. hr. as posted even in a 20′ car exit the intersection at exactly the same time at 1/25 or 1/100th.sec. camera speed I will be the one in the camera view not him as he has distanced himself X 30% of me. But I am the recipitant of the traffic ticket not him & don’t say it can not happen because it can your cameras are not infallable, nor are your people viewing the photo’s they are only going by what the camera captures. At this point I have no recourse but to pay the ticket as the cost to fight would be exorbitant in time & money above & beyond the ticket cost.
    The last senario has happened to me & even after reviewing the camera tapes the person passing me could not be identified. He was in view but the contention was that the camera does not lie. “It is a cash cow when taking from the undeserving & not the actual perpetrators of the speed violation.” I do not lie. Above 10% of the posted speed my wife would not let up, Her nagging would not stop in town or out. “A 70 Yr. old driver accident free from my cause 50+yrs.”

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