Smart Car Snowmobile

Posted by: Lydia Siu onMarch 8th, 2016


Smart cars are used in masses in the Car-2-Go program. Problem is most of the cars don’t run winter tires through the winter season for cost associated reasons. This snowmobile conversion will definitely give the Smart car some much needed traction over the Canadian winter.

The Smart-mobile is a creation by Ottawa mechanic Tod Anderson who took a standard Smart car and engineered winter ATV tracks in the rear and snowmobile-style skis in the front. Anderson said the idea just came to him. That merging a Smart car and snow mobile tracks just seemed like the right thing to do. This vehicle is a rear drive rear engine vehicle so transplanting the snow tracks into its platform was a natural fit.

In this configuration, the Smart-mobile will top out at 70 km/h. Converting the vehicle back to all four wheels takes surprisingly little time as well. The idea is definitely well suited for harsh Canadian winters, but unfortunately this vehicle is not road legal so we most likely won’t be seeing many on the road any time soon.

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