Speed Cameras Begin Operation In Calgary

Posted by: Kenny Chan onMarch 3rd, 2009

Motorists in Calgary have yet another thing to deal with on the roads and the City of Calgary will soon have another lucrative revenue stream. The Speed on Green intersection cameras have started snapping photos of vehicles that speed through intersections while the light is green or yellow. The cameras are the same ones that are used to catch red light runners but they have been reprogrammed to catch speeders.

The Calgary Police Service has completed their testing of the new speed camera functionality and tickets will be sent to the registered owners of vehicles that speed through the intersections. Fortunately the tickets will be warning tickets to let the public know about the new initiative. After the grace period is over, fines of up to $350 or even mandatory court appearances will be handed out. It is expected that the city will begin issuing actual tickets with fines starting on April 1 but the province is pushing for a grace period of at least 90 days.

You can thank Art Johnston, an MLA from Calgary for the new speed cameras. The former Calgary Police officer of 25 years is the politician that sponsored the law allowing these cameras in the province. Art denies that the cameras are a cash cow and that public safety is the primary concern. Until tickets are issued to the actual drivers of the vehicles (photo taken of actual driver) it is nothing but a cash cow. Photo Radar is already in use and is ineffective in terms of increasing safety on the roads, I don’t see how speed cameras will be any different.

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  1. Kyle Tarrant says:

    The only thing putting a speed camera in is going to do.. is make me drive even less safe while trying to save the camera in my radar detector.

    Crashing ftl.

  2. Eric says:

    Yup, now I can’t go through the green light. Instead, i’m gonna have to slam my brakes (while the guy behind me is tailing me during rushhour) and pray he doesn’t snap my neck. All because im going to get a ticket one way or the other.


  3. Tomaz says:

    I picture collision rates going up, but intersection fatalities are going to come down. All fender-benders.

  4. D911 says:

    I’m just gonna slam on my brakes and coast through those intersections at the speed limit and just speed back up again.
    I hope everyone else behind me can anticipate my braking, HA

  5. […] first wrote about the new speed cameras in Calgary back in March but at the time Calgary Police were not issuing any tickets from the system. Instead […]

  6. jimmy black says:

    way to go calgary spending more money on things we do not need what about housing, gang crime,roadrepair, snowremoval things that effect all of us??????!!!!!!!!

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